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Nysha's New Creators for March - posted on 1st Apr 2018 at 9:00 AM
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Default Is My Question about Meshing? Am I in the right place?
For the longest time we've had Bodyshop Recoloring and Bodyshop Meshing. We also have a forum called Bodyshop Modding.

This forum is for questions relating to Bodyshop Meshing. These are questions that spring up when you are using a meshing program such as Milkshape or Blender and when you are linking the mesh to the texture using SimPe. We can help you with things such as:

Creating Your First Mesh
Fixing Normals
UV Mapping
Poly Counts
Alpha Meshing

And lots more can be found in our expansive Tutorial, FAQs, and Tools and Templates sections.

If your question is about the texture or image of a bodyshop file, such as it doesn't show up or is black or something - try asking in Bodyshop Recoloring.
If your question is about the some of the finer details like category placement or doing something tricky like default replacing - try asking in Bodyshop Modding.

This isn't because we don't want you here in this forum, its because if you ask your question in the right place, people who know more about how to fix it will see it sooner and answer it faster. Good luck, and Happy Meshing!
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