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Booby-Breasted Sycophant
#1501 Old 7th Oct 2015 at 11:44 PM
I'm a fan of roasts. This afternoon, I could smell pork roasting in my neighborhood.

I love this time of year...all the baking - walking down a street, passing maybe 7 different houses, you can pick up wafts of venison, turkey, pork, apples, cinnamon, basil, and sage...it's heaven.

"I luvs me some cfe. I would have sex with cfe if it let me."
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#1502 Old Yesterday at 1:07 AM
Didn't cook anything thanks to sleeping the day away. I haven't been sleeping well and when I got up this morning I said "To hell with it", turned the air conditioner on (because it was actually hot in the house!) and went back to sleep. Next thing I knew it was almost 5 pm! Now I won't want to sleep tonight. *sigh*

I just wanted to say that after reading the last few posts, I realized that fall is my favorite food time of the year. While I love all the fresh fruits and veggies I can get (and do eat) in the summer, fall brings Jonathan and Macintosh apples. Butternut squash, which I can get all year round but it tastes better in the fall. Pumpkin pie - my favorite! - which just tastes better in the fall than it does in the summer. Turnips, rutabaga, parsnips.. roasted in the oven with just a bit of salt/pepper/olive oil. Turkey!!! Thanksgiving is my all time favorite meal of the year. And yes I KNOW I can get and eat all - or most - of this stuff any time I want. It just tastes better in the fall. When it comes to the apples, I've seen Jonathan and Macintosh apples at other times of the year.. but I won't eat those fakes. Those are fall apples with a short growing season. Don't try to fool me with your summer Jonathans and Macintoshes, dangit!
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