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Yesterday's dinner was a good marinated slab of London Broil, fresh buttered corn on the cob, and garden vegetable salad, and afterwards there was left over London Broil to use up, along with all the other leftovers that have been accumulating in my fridge for the last week or so... Ergo, TONIGHT'S dinner ended up being homemade gyros, to use up the London Broil cuts, dressed with homemade tzatziki sauce to use up the last of my sour cream, fresh dill, and not-actually-pickling attempt at homemade pickles (that were really just cucumbers in salt water), some bell peppers, a couple tomatoes, the last of the feta cheese I've had sitting around for a few weeks, and the last of a head of lettuce from my neighbor's garden that was starting to take a turn for the worse. All told, quite delicious!

And my mother and grandmother would both be so proud... they both took pride in their ability to take all sorts of leftovers and turn them into delicious new dishes that you'd never think were actually created to use things up out of the fridge! When my uncle's girlfriend (now his wife) first met my grandmother, it was over such a dinner, and she had the nerve to ask her "Barbara, where do you buy your leftovers?"

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Macaroni and cheese casserole with freshly grated cheese for the dish and leftover salad made with recently harvested organic lettuce, broccoli and carrots.

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