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Default Queen Bee Challenge for Sims 3!
I ran a search, but didn't see any mention of this sort of challenge.... so I figured I'd post what I'm doing now, on the off chance someone else might be interested in helping me test this challenge out. I'll edit this first post with the exact rules as I figure out what they should be! Basically, I'm taking an old Sims 2 challenge I once found the rules for and printed up, and tweaking the rules a little to make it work better, and score a little easier.

~ Testing Currently in progress please post if you're willing to help me test this out!!! ~ (more description and rules will be posted as I figure things out)


You are a female human sim who has been approached by a colony recruitment team. You have been tasked with one goal: Populating and taking over a new colony island. Your goal is to have 60 live offspring successfully reach adulthood. You will need to find and recruit male "drone" bees to breed with. Do not marry them - you are not here to fall in love, merely to procreate. Each male must move in and do whatever he can to help and care for you while he provides the genetic material for six children. Once all six have reached at least "child" age, the male is to move out and take all six children with him - so your choice of breeding partner matters - he will also be caring for your future generations!


1. Either download a "blank" world with all commercial lots necessary for your version of sims and expansion packs. Make sure there are no households already moved in.
2. Create a "Worker Bee" house that has the following stats:
One master bedroom, two single bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen/dining room, and playroom/living room. Should have a bookcase, toys for children, and a basic TV. Keep it small, and on a lot that is 30 by 20. All items should be cheap, and make sure it's fully furnished. Place copies of this house all around your main commercial area in the town - but leave them EMPTY! You will want around 15-20 copies placed to allow for story progression. Make sure each is priced under 20k simoleons.
3. Now create a "Nursery" house with:
One master bedroom, SIX single bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen/dining room, playroom/skill-up room, and living room. Keep it small, and on a lot that is 40 by 40. Should have a bookcase, toys for children, activities for teenagers, stereo, all basic skill-building items (one for each skill.. i.e. telescope or chess table, guitar, mirror, painting easel, etc.) a basic TV, a desk for homework, and one with a basic desktop computer. Make 10 copies of these and place around the smaller houses.
4. Put a 64 by 64 BLANK lot somewhere in your town.
5. Enter create-a-sim, and make a Young Adult female sim with the "Commitment Phobic" Trait. Add your choice of the rest of the traits (pick what you think will be the most helpful - you will NOT be buying ANY lifetime rewards or objects - so keep this in mind!). Set her looks, clothes, name, Lifetime want etc. to your heart's content. (I chose master romancer because well... duh.. she'll be getting that one! haha!)
6. Move your Queen Bee into the 64 by 64 lot
7. Go into Options and set Lifetime span as such: NORMAL life span - 3 days for baby, 4 days for toddler, 8 days for child, 15 days for teen, 24 days for young adult, 29 days for adult, and 31 days for elder. (these are based off the longest life stage span for Sims 2. This keeps the child-rearing stages to a very bare minimum, but also makes it a real challenge to keep your queen bee actively able to breed.) (I think with the current patch, everyone can set the life stage timers with a slider bar no matter what expansion packs you have - someone correct me if I'm wrong here..??)
Also, under options, set Story Progression and Aging to ON (without this being on, the challenge won't work.
8. ...... and begin playing!
9. Find a male "drone", befriend him, have him move in, and begin producing young.
10. Once your current drone/caretaker has produced his six offspring, and all of the children have aged from toddler to child, break your relationship off with your drone, (forgetting this can lead to being caught cheating, which will make you lose points!!) ... then go to "edit town" and split the household, taking the drone and all six children to the clipboard. Then, place them in one of your 10 "Nursery" lots, and go back to your own lot to pick your next consort, and continue. (Keep an eye on your family tree, however, for any of the youngsters dying before getting to young adulthood!) What that drone does other than raise the children is his business, once you're done with them, you no longer care!
11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 until you either win the challenge... or lose!
12. Count up your score, and post here!


WIN: Reach 60 LIVING children who have reached the "teen" age with different breeder bees - six children per "bee" for 10 different breeding partners.

LOSE: Queen bee dies, or becomes unable to have biological children (turning elder) before having 60 children.

EDIT: Since teens can live on their own - granted, they're not supposed to.. but they CAN! .. I am changing to making sure they make it to the teen age. Through testing, I've discovered there's no way all the Drones will live long enough to get all their kids to Young Adult stage, so as long as the young can live on their own when the Drone dies (as long as they are in the "Nursery" lots before the Drone passes on) .. it's good enough.

  • NO CHEATING! Do not use any cheat codes other than moveobjects in case of stuck sims, and constrainfloorelevation or moveobjects when building.
  • NO MODS! Do not use any sort of mod that changes how the sims game runs. - aging, household members, etc.
  • NO MARRYING! Engagement is okay if you HAVE to, but it must be broken off when the drone leaves with his young charges. Preferably, don't go past boyfriend, and if you can get them to agree to "Try for Baby" without the "Going Steady" - then you are due some bonus points.
  • NO buying Lifetime Rewards on your queen - whether they're an object or the helpful rewards. No exceptions. Your male "drones" can buy rewards to their hearts content EXCEPT the object rewards.. and no buying the "Fertility Treatment" reward.
  • NO "monster" or "creature" breeders! You may not become a vampire, mummy, ghost, or anything else - and you are not to pick anything other than a fully human male for breeding purposes. Skin color does not matter, but they must be human.
  • Feel free to use Life fruit to keep yourself alive, and ambrosia - but only if you or your current "drone" can actually GROW or make it. Whether you pick the initial fruit out of a lot where it grows "wild" or find the seed itself is irrelevant, so feel free to make a community garden with a Life Fruit plant in. You may only ever harvest ONE Life Fruit bush in the wild PER ADULT, (i.e. one for queen, and one for each drone - who uses the fruit is up to you) so use them sparingly until you can get your own stock growing on your lot. If your drone is the gardener and he moves out, the one harvest rule again takes effect until either your new drone can garden Life Plants (level 7 gardening) or you can.
  • Each male drone may only father SIX of your children. If a child dies before reaching teen age (I think you can see this in your family tree - obviously they will not all be living with you) then you must have a new young born to replace it.
  • If a DRONE dies before producing his six required young, or prior to moving out with his young, you must find a new drone to replace him and finish out his job. This Drone will count as the now-dead drone, so he needs only finish out the last one's responsibilities, not have six of his OWN young.
  • NO changing active household for any reason - once your male drone moves out with the young, it is his responsibility to continue to raise them safely to teen age. (Another reason your choice of drone is important!)
  • Maids: As soon as you are able (BEFORE the first Drone moves out with his children) you must hire a maid and keep it employed. Queen bees should not have to take care of everything, they certainly don't in real bee hives!
  • Babysitters: Taking the ability to hire babysitters away would be cruel and unusual, so I'm not going to do it. However, *try* not to have one there 24/7. (They're only so helpful, anyway.. once you get so many kids on the lot, the babysitters seem to start self-destructing. They seem to be more helpful if the kids are already mostly taken care of, as backup while Queen is napping or Drone is at work - or both.)
  • Any deaths on your lot will, obviously, create an urn or a tombstone. So as not to make an already difficult challenge tougher, move any of these to a community graveyard. This means sims or pets, obviously - The exception to this would be if a magical gnome dies. This will keep the ghosts from annoying your household.
  • Houses: Yes, Sims 3 doesn't have weather, but you MUST eventually build a house for your Queen - funds allowing. First of all, screaming babies are NOT conducive to a good night sleep for anyone. Second of all - a wild bee queen would have a chamber devoted to her in the colony's hive - so your Queen should have a house, as well.
  • ~still working on this...~
EDITS: Added the "Maid" rule - because, honestly.. the queen in a real bee hive does nothing for herself.. so having someone to do the cleaning is a must. Added clarification on babysitters and houses. Clarified what happens should you inadvertently kill a Drone (or have one die of old age). Explained what to do with tombstones if the need arises.


World Adventures
  • NO Traveling to other lands (China, France, Egypt). You are welcome to put a Martial Arts Academy, Chinese garden, and Nectary lot into your colony, however. I believe, also, that you can place a General Store register on a commercial lot and enable yourself to buy cameras for photography without traveling - but I haven't actually tested this. (or a book register for the skill/reading books from other countries, and food register for the other types of fruit or fish) You can also have foreign fish, fruit, or veggies stocked into a community garden or fishing spot so that they can be harvested for use or planting on your lot.
  • NO relic register/vendor
  • NO exploring custom tombs even if you have them in your world.
  • Again, no mummies.
  • ~still working on this one~

  • Feel free to do inventing, sculpting, or any of the new profession jobs.
  • Buying and selling at the consignment store is just fine - however, do NOT buy inventions other people have put into the store. To use any of the inventions, you or your current male drone must be able to make it. If your male drone made it, as soon as he moves out, you must delete any invention you are not capable of making yourself.
  • NO simbots.
  • ~still working on this one~

Late Night
  • Again, no breeding with vampires or becoming one.
  • No restriction on becoming a celebrity - however, be aware of the pitfalls of social humiliation if you choose this path - it could make your challenge considerably tougher!
  • Feel free to learn Mixology or the other instrument skills, or start a band.
  • Any drink you can make or buy at a bar is fair game to be used - but the skill booster ones MUST be made by yourself or your current drone.
  • Still debating on butlers, but I think this one may be a "no".. more testing is required at this point. My thought is, one, you're not going to be able to afford it.. and two.. the care of the children should be the main responsibility of the Queen and Drones.. I don't really know how much a butler will do for the kids, though.. so more research is needed.
  • ~still working on this one~

  • NO sending kids off to boarding school. The point is to have you and your chosen Drones raise the children on their own, not get rid of them as soon as you can. Sending them to boarding school would make things too easy. (Plus, how you'd have the extra money to do this is beyond me!)
  • Bonus points for being a Daycare professional! (And perhaps, bonus insanity points as well... perhaps trying this out should qualify you for a "Insane" award?!)
  • After-school programs are allowed, and even encouraged.
  • Scavenger hunts, and all the new stuff kids can do are GREAT! Use them to your heart's content, the extra income from scavenger hunts is really helpful.
  • NO imaginary children coming to life in your household.
  • ~still working on this one~
EDITS: Making sure to note that boarding schools are not ok, but afterschool programs are.

  • You may have up to two playable pets (dog, cat, horse) but NO MORE than two at any time. If you breed puppies or kittens and end up with more than two, you must immediately place the "extras" up for adoption. WARNING: Having pets may help with funds by selling what they find (like dogs collecting) - but having them around certainly makes things more challenging. I only have one dog, and caring for the dog is time spent that could have been put elsewhere - but the added income IS really helpful!
  • ~still working on this one~

  • + One bonus point for each toddler who learns all toddler skills - walk, potty, talk - before aging to child.
  • + One bonus point for each set of NATURAL twins - no cheats, and no fertility treatment reward on either you or your drones.
  • + Two points for each NATURAL set of triplets.
  • - 10 points for EACH child taken by a social worker.
  • - 1 point for each extra child you must produce to replace a child who is taken by social worker, or child who dies before becoming a teen. (additionally, these will need to be made on a different drone - NO drone may father more than six of your children.)
  • - 20 points for any death on your lot other than due to old age.
  • - 10 points for any drone who is not able to get his quota of six offspring and take them to his "Nursery" house to rear them. (i.e. he dies before having his kids and moving out with them - this will be in ADDITION to the death on lot score hit - partially to penalize for having to find a replacement drone for the dead one.)
  • - 5 points for each time you are caught cheating on your current drone. That doesn't mean you can't cheat on them, just that you lose points for getting caught. Also, if you have a baby from a drone that is NOT your current live-in drone/caretaker, you lose an additional 5 points.
  • - 10 points for each time you have to get engaged to get your current drone to "Try for Baby".
  • + 5 Bonus points for each drone that you can move in and have children with without ever "going steady" - i.e. getting to the "boyfriend" stage. (Staying at the "Romantic Interest" stage) (I think this is possible?? Correct me, someone if I'm wrong...)
  • + 5 points for each skill your queen bee gets to level 10, and 1 additional point for each skill challenge completed (example: "Menu Maven" in cooking)
  • + 10 points for every career your queen be gets to level 10 (this excludes the daycare profession, see below for that)
  • + 5 points for each level of the "Daycare" profession level you reach. - thats a whopping 25 points if you can handle being a level 5 daycare professional. (To get the 5 points for level 5, you must remain a certified Daycare professional for 7 days before switching careers - to prove you can make it at that level)
  • + 15 points for getting your Lifetime Wish complete
  • + 1 point for each type of magical gnome you get (each one can only be counted once). (for the world adventures gnomes, I believe you can get them by placing the Egyptian, Chinese, and French Catacombs in your city, and exploring them. ~this needs confirmation) All other gnomes are acquired normally. (yes, the baby, child, teen, elder magical gnomes each count - but only the first time you get one.
  • + 1 point for each child you are actively at a "friend" status with at the time of scoring (end of game) - + 2 points if you're at "best friend" status! (or at the time of their death, provided that they don't die until AFTER they are teens - again, this will take watching the family tree)
  • There will be points for amount of money in your "hive treasury" at game end, as well as your home and property value, I just haven't put any thought into that yet...
  • ~still working on this one~ - additionally, through testing, these point values might change, but I will be sure to make a note of the change so you know what happened.

Now... since I've been up half the night either plotting this idea out in my head, or typing up this dissertation... I'm going to go take a nap. Post comments/suggestions, and if you're willing to help test. If you do try it out, I would LOVE to hear how your challenge is going! (additionally, I will be posting updates on my challenge and my daughter's)
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#2 Old 29th Jan 2012 at 4:29 PM
Here's how it's playing out: (yes some of this may be repeats from above, it's actually from my blog post about this challenge, but I'm too tired to edit it at the moment, so please bear with me and skim over info you already know about...)

My daughter started her "beehive" in Sims 2, and I started mine in Sims 3. She started as an "adult" (no college), while I started as a Young Adult. She started on a 5 by 5 lot (Sims 2) .. and to make the difficulty/money issues as close as possible, I started on a 64 by 64 lot. No money cheats are being used, or any other cheats besides the general building or un-sticking ones - mostly moveobjects. She started on a blank newly created neighborhood, I set up a world with a bunch of cookie-cutter houses with one master bedroom and two smaller ones, two bathrooms... and made sure I had all the different community lots. The only sim I actually moved in was my Queen, and same for her. Both of us found a male "townie" and moved them in and started producing babies... Since her sim will be using the Elixir of Life - and sims 3 doesn't have that - I'll be going for Life fruits. Working on gardening and cooking, but whether I get all the way to ambrosia - and can afford it (cringe) by the time she needs it after first "worker bee" or not is debatable. Additionally, since Sims 2 doesn't really have the same sort of advantages in the aspiration rewards as Sims 3 does.. and I'm the more experienced player - I've elected to balance the challenges a little bit more by not buying any happiness rewards at all. It would be a completely unfair advantage if I got rewards that helped with .. say.. fertility, or ability to take care of kids.. lower bladder need, etc. Also, I set my age sliders to be exactly what sims 2 has theirs at (well, the max time span for each life stage). We'll leave the assumption that all her babies will be going through college, since "young adult" stage is mandatory for sims 3, but not for sims 2 (and she hates playing college sims).

The challenge is a good bit harder than I thought, however.. but playing on side-by-side computers with the same challenge, but different game versions is a lot of fun. I think we'll be doing this with some other challenges, too, after this.

Oh, and I'm playing my sims 3 challenge on every expansion/stuff pack through pets (don't have master suite yet) - she's playing on a complete Sims 2 game - all expansions and stuff packs. One of the biggest challenges she's come across is dealing with the weather from seasons - something Sims 3 doesn't have yet. She already almost froze the babies and babydaddy due to shortage of funds to actually build a real house with roof and walls.. haha.. It almost seems unfair that I don't have to deal with it! I'm avoiding all vampire (or other race) "bees" as potential breeding partners, as is she, because the races are so completely different in each game.

"Challenge" will end when either the Queen bee dies, or becomes unable to produce more biological childred (turns elder). Whoever has the most LIVING kids at the end wins. In the event we both gets to 60 children, we'll total up our points and either pick a winner from that, or pick the last-born female child, and promote her to "queen" and keep going. She is currently up to four children and one in the oven... she managed TWO sets of natural, not-cheat or cheesecake twins. I'm struggling to catch up with two babies born, and another pregnancy underway. What I'm finding most difficult currently is getting everything done with the toddlers in their minuscule four days as a toddler!! Somehow the toddler stage always seemed longer when playing on Sims2....
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#3 Old 29th Jan 2012 at 4:30 PM
er.. p.s. the reason daughter's game is in Sims 2 is that her computer doesn't run Sims 3. Too slow.
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#4 Old 31st Jan 2012 at 2:20 AM
Holy ... moley.. this challenge is TOUGH! I'm up to four munchkins and one on the way.. and already my first male "drone" is an elder. I have spent half my time yelling at my sims ... "What the HECK are you doing?" .. and the other half the time, yelling at the random babysitters I call when I lose my mind.. (which, granted, is already missing anyway) "WHAT are you doing?! Take care of the kids, don't look at the ballet trophy!" .. "Hey, fool, don't complain about the baby crying.. you're the babysitter.. change it's stinky pants already!" *chuckles* It's been entertaining to say the least. I spend half my time paused trying to figure out who is doing what and why they're not doing what they're supposed to. Thank goodness for the short baby/toddler ages I have set.. I'm never quite as happy as I am when they age to kids and can fend for themselves. (however, it makes potty training, walking, and talking difficult...!) .. Oh, and let's not even go into getting gardening to level seven on a perpetually preggo female... *pulls hair out* Seriously, though.. this is worth a try, it's definitely a challenge!

Through testing.. I'm already figuring out some rules that either need to be added, or updated, so I'm going to edit away up there in first post.

Daughter's game, by the way, is still well under way.. she's at five kids and one on the way. Her "nanny" (babysitter for sims 2.. lol) was getting ready to leave at one point in mid-winter with a blizzard outside (luckily she's been able to build a small house so her sims aren't simsicles) ... only she appeared to be taking the baby with her! .. She even went so far as to get into her carpool. Daughter was panicking, and I was asking whether it might have been a social worker... when suddenly the baby was plopped next to the mailbox in the foot-deep snow! ... (daughter runs a sim out there to rescue babysimsicle!) .. We were laughing so hard that the grey colored baby was almost worth it!
Test Subject
#5 Old 31st Jan 2012 at 5:29 AM
Is the Queen Bee living on a blank piece of land and you build the house as she earns money or does she move into a ready made house?
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#6 Old 31st Jan 2012 at 12:32 PM
"4. Put a 64 by 64 BLANK lot somewhere in your town."
"6. Move your Queen Bee into the 64 by 64 lot"

.. A blank lot. You build as you get enough money. The blank houses in the neighborhood are for immigrants or your growing family to populate on their own with story progression on.
Lab Assistant
#7 Old 31st Jan 2012 at 10:03 PM
My Queen 'Bee' is wearing all clothes black and yellow, with face paint [tiger recolour] and hair dyed black+yellow. Off I go! I didn't take the bee style TOOO seriously? I mean, the first two kids are called Honey and Bee!

Name: Skitty Paws

Always remember that you are absolutely unique.
Just like everyone else.
-Margaret Mead
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#8 Old 1st Feb 2012 at 3:02 PM
No, you definitely didn't take the challenge too seriously, Mai. Hehe. My kids are named funny names too. The Queen Bee is named.. Queenie Bee. Kids.. All the girl's names end with "bee" all the boys end in "drone" (so even if they get married, I'll know who they were if I see them in later generations.. haha. I have Annabee, Albertodrone, Brendabee, and Brandodrone... figure I'll run out of alphabet letters before I run out of kids, but I'll come up with something by then, I hope..
Space Pony
#9 Old 3rd Feb 2012 at 7:45 AM
About the no mods rule I have a few inquiries. I have no swarming mods so that when a Sim goes into labor or ages up, everyone around them do not drop everything to go panic/cheer for them. Another is for Nraas mods, in particular Overwatch and Master Controller. Overwatch helps with possible lagging and Master Controller I just keep around just in case things happen and I need to reset the objects and sims in town.

Also can there be bunk beds? With the LN expansion there's a mod that allows a way to make bunk beds with some object cloning in s3oc.
Test Subject
#10 Old 4th Feb 2012 at 3:17 AM
So excited to start this when my new disk drive arrives!
Quick question though, do you know of any worlds up for download like the one that this challenge requires? What is the one you used?
Space Pony
#11 Old 6th Feb 2012 at 1:19 AM Last edited by Enirei : 7th Feb 2012 at 6:53 PM.
Biggest trouble I've had so far with this is when I have to move my drone and his kids out. Amount they have in edit town mode, the lowest was 22500 simoleons. No way that house can be fully furnished.

Update: On my forth drone who has 3 kids and one on the way. My First Drone's children appear to be a genetic dead end. They've all reached elder without any children and the men do not have any partners. Also no grandbabies for my Queen so far T.T
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#12 Old 15th Feb 2012 at 11:13 AM
I think I'm actually going to see if I can't build some "prototype" houses to share for the blank lots - and possibly even a little world designed for this challenge. 'Course, the world could be more difficult, because I'm still very much a newbie at world building - my last attempt was fairly bad.. but I suppose I can just keep trying! Hopefully I can get a couple houses set up that the drones will be able to feasibly move into. I ran into the same issue with mine! So I'll either figure out a way to build it, or allow the free real estate cheat to move the drones out - gonna see this week what I can build and go from there. Tough challenge, though!
Space Pony
#13 Old 15th Feb 2012 at 4:58 PM
Was a bit tough that first drone around though once I got money for the cooking books, a pond with some deathfish with some frozen in the fridge, and a stash of lifefruit (like 400+ in the queen's inventory) things are easy, just dealing with some strange glitch of a baby in the crib makes the crib's interactions disappear. Affects a few of my games so *shrug*

Made a cramp little house that fits the requirements (I think) for the drone household, not fully furnished but it has all the items listed.
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#14 Old 17th Feb 2012 at 2:05 PM Last edited by oxJennxo : 17th Feb 2012 at 5:47 PM.
So, I played Sims 2 for the first time yesterday, and went running screaming back to Sims 3 where I belong. I wanted to do a QB challenge, so I was glad that I found this on the first search. Runs off to start my game.

Sounds like it might be a bit difficult, but fun too.

Edit: I got 15 Worker houses, they hit just around 18k a piece. This world (Legacy Island) is not liking the 40 x 40 plots, so I will be doing 30 x 30 with everything, except it will have 3 bedrooms (instead of 6) with bunkbeds.

Edit #2 - Scratch that. Legacy Island was not big enough to support it and all the rabbitholes. So, I took off for Santa Teresa, which worked great. Anyway, finally made my person. Beelinda Queen.

The cost of the Nursery home is unreal. Are we allowed to freerealestate the kids in to them since it won't actually benefit the main household?
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#15 Old 17th Feb 2012 at 7:09 PM
Freerealestate is okay, I think. Obviously, this is in testing.. but, yes, I think that will be okay, because of Sims 3's weirdness about moving people out of lots.
Lab Assistant
#16 Old 17th Feb 2012 at 8:23 PM
I am very unhappy. I got the first Drone moved in, a Revamped, prettified Sinbad Rotter.

Dun dun dun. Beelinda wonders why it got dark all of a sudden. Meteor and she hasn't even been there for 2 hours yet.

Cool about the FRE. A 7 bedroom house is currently running at about 50-60k in my game. I can't remember which it was right off hand. Especially with the incoming meteor probably either going to kill her or all the properties.
Field Researcher
#17 Old 18th Feb 2012 at 5:45 PM
Originally Posted by Wyldhawke
Freerealestate is okay, I think. Obviously, this is in testing.. but, yes, I think that will be okay, because of Sims 3's weirdness about moving people out of lots.
pls put that in the main rules I think having to build up the money for the 'nursery' lots would probably take so much time that the children would end up YA.... I haven't tried it but I have a world that would probably work already downloaded in my comp, and its pretty big if I remember correctly, its called 'Anos' and I found it in the sims 3 exchange if anyone is interested, I do not know if it is still there.
Field Researcher
#18 Old 18th Feb 2012 at 5:48 PM
oh one more thing, since I love building houses and at least I think my houses look pretty sweet..... I could probably post the 'drone' houses I build, and if i have issues uploading them here, I can just upload them to mediafire or the sims 3 exchange
Field Researcher
#19 Old 18th Feb 2012 at 5:53 PM Last edited by Zerhai : 18th Feb 2012 at 5:55 PM. Reason: typo
oh also, since I really really really really dislike moving my active sim to a blank lot, <growls at my current legacy save point> I think having them start with a basic house, nothing fancy or elaborate, literally just enough to survive, would not be a bad thing, as long as it is not over a certain amount of money and you adjust how much they start with, with the 'familyfunds <familyname> ###' cheat....
Field Researcher
#20 Old 18th Feb 2012 at 6:54 PM Last edited by Zerhai : 18th Feb 2012 at 9:26 PM. Reason: forgot something else
Default my queen bee!
OK meet Queen Bethany Cecilia HoneyBee! I had lots of fun making her!

btw the skin tone is one of cmar's metallic skintones, the gold i believe!
her traits are:
Commitment Issues
Green Thumb
Family Oriented
Natural Cook

Do you think I went over board on the black and yellow theme?
oh btw her favorite color is yellow, and her favorite food is Suishi, and her favorite music is Custom.
I have Ambitions and Late Night expansion packs
Oh and her LTW is Surrounded by Family
She is a Leo
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#21 Old 19th Feb 2012 at 2:30 AM
She's pretty, Zerhai! Like the way you went with a yellow skintone.

I'm having to re-start mine. I got too frustrated with the world I had found on the exchange to use - load times were horrendous, half my playtime was spent loading. grrr. so I removed that one, and I'm going to restart. Just for fun, I may make a new queen too. Perhaps I should go with a fun skin tone.. normal simmies are starting to look sorta boring.

I will see if I can figure out a set family funds amount that would work for starting with a basic house .. I completely understand the hating starting with a blank lot. Sometimes I do too, but then.. I always end up having neat houses that come out of upgrading the blank lot starter huts I make.. so it's a bit of a toss-up for me. Building with limited funds seems to get me out of my typical building rut of having houses that quite often look like past ones I've built. Building with full funds/cheats.. I always end up with cookie cutter houses for some reason. *shrug*
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Mine is named Beelinda Queen
She is Inappropriate, commitment issues, genius, handy and family oriented.

I stole your naming theme, Wyld, but separated them like a middle name. As a genius, Beelinda maxed out the logic skill on the chemistry set. A few minutes before she kicked out the drone and brats, she used her YA potion. I think Andrew Drone aged up to teen either that night or the next day. I will no longer have 5 brats aged baby to toddler again. It was chaos.

First choice for drone was killed by a meteor. The rock sold for almost 7k. I never got the option to ask the next drone to move in and went so far as to get engaged. Still no option. I had to Edit Town him into the house. 2nd drone got to be best friends and romantic interests. She did not have the option to ask him to move in either. This has never been an option for me before. Is there something special I have to do? It's annoying to say the least. I had to Edit Town him into my house too. He was about to age to adult and was given a YA (young again) potion too. Also, the $3000 a day in child support Beelinda is paying is about to break her and put her in jail.

Also, just got a pop up that Andrew(#1) knocked some girl up. I had to run and turn off teen preg. I thought it was off already. sigh.

I am playing with all EP up to Pets and SP through Master Suite.

Her favorites are Songwriter, Falafel and Black. She got to level 2 of the Military career and then moved on to a painting one. I will have her do the child care one Mid-brat pack of this Drone.
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oh sooo cute, I have only barely started cause i have been playing another game all day
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Here is one of my drone homes: I uploaded it to mediafire, and its basegame only so anyone can use it and as a side note there is no custom content either.

there is a cheap bookcase tv and loveseat i guess I forgot to get an updated screenshot.....

and here is the link to anyone who wants to download it:

I'll upload a few more later if people like this one, I already have 2 more drone homes made and my queen starter as well
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Originally Posted by Zerhai
Here is one of my drone homes: I uploaded it to mediafire, and its basegame only so anyone can use it and as a side note there is no custom content either.
there is a cheap bookcase tv and loveseat i guess I forgot to get an updated screenshot.....

and here is the link to anyone who wants to download it:

I'll upload a few more later if people like this one, I already have 2 more drone homes made and my queen starter as well

Drone homes? Just thought we needed worker homes and nurseries.

Oh to everyone else. Based on the Sims Wiki about simoleons, a household with one adult and 6 teens/children will only have ยง22500 as starter funds.
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