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Default The Slave Challenge
To start off I would just like to say that this is my first challenge, so if there are any challenges like this, they get total credit!
This challenge is Base game compatible
All your life, you've been under someones thumb, first your parents, and when they died, the king, but now, you've had a spark of hope. You saw the beautiful town of ______ (any town will work, but I suggest Monte Vista or Riverveiw). Since then, you have been inspired to do better, climb out of servitude, and have the life you've always dreamed of.

There are several goals that can be played in this challenge, so you can choose one or all if you want.
-Save up 5,000 simoleons to move to the town of your choice. By move I mean runaway, considering you are a Slave (Because you have to have 20,000 simoleons to move to a new town, you can use cheats to give yourself the money needed, but you HAVE to use familyfunds to set it back to 5,000. I didn't set the needed amount to 20,000 because I thought it unrealistic, but use your with your own discretion)
-Have an affair with the prince with know one knowing. When you age into a young adult, you have one day to get pregnant with his child, then he marries the princess (we'll get to that)
-If you REALLY want a challenge, have a child with every man in your household without anyone knowing.

The Slave: Create a teenage male or female sim (I used a female sim for the backstory because it appealed to me, but it doesn't really matter. If you choose a Male as the slave, you can get the princess prego) with the traits green thumb, neat, and gatherer. The rest of the traits are up to you. The sim needs to be pretty/handsome, and needs to wear Raggedy clothing.
The King: A male, elder sim with the hot-headed, mean-spirited, evil, workaholic, and family oriented traits. The King can look however you want him to look, but he needs to be somewhat stately and proper.
The Heir: The prince/princess needs to be a teen and have the Flirty, Charismatic, and Hot-headed traits. All other traits are up to you. The Heir needs to be very handsome/pretty.
The Nobles: A noble couple with the traits slob, mean-spirited, and Charismatic. The rest of the traits for both of them are up to you, so You can personalize each individual.
The Betrothed: The Heir's arranged fiance. He/She must be a teen and have the mean spirited and Dislikes children. The rest are up to you, but try to make her mean.

General Rules:
-The slave must have a negative relationship with the Betrothed.
-The slave MUST clean the ENTIRE estate, and make all meals everyday except Saturday and Sunday, which are his/her days off.
-The slave gets 20 simoleons a week.
-You CANNOT play as anyone but the slave
-If you decide to go the prince route, you can't be seen by anyone while you are with him. If they catch you, you loose.
-The Heir and the Betrothed must start out as an engaged couple or they need to be dating (this varies depending on if you start as an Young Adult or a Teen)
- You can only leave the lot once a week
-All the males must have a career in politics. You can use the mailbox to set their careers. The females can have what ever job you see fit for them to have.
-Their Lifetime wishes are up to you, But the slave needs to have the surrounded by family or heart breaker wish.
The House:
There are four levels of difficulty your house:
Easy- Start with a budget of 10,000 for both the interior and exterior, which includes a small cottage, a fenced in garden, a small kitchen and bathroom, a small kitchen, and a bed. choose One skill builder, such as a chess board or a guitar. If you have Any leftover money, feel free to decorate the exterior, as well.
Medium- A small room next to the kitchen. Must have a cheap double bed, a small kitchen, a small bathroom, a skill builder, and a door leading to a fenced in garden. Your budget for this option is 7,000 simoleons.
Hard- A small room in the attic or basement that contains the cheapest single bed, a toilet and shower, and a fridge. The only skill builder allowed for this option is a single bookcase. Your budget is only 2,000 simoleons.
Very Hard- A small closet with only a cheap single bed, and a toilet. If your "room" is on the outer wall, you can have a small garden. If not, you can have a few planters (only as many that can fit in your room). Your budget is 1,000 simoleons.
The Main House:- The house needs to be very large and stately, with a large exterior. Most pre-made homes In the separate rich neighborhoods will be sufficient. The world That you Choose to live in does not matter.

Thanks for looking! Sorry about how wordy it was, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or message me!
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Very good! I might try this
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Cool challenge but your sims need 20,000 simoleons before they can move towns.
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Originally Posted by IWANTMODSNOW!
Cool challenge but your sims need 20,000 simoleons before they can move towns.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
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