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#1 Old 5th Aug 2014 at 9:44 PM
Default The Horror Games Challenge
Hello and welcome to the Horror Games! No, this is not based on a book or movie. All words in italics are in the Glossary. Only the base game is required. Sorry if I'm copying anyone.

Getting Started
1. Create 6 Sims with any looks, traits, and genders you'd like. Natural Cook, Brave and Hydrophobic traits are not allowed.
2. When you're done with that, go into the biggest empty lot you can get.
3. Build a giant house with:
3 small rooms
- 2 cheap single beds each, sleeping bags aloud
- No proper lights aloud, only use candles found in the sculpture section
- Cheap fridge
5 trial chambers
~ Trial 1
- Empty room
~ Trial 2
- Fridge
- Dining Table
- 4 Dining Chairs
- Cheap Stove
~ Trial 3
- 3 showers
~ Trial 4
- 3 Single Beds
- 3 easels (painting)
~ Trial 5
- Empty Room
Elimination Room
-Pool that fills the whole room
You may use motherlode and kaching to build the house.
4. Turn off autonomy for Sims so that they don't do anything they shouldn't.
5. Make sure the Elimination Room is accessible from every Trial Chamber,
6. Make your Sims enter Trial Chamber 1.

The Trials
Trial 1 - In Trial 1, there's nothing in the room. Not even a fridge. Whichever Sim gets hungry first gets eliminated.
Trial 2 - Your 5 leftover Sims now get to eat. Only eat from the fridge, don't use the stove for food because it's part of this Trial. One of your Sims must begin cooking something on the stove, then abandon it until it catches fire. Sorry, no fire alarms allowed and you can't call the fire fighters! The first Sim to catch on fire and die is eliminated automatically.
Trial 3 - Again, there's nothing here but four showers for your Sims to douse themselves if they've caught on fire. Wait for your Sims to grow tired, whoever faints first gets eliminated!
Trial 4 - Only three Sims left, and three beds for them to rest on. What's this? Three easels too? Make them paint until they've gained the Art skill, whoever finishes last gets eliminated!
Trial 5 - This one is pretty simple. Your two survivors are to make a run for the door! The first to get there survives and the other goes straight to elimination.

The Winner
You done with the Trials? Whoever wins, you get to do whatever you want! You can delete the house and get them to live normally or whatever. Your choice!

Hope you enjoy this challenge, and post pics of your own Horror Games!
Test Subject
#2 Old 22nd Aug 2014 at 8:01 PM
Pretty interesting and fun, I`d like to try it.
Test Subject
#3 Old 25th Aug 2014 at 6:16 AM
By elimination, do you mean by putting all the eliminated sims in a room or by killing them?
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