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Community Spirit contest! - posted on 11th Apr 2017 at 10:33 AM
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#1 Old 24th Dec 2015 at 4:25 PM
Default Inconvenient Times...
In this thread, we are going to talk about those inconvenient times. I'll start to give you an idea.

1. The Burbs move into Pleasantview with what they have. They furnish the house with the basics, but they still don't have much money left over. Christmas season is coming soon, and the Burbs want to make the event very special, because Christmas in the Sim world only comes once every 20 years. Translation: once every generation. John, who has an entry-level job in the Law Enforcement career, comes home with just enough money to pay off the bills and provide a crumby old sofa. A Christmas tree is purchased, but that takes away much of the Burbs' family funds. Now, the Burbs don't have enough funds to buy a fire alarm, a burglar alarm, or even a telephone, because they can't afford it and don't want to sell anything to afford it. The only reason why they buy a Christmas tree is that John and Jennifer want to make a special Christmas event for their daughter, Lucy, even though they are poor. They hope that Santa Claus would bless them with gifts. So, the Christmas tree ignites itself, and damages the house. It also takes the life of Jennifer Burb, leaving John widowed and Lucy half-orphaned. And oh yeah, Santa Claus never comes to the house. Christmas is ruined. Lucy grows up into a Fortune Sim and vows that she shall give wealth and honor to the family, so the Burbs never have to suffer poverty anymore.

2. After a suspicious pool ladder accident, Brandi Broke has to look after two sons and finds herself pregnant with a third. Her eldest son, Dustin, flunks school, sneaks out of the house secretly, gets in trouble with the police, and loses his job in the Criminal career because his Criminal Mastermind boss thinks his flunking out of school would make him an ill-qualified criminal. Brandi has no time to control or guide Dustin, focusing all her time and energy on Beau and helping him have a good life despite hard times. Beau learns how to walk, how to talk, how to use the potty, but has not learned a nursery rhyme. Nevertheless, he has learned one charisma skill. One day, she fixes something for herself to eat. But right during the middle of cooking, her pregnancy is due. So, she immediately stops cooking and gives birth to Skippy, named after old Skip Broke. Then, the stove catches on fire, and everyone panics. The fire burns down the stove, the countertops, the sink, the trash can, and even the refrigerator. But it eventually gets extinguished, when Brandi calls emergency on the telephone. Unlike the Burbs, the Broke family HAS a telephone.

Yours truly,

113 Wright Way
Pleasantview, Sim City, 01234
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#2 Old 24th Dec 2015 at 7:11 PM
Hmm... I have a couple ones that I can remember. These are much less inconvenient than yours, though! Yikes!

First of all, ACR. The only game or neighborhood that I have automatic/free will woohoo on (whatever it's called; I can't check because my game just crashed) is my medieval game. Sims just tend to pick the most inappropriate times to do it, and when my game's set in the Victorian period, it makes it a million times worse!!

The second time didn't involve ACR, since I didn't have it installed yet. I posted it in one of the picture forums a long time ago.... Anyway, in my Megahood, Nina Caliente and Julien Cooke are married. It was in the afternoon, neither one of them were at work right then, and Nina had the want to woohoo. Just after they finished, their twin girls came home from school. If they saw them in their undies in the middle of the afternoon, it would've been awkward enough, but one of them was just determined to bring a friend home from school! For some reason, I had to save and reload their house again, and the same twin wanted to bring a friend home both times! And then, if I remember right, Nina went into labor pretty soon after that! Hopefully she and Julien had their clothes on by then!

Hey- if you said something to me in a post and I didn't write back, I'm sorry. Sometimes I don't feel good enough to post and by the time I'm able to the thread's old enough that I feel kind of weird about bumping it just to post one or two sentences. So please don't take it personally! :)
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#3 Old 24th Dec 2015 at 8:36 PM
Originally Posted by Macaroodle
Hmm... I have a couple ones that I can remember. These are much less inconvenient than yours, though! Yikes!

First of all, ACR.

The only thing that needed to be said.

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#4 Old 24th Jun 2016 at 4:32 PM
I made my first family and forgot to add the fridge. The child starved and was taken away.
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