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MTS Summer Movie Night - posted on 13th Jun 2018 at 10:07 PM
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Original Poster
#1 Old 14th Apr 2012 at 4:23 AM
Default Is there any chance of getting an NPC sim with commitment issues to move in?
Right before my legacy teen aged up, I had him chat up a woman a little older than him. Her traits were Family Oriented, Natural Cook, Handy and two that I couldn't see at the time. I thought she'd be perfect to move in and marry him. When he got old enough, they started a romance - and it turns out that she has Commitment Issues..

This is a trait I have never had in a sim and I don't think I've seen it except in platonic interests in my sims. I didn't even know you could be Family Oriented with Commitment Issues in the game. Anyway, she won't get engaged. She won't move in as a room mate. Now it's getting really shaky because their relationship keeps getting awkward and going down all the time and I fear he may have to ditch her and find another wife since she seems too skittish to move in.

I don't want to control her or use a cheat to get her in. I want to see if there is any way to do it "naturally". Does anyone have a suggestion?
Forum Resident
#2 Old 14th Apr 2012 at 7:24 AM
I broke up the Wolff family once and moved Thornton in. He has commitment issues. It never occurred to me that it might be to difficult to get him to move him. Try spamming friendly actions on the sim until the other sim thinks your sim is being friendly. If your sim is charismatic or has the Never Dull lifetime reward, you can use the quick interactions like "Enthuse About..." Once you've been friendly enough, you should get the Ask to Move In option.

And yeah, I haven't seen family oriented commiment issues seen before either. Do you have a mod that increases the number of traits that a sim can have?
Original Poster
#3 Old 14th Apr 2012 at 5:26 PM
No. She just has 5 traits. I would just assume that those two traits conflicted. But when I think about it, I know a few people who are family oriented with commitment issues. My own father has a friend who is 60 years old and totally devoted to his parents and siblings' families. He is the ultimate uncle and head of his extended family. Yet he rarely dates and never gets serious when he does. So I'd say he is family oriented with commitment issues.

Anyway.. I will try having someone who is just friends with her move her in. She is best friends with the guy's mother so that may help. She's the consignment store lady and his mother goes to the store every day so they have a pretty good friendship already.
#4 Old 14th Apr 2012 at 6:13 PM
At about this point, I would be handing out the equivalent of a death token.
Lab Assistant
#5 Old 15th Apr 2012 at 1:02 AM
I've actually made a family-oriented sim with commitment issues before. They're interesting to play. The traits don't really conflict, commitment issues sims just don't want to have steady romantic relationships or steady jobs. As far as moving her in (and marrying her to your sim), it's probably going to be tough.
One Minute Ninja'd
#6 Old 15th Apr 2012 at 1:12 AM
It can be done. The question is, just as IRL, why would you want to go through all the effort, when the sim is going to fight you all the way?
Lab Assistant
#7 Old 15th Apr 2012 at 1:14 AM
I would work on moving her in a friend and do it through the friendly interactions. I've been playing a family where the father makes a girlfriend, moves her in, finds a new lady and kicks the first one out. Two of the 6 women so far have had commitment issues and he had no problem getting them to move in, but I've always done it through friendly interactions. Hope that helps!
#8 Old 15th Apr 2012 at 2:03 AM
It's perfectly possible to marry sims with commitment issues, you just need a higher relationship than usual to do it. Wait until the couple have the same sort of relationship score to Best Friend and you should be fine - she'll accept your proposal. Once married, in my experience sims with commitment issues seem happy to stay that way as long as the relationship remains strong, though she might decide she wants to change jobs unexpectedly.
Test Subject
#9 Old 15th Apr 2012 at 1:02 PM
just testingcheatsenabled true and shift+click the NPC. Modify traits for active sim. And swap commitment issues with something else!

Happy simming =D
Original Poster
#10 Old 15th Apr 2012 at 2:02 PM
I got her moved in. It was easier to move her in as a friend and then get her married off. The silly thing is, her LTW is "surrounded by family" with five kids and everything. Anyway, she's very happy and when his younger brother went off to China, they were already there as adventurers. It wasn't as hard as I thought. I am just used to being able to get a sim's relationship from stranger to married in a few hours and she took a little more work.

Thanks to everyone who did not suggest cheats, since I specifically asked for that.
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