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Inside every sane person there's a madman struggling to get out.
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Mad Poster
#26 Old 6th Aug 2012 at 9:51 AM
Originally Posted by ILUVTH3SIMS
hahaha some one a comment up there ago said the dragons were from the sims 2 i am crying the sims 2 had hybrids dragons are from the sims 1 and yes the red one yas funny and i dont mean to go off track but the gnomes were funnier and the flamingo dancer clasic it just crack me up when the spell back fired those gnomes in the sims 3 are like nings frome the sims 2 now u se them now u dont my family almost dyed i was watching those gnomes and *poof* garden,londen, and japan, tinker (i think those are there name) pulled a ???? Copperfield Mind Freak i do not know what u call it and then the next day *poof* they were on a floor i did not even want my sims one and ( i have more than one i think i do not know i play the sims 2 and 1 now) yea i was watchin those knomes pointing at stuff my family almost died i was amazed sitting on tables ugh yea they have some amazing camera in the sims 3 just pause the game have one of them go poof on you and do not know about itor wonder where they are yea i thought my sims were dong that
Ah, I see.
#27 Old 6th Aug 2012 at 9:53 PM
Originally Posted by babele44
Ah, I see.

Could be you're the only one...
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