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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 1:50 PM
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Test Subject
Original Poster
#1 Old 13th Sep 2012 at 6:17 PM Last edited by punklikeleno : 13th Sep 2012 at 6:39 PM.
This is also happening to me.
I need help locating the drivers.

I got a disc authorization error in the launcher when I had my nocd mod on. I took the mod out and it still happened.

anyway this is my log:

[Build info]
Application: Sims3
BuildTime: 2012-07-30-1733
BuildUser: slcbuilder
BuildHost: SLC1-BUILD123
BuildConfig: Release
Commandline: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\TS3W.exe -ccinstall:"C:\Users\Lauren\AppData\Local\Temp\tsl1346825263.tmp" -r:450x350 -w -nosound

[System info]
Computer name: LAUREN-PC
Computer DNS name: Lauren-PC
User name: Lauren
EA_PLATFORM: Windows on X86
OS name: Windows Vista
OS version number: 6.1.7601
OS service pack: Service Pack 1
Debugger present: no
CPU count: 4
Processor type: x86
Processor level: 6
Processor revision: 3851
Memory load: 72%
Total physical memory: 4094 Mb
Available physical memory: 1127 Mb
Total page file memory: 8186 Mb
Available page file memory: 3776 Mb
Total virtual memory: 4095 Mb
Free virtual memory: 3502 Mb

[Application info]
Language: C++
Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ compiler, version 1400
App path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\TS3W.exe
App version:

[Exception info]
date: 2012-09-05
time: 14.08.13
type: ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000004
address: 0x00d802ab "C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\TS3W.exe":0x0001:0x0097f2ab

[Call stack]
C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\TS3W.exe

C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\TS3W.exe

C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\TS3W.exe
In the Arena
staff: retired moderator
#2 Old 15th Sep 2012 at 7:13 AM
I've split off your thread.

Originally Posted by ellacharmed
Can you work through the Crashing Checklist, please? Link is in my signature.
If it is still crashing by the time you reach the end of the FAQ, post back with the answers to the questionnaire.
And still awaiting the information as asked of the OP in the other thread that you post in originally...

If you need help locating GPU drivers, also let me know...
Noted. Awaiting Specs and other information to provide you the drivers. Until then, I cannot provide something of which I have no knowledge of.
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