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#1 Old 3rd Oct 2012 at 2:24 PM Last edited by Phaenoh : 6th Feb 2014 at 9:06 PM.
Default The genetics challenge
This is a simple challenge I've had in my mind recently but I've never tried it myself. It could be nice to have a different way of playing:

Create a new adult Sim, either male or female. This sim must have: black hair, the lightest skin colour and dark blue eyes.

Now get this Sim started in the neighbourhood; build a house, get a career, make friends, build skills etc.

The goal of this challenge is to eventually have a child that has: the darkest skin colour, red hair and green eyes. You may only marry townies or NPC's to have children with, so select them smartly on the basis of their looks. In each generation, you may have as many children as you like, but only continue the family tree with ONE of them. Also, each generation can only have children with one partner.

See how many generations you need to fulfill this challenge!
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#2 Old 4th Oct 2012 at 4:34 AM
Um, I forget: is light skin dominant? I know black hair, and brown eyes, are dominant. So I would expect all (?) first generation kids to have black hair...and are their RECESSIVE genes in SIms? Sounds quick - I'll try it. And try to remember how to post pics..
#3 Old 4th Oct 2012 at 5:00 AM
I've had Sims with different skin tones, and in my experience, the baby can go either way in the sense of passing skin tones down. I think you could also have a light skin and dark skin couple, end up with a medium skin toned baby. Also, I once had Jenny Smith and PT#9 have a baby, and it was born with the darkest skin tone. So, this could be a more complicated challenge that is lead to believe. Or it can be over in a few generations!

If I played, I would go after every red and blonde haired Sim, all with recessive eye colour. And try as much as I can to get the medium- dark skins into my gene pool. There is a female NL, with skin #4, red hair and I believe green eyes. Save the best for last, hmm?!
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#4 Old 4th Oct 2012 at 7:20 AM
In CAS I created sim as required, and paired him with a dark-skinned, green-eyed, red head (the most likely to produce the same child-?). I tried 10 times and NEVER got her dark skin or red hair; and 6 of them had an even pinker skin (I must have genetisized it) - and 2 pale blue! that must be a custom skin but it shouldn't have popped up within default skins! Can't figure out how Jenny would have dark baby; PT skin is totally dominant, and Jenny was light - BOTH more dominant than dark!
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#5 Old 4th Oct 2012 at 7:31 AM
I quite like the sound of this, actually. I'm a big fan of the Sims 2 genetics - the randomness of Sims 3 genetics was one of the main things that brought me back to the Sims 2 fold! :-) But I edited the Maxis genetic values for eyes and hair in my game, so I won't be trying this challenge. It does sound interesting though!

Skintone can go either way - a sim with the lightest skintone and a sim with the darkest skintone could have a baby with any of the Maxis skintones (or any custom ones that have been geneticised to fall between the Maxis ones - even if that custom one is blue!). There is no dominance/recessiveness with skintones - light doesn't dominate dark or vice versa. Alien skin is dominant though, but even that's complicated! A black haired sim and a red haired sim will never have a red haired baby grammapat - not if the black haired sim doesn't have a blond or red recessive gene for hair colour, anyway. And a black haired CAS sim wouldn't have.

**ETA** I may work out an equivalent starter sim and end goal based on the genetic values for hair & eyes in my game and have a go at that. It'd be fun, I reckon :-)
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#6 Old 4th Oct 2012 at 1:17 PM
You can make a CAS sim with a dominant and a recessive - if you also make his parents in CAS.

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Originally Posted by Peni Griffin
You can make a CAS sim with a dominant and a recessive - if you also make his parents in CAS.

That's true :-)

I decided to have a sort of go at this, but not exactly. I'm not going to play as a legacy or aim for a certain colouring, I'm just going to play through the generations and see how the genetics turn out. This is my founder, Gene Black:

He has the darkest custom skin that I have (Lyran's Ebony skin), black hair and Lyran's coffee coloured eyes. So it'll be interesting to see what his descendants end up looking like.....

**ETA** He's now met the woman who'll probably end up being his wife. Her name's Theresa Pearson, she has brown hair, Lyran's olive or possibly hazel eyes and I'm not sure which skintone she has - it's definitely a fair bit lighter than Gene's but not really light - probably between Maxis S2 and S3. Not hugely recessive in terms of genes, but he picked her himself so I'm going with what he wants....
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For you it will be interesting to try and turn up with a light-skinned, blonde-haired and light-blue-eyed child somewhere in your legacy! I think this can be more challenging than you expect because you really have to play well with your recessive and dominant genes..
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#9 Old 6th Oct 2012 at 7:16 AM Last edited by lauratje86 : 6th Oct 2012 at 5:50 PM.
Originally Posted by Suzanne239
For you it will be interesting to try and turn up with a light-skinned, blonde-haired and light-blue-eyed child somewhere in your legacy! I think this can be more challenging than you expect because you really have to play well with your recessive and dominant genes..

Well, I'm actually letting my sims decide for themselves who they end up with - based on their wants and autonomous actions. So he and all his ancestors could choose to have babies with black haired, brown eyed, dark skinned sims, which would certainly lead to less interesting genetics! :-)

Unfortunately I managed to ruin Gene Black for myself when I had him and his wife Theresa adopt a child right after she hit the menopause. Now I don't like the family any more, so I'm going to start again with a strict no-adoptions rule for myself! The genes of my founder will be the same though.

I've started again with a new Gene Black. He's now married (to an ex-townie named Starla Terrill) and they just had a daughter, Jessica, followed by a son, Gene Black II and another daughter, Danielle. You can check out the Black family tree here. It has up-to-date photos! There is also one from yearday 3036 here. And there are photos of baby Jessica and baby Gene Black II here, and I've now updated the post to include a baby photo of Danielle and toddler photos of all three of them. And here they are as children.
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#10 Old 13th Oct 2012 at 3:39 AM
I have so many custom skins, and at one time Wardrobe Wrangler was working to geneticize them. Oddly, I must have put some alien skins between Maxis 1&4 skins. And now Wrangler doesn't work at all to customize genes, and I can't find help, so I can't do this challenge.
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