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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 12:50 PM
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#1 Old 6th Mar 2007 at 4:08 PM Last edited by Phaenoh : 6th Feb 2014 at 9:01 PM.
Default Family Trees Challenge
Okay, here is the challenge - make it through up to 10 generations and fulfill as many lifetime wants as you can - at least one per generation - with plants.

Here are the rules.

Start with a sim. Don't worry so much about hairstyles, they won't be that important, though do pick a hair colour - for eyebrows
You may chose aspiration and turnons/offs [ at least if you are playing with nightlife ] or you can roll it all randomly

1 - Pleasure [ or pick if you don't have nightlife ]
2 - Family
3 - Romance
4 - Knowledge
5 - Money
6 - Popularity

To randomly roll turnons and offs I used the following method.
For the first one - roll a d4 and a d6. Use the number on the d4 to go over that number of 'pages' and then count up and down til you get to the d6 number. If you don't have a d4 then just use 2 d6s and ignore the any number on the first one that is over 4. Obviously, you can't go to that page.

Now - onto the next part. Move your sim onto a 3x3 plot and buy [ you need to download this, at least long enough to start this challenge ] Wintermutai's plant potion from ModTheSims 2 [ I'll link once its back up. ].

Have your sim drink it, and you are now started.

Now - onto the rules.

The only skill points you can learn are ones directly related to getting your sim's lifetime wants fulfilled or that are intrinsic to the sim's aspiration. For example, if you have a money sim, using an easel or computer to make money and fulfill the bestseller and masterpiece wants. They will end up with a maxed out creativity. The reason for this rule is because of how plant sims work. More on that later.

All heirs are to be plantlings - that is to say, sporebabies. Because of how they work, they will have the same stats and the same skills [ see, explained ] as their parent.

No sims are to be moved in or married EXCEPT if it is a part of a lifetime want. A family sim that needs to reach a Golden Anniversary needs to be married, obviously. This is only allowed when working on the initial lifetime want.

Heirs are to be spawned a day before going to elder, unless the sim has a grandchildren lifetime want.

Heirs must be spawned. If a sim does want other children - they are free to go to college, but they cannot move back in. The heirs must not leave home ever.

Aging must stay on - no cheats except for building ones may be used. Move_objects on may be used if there is a bug. The Family also may be moved if a bug crops up and makes it impossible to keep playing.


10 points per lifetime want fulfilled
-2 points per psych visit
-5 points per heir that does not get their first lifetime want

And yes, that is 10 points per lifetime want - not just for the first one.
This is a for fun challenge. There are no prizes, but I started playing this last night and I've really been having fun, and so I thought I would share this.
#2 Old 19th Jul 2008 at 3:44 PM
Ooh, this looks like fun. I'll give this a try over the holidays- thanks for posting!
Lab Assistant
#3 Old 28th Nov 2009 at 1:28 AM Last edited by Phaenoh : 10th Feb 2014 at 4:56 PM.
Default Witch Legacy
Expansion packs necessary: Seasons, Apartment Life

Okay, so even before Apartment Life, I had this crazy fascination with witches and their legacies. This is an old one I wrote up about a year ago. Offer suggestions if you want. I haven't seen any other posts like this, but in case I'm just duplicating a past thread, please tell me.

You, a sorceress, has moved into the neighborhood. The date is 1713 -- the trials of Salem are still being remembered even now. You could risk your life going out of the confines of your home, so you must make your identity a secret. Your notable green/sparkling skin would cause havoc amongst your fellow townspeople. Thus, you stay inside, excelling in the magical arts until your people can escape the confines of your unforgivable abode.

Witches Galore
  1. Create a female sim from CAS. She can have any aspiration and personality that you wish she has. You might prefer it to be that she's a knowledge sim, however.
  2. Do whatever you can to make her a witch - a cheat, BFF'ing the witches, or just BoolProp the cheat bar to gain control of the head witch to make the sim part of the occult. All's good, whether you have the patience of a mule or none. (Before she's a witch, she's all fine and dandy making friends and going on community lots.)
  3. Gameplay. (Rules below.)

  1. No cheating besides the initial cheats.
  2. She can have children, but not marry, engage, or move in any men or women unless it is to move male children out (kind of sexist, eh?).
  3. Male children cannot move out with anyone except for their father (or half-brother's father), or in the absence of a father, a close friend of the founder may be acceptable.
  4. You cannot give her a job -- how could she keep up with her spells and children if she's being hassled down by a job?
  5. Depending on the original founder's alignment, the next heir must be opposite of that. (pretty self explanatory, but i.e., the mother is evil, the daughter must be infallibly good.)
  6. If by chance the mother dies before the heir reaches her teens, the game is over, unless you passed the magic to an older sibling who is currently residing in that household who could also pass her magic abilities onto the child.
  7. It is recommended that your household does some kind of farming or fishing, as in the 1700s, delivered groceries were not feasible. (you can, however, have a teenage non-heir go out and get your groceries in an appropriate-for-that-day-in-age farmers' market. She/he mustn't do anything else, unless they want to have a secret romance with one of the country bumpkins. :P)
  8. No maids, nannies, or any hired NPCs. I suppose a butler would be fine, if the family must be "that" extravagant.
  9. You cannot leave your lot. Going outside is perfectly acceptable, but anywhere besides for the current heir or founder is not. The heir-to-be is fine, as long as she has not become a witch.
  10. No pets. Your spectral cat is fine, but none adopted or created from CAS.
  11. Wishing well romances are alright, but how you'd get one besides cheating, I don't know.
  12. Matchmaker's services are alright only if she comes randomly. No buying potions.
  13. No home or commercial businesses.
  14. No cars. If you have apartment life, you can walk.
  15. No adopted heirs and no adoptions.
  16. Boys cannot stay at the house, unless God forbids your founder or heir to have girls, then I suppose, with that only exception, that you are allowed a warlock heir.
  17. Each heir is required a portrait to hang on the wall.
  18. By the seventh generation, the hatred of witches is forgotten and your founder's people are allowed to enjoy the world like any other.

+10 for founder
+10 for each child
+50 for each girl
+10 for every generation played
+100 for every seventh girl (the seventh child of that particular mother must be female. Not meaning you have like.. twenty kids and your sim finally gives birth to a seventh female.)
+250 for every seventh daughter of a seventh daughter.
+500 for each heir that dies platinum
+500 for each heir that achieves lifetime aspiration. (It's going to be pretty hard, because you can't have a job, no marriage, no pets, and you get my drift.)
+100 for each child that ages toddler to child with platinum. (same with child to teen and teen to adult, etc.)
+1000 for finishing the legacy.
+1000 for every heirs except the first one who is the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter.
+750 for each female that dies who is not part of the family or a friend of the family. Accidentally, of course. Don't want to end up like Olive Spector, eh?
+70 for each lover a heir has.
-10 for each pass out
-50 each bladder failure
-100 for figuring out that your fridge is empty
-250 for each family member which passes to the next life stage in desperation (or red).
-250 for every heir which dies before the heir-to-bee is adult. (the sim then has to end her studies and be fully devoted to her siblings.)
-500 for each family member which dies younger than adult.
-500 for each maxmotive used.
-1000 for each cheat used.
-293583829 for when the game is over because both heir and heir-to-be has died.

Good luck!

NOTE: You can flip-flop this around so it's warlock. (thus male-supremacy.)
It may help to create some buildings that fit this particular legacy's setting. I would download some, but the computer which has The Sims downloaded does not have internet.
Mad Poster
#4 Old 28th Nov 2009 at 10:07 PM
just a comment.. i was reading the rules, and i'd like to point out that i think walking was first introduced in bon voyage.. so if you have that expansion or any later ones you can walk to and from lots.

i also think apartment life should be required for this because it's witches.. how else are you going to make them?

i will be trying out this challenge. it'll be my first legacy but because it's with witches it looks like fun. i'm off to print out the rules right now.
#5 Old 29th Nov 2009 at 1:48 AM
I don't have BV, and my Sims can walk to lots.
Lab Assistant
#6 Old 29th Nov 2009 at 4:07 AM
I never bought BV, and I don't think I will, so I didn't mention it. The only EPs I don't have are BV, Freetime, and Uni, so maybe it was introduced in one of those?

And to Christmas Fear -- At the top it says which EPs are necessary (seasons & Apartment life). Actually, Seasons isn't really "that" necessary, but it sort of adds/lessens the challenge at the same time. (Adds to it, because you need to sustain your family on fish and crops, lessens it because you don't need to be walking/flying to different lots to buy your stuff at the farmers market.)

Anyhoo, I'm happy someone's trying out my challenge! It's my first one.
Mad Poster
#7 Old 4th Dec 2009 at 12:47 AM
sorry, i didn't see that you put game requirements until after i posted that. this also leaves me unsure about the walking to lots thing. i have all expansions so i'm not entirely sure. :P
Lab Assistant
#8 Old 4th Dec 2009 at 12:54 AM
Well, you can always get taxis I suppose, but having a car would kind of throw away the entire, "I'm a misanthrope, but I don't mind taking an evening drive downtown to just say hello to some fellow townspeople.." And then again, back in those days, you didn't really have access to much besides carriages if you were wealthy.

Another way to make them walk, if clicking on the controllable sim doesn't have a "walk to..." option, you can buy a walking sign (which is yellow and has an option to make it to "fly") that you can click so you can walk to other community lots if there's not another possible way. But anyways, once your other sims are witches (not your founder or her heirs) they can have an option to fly to a lot once you click on them when they're selectable.

Besides the point, you could always get Hexameter's stuff (it has a lot of game mods where you can own carriages with horses and the maids, buses, taxis, and whatnot were all carriages if walking isn't available.)

Pretty much just use your creativity.

The walking sign is in decorations and miscellaneous. I think it's in the 99-200 range?

Test Subject
#9 Old 15th May 2010 at 12:23 PM Last edited by Phaenoh : 7th Feb 2014 at 9:24 PM.
Default Vampire Legacy
Well, my first challenge didn't seem to be so great. So I'll make a second try.

First, create a family in CAS. Make a mother, a father and a toddler. One of the parents has to be a vampire, you choose. You are going to be playing most with the toddler, because that’s the half-vampire. Move them in on one of the smallest lots, you choose, and build a house. You are allowed to use motherlode ONCE, be carefull. Be one of the parents and click on the toddler useing boolProp. Choose “make vampire”. Now, you have your half-vampire. This toddler won’t age. It will get burned by sunlight and you’ll notice some other vampire-stuff about it. Let’s call it Maria in this example.

It’s now the fun beggins. Before you are allowed to use set to birthday and grow Maria up, you have to learn her to walk, talk and use the “toilet”. When you’re done with that, Maria can continue in her life. Grow her up.

As a child you will have to bye a chest for her. Now, before you can age her to teenager Maria has to have full grades. And at least two friends. She will get burned by the sun when she goes out to the buss, but she won’t die from it. (I hope, the fact is that it’s really up to you, if her motives are already bad, she might die.) When you’re done with that, age her.

Now as a teenager you will have to work hard. Because you have to max all of her skills, keep the great grades and the two friends. Then, it’s time to move to universety.

In one of the universetys student unions, on the roof, there are a little room without windows, big enough to place a chest. Use that. Now, you will have to finnish universety. You will also have to get Maria a boyfriend. (If you keep him after you’re done at universety or not is your choise.) When you’re done, move her back to her own town and get her a house.

Now, as an adult, Maria has to get herself a life partner. If you choose a human or a vampire is you’re choise but no other “monster”. The child you get will be Marias heir. Let’s call him Lester. You will have to wait until Lester grows up to a toddler, then, use make vampire on him. After that, you start all over again.

Goal for the easy version: Grow two more generations of half-vampiers to an adult state, useing the rules above.

Goal for the hard version: Grow five more generations of halfvampires to an adult state, using the rules above, and from the second generation, keep pets (Dogs or cats). The pets that your last generation have has to have a bloodline with your first pet.

Points(Not nessesary to count):
Maria/Lester/anyone else gets five friends as a child 1p
Maria/Lester/Anyone else goes to universety with at least one gold medal of something. 2p
Maria/Lester/Anyone else finnish universety with the best grades possible. 3p
New generation. 4p
New half-vampire reaches adult state. 5p
Lab Assistant
#10 Old 22nd Jul 2010 at 2:41 AM
I actually downloaded a night school hack that's available for children and teens...can I use that or are we only allowed to use daylight hour schools?
Test Subject
#11 Old 31st Jul 2010 at 8:52 PM Last edited by Phaenoh : 7th Feb 2014 at 9:19 PM.
Loading... The Men Only Family
Loading... The Men Only Family

Your founder's widowed father was recently abducted by aliens. Three hours later, the news runs a story about a crashed alien craft. Your founder quickly comes to terms with the fact that their father is dead. Now, your founder is obessed with aliens and their place in the universe. Your founder has sworn that they will have the chance to do what their father couldn't: carry alien spawn and raise them like his own.

The point of this challenge is to create a 4 generation family of only males. The main way to breed is of course, alien abtuction. This is a shorter, male only legacy.

----------- Notice
With the help of a simple mod, this challenge can be played with females as the main characters.
Base Game - Seasons:

Free Time, Bon Voyage - And Up:


No females may be married/moved in/born. If a child is born a girl, she must be moved out of the house when she turns into an adult. (Or sent to college as a teen)
Aspirations rewards are fair game for adults and teens only. Smartmilk is allowed to be made by teens only.
No automatic aubtiontion telescopes. But, you may cheat twice for an alien pregnacny.
No same sex pregnancies hacks/mods.
You may only adopt twice, both must be babies. You may not restart if you recieve a girl.

Starting out:

Create an adult male in CAS or Bodyshop. His aspiration must be Knowledge, but the rest is up to you. He will be your faimly founder, and as such move him into an empty lot 4 x 4.
When you first move in, you must have at least 1 bookcase and the expensive teliscope. From there, buy what you can afford.

You must get a job within the first week, and it must be in either the Medical, Science, or Criminal career tracks. If the right expansion packs are installed, you may also choose Education.

At least every other night, you must try to get abducted by the Aliens. The only execption is if you are pregant or if you are raising a baby or toddler. Once you have a baby, you can start trying again as soon as you wish. But, once that baby is a child, you must go back to the every other night rueteen.

Family Rules:

The heir must be male, and they must have the knowledge aspiration.
For the rest of the faimly, you must roll for their aspiration using this chart.
1 = Fortune
2 = Pleasure Seeker*
3 = Family
4 = Popularity
5 = Grilled Cheese**
6 = Romance
* Roll again if you don't have Nightlife.
** That sim must be a Fortune sim until you can turn them into a Grilled Cheese, and if you don't have Nightlife, roll again.

Restrictions/Other Rules:

If you've used your two cheated alien childeren, you may have another one at the cost of 5,000 simoleans.
Replacement PT's are allowed, providing that you only use male replacements.
Nannies and Maids are fair game. The Bulter isn't allowed, because he's to uppity to care for alien spawn.
Dating girls is allowed, but under no circumstances may you move in or marry them. Non-Heirs may move out and get married.
Vacations aren't allowed, tourists pee themselves when encountered by the rare alien spawn. *giggle*

Choose some of these to make the challenge more interesting. None of these are required. More are being added all the time, so keep checking in!

Girls rock my socks: 50 points
The founder and all heirs must have a love intrest and woowho with at least 2 female sims. If FreeTime is installed, all males sims in the family must have romance as their second aspiration.
-Each heir must have a turn on of makeup and a turn off of facial hair
-Your sim's lot must have at least one Love Tub accesable, and it must be replaced when the candles go out
-Each sim in the house must have a Love Potion in their inventory
-Each heir must have at least 6 points of Outgoing before adulthood


+15 for each male child born
+15 for teaching each toddler their skills (potty, walking, talking)
+10 for reaching the top of the founder's carreer
+10 for each platuim knowledge grave/urn on the lot
+10 for each child to get into private school
+10 for each first time A+ the childeren recieve
+5 for each child with sim skin

-30 for each female child born
- 25 for having to cheat for every child
- 15 for every toddler that goes uneaducated (not learning potty, walking, talking)
-10 for each failing child/teen
-10 for each private school rejection
-10 for each founder/heir not dieing of old age
-5 for each completely alien child (green skin, black eyes, and black hair)

Bonus Points:

+20 for each death by satalite
+10 for combiening an alien child with another supernatural creature (vampire, plantsim, werewovle, worlock, etc.)
+10 for never having to cheat for alien spawn
+5 for becoming best friends with any other supernatural creature
+5 for reaching the point where the childeren can't carry alien spawn (Too closely related to the PT)
+5 for the final generation all having green skin or black eyes

Have fun, and please don't hesitate to ask any questions!

"I'm not playing with my wockets, I'm playing pony adventuwes with my pwincess dollies!" - Suesy, from The Benedict Legacy
#12 Old 1st Aug 2010 at 4:36 AM
Wow, I really like this challenge!
I'm going to try it so I can get some Aliens in some of my Alien-less neighbourhoods

One question though, how many seconds should you try the telescope before retrying? I haven't been abducted yet, so :P

Also, what do you mean by cheesecake? Does eating cheesecake increase the chance of twins? (AWESOME if that's true!). Because I'm still new to used mods/hacks, so I don't know if I'll be able to figure it out.

And why -5 points for each completely alien child?

Also, what is a PT and how do you get a Grilled Cheese aspiration?
#13 Old 1st Aug 2010 at 10:52 AM
You have to use the telescope at night, usually all night, in order to get abducted. There are a few mods that will adjust the odds of getting abducted, if you want to search for those.

Cheesecake comes with with OFB. If your sim eats it before doing a "try for baby" interaction, it will enable you to have twins. There are also several different mods/hacks/cheat codes that will allow this.

PT stands for Pollination Technician ... that is the alien supplied by the game that impregnates your sims when they get abducted.

The grilled cheese aspiration comes with Nightlife. You can set it by using the ReNuYuSenso Orb when your sim is in green or red aspriation.
Mad Poster
#14 Old 1st Aug 2010 at 12:14 PM
Originally Posted by katalina522
Cheesecake comes with with OFB. If your sim eats it before doing a "try for baby" interaction, it will enable you to have twins. There are also several different mods/hacks/cheat codes that will allow this.

Doesn't the sim have to eat it when pregnant, not before trying for a baby? That's how I've always used it....
Test Subject
#15 Old 1st Aug 2010 at 5:13 PM
If you have such a hack, feel free to use it. =D
#16 Old 1st Aug 2010 at 8:58 PM
Thanks katalina and lauratje

From what I'm hearing, it's during pregnancy, but I'll try both

I find it ironic that after I asked about the cheesecake, I got my first twins (both boys, +30 for me!) without trying the cheesecake yet :P
#17 Old 2nd Aug 2010 at 12:13 AM
Originally Posted by lauratje86
Doesn't the sim have to eat it when pregnant, not before trying for a baby? That's how I've always used it....

it's possible... I don't have OFB, I'm just going on the few times I've played around with it at other people's houses.
#18 Old 2nd Aug 2010 at 6:27 AM
It's during, I've only eaten it during pregancy and I've had twins each time
Field Researcher
#19 Old 2nd Aug 2010 at 2:03 PM
Sounds epic! Gonna have to try this :D

By the way... Can an elder male get preggers with the telescope, or is that for adults only?

Hi, I'm Camilla, and I'm a Sims 2 addict!
#20 Old 2nd Aug 2010 at 8:26 PM
Originally Posted by LilGeek
By the way... Can an elder male get preggers with the telescope, or is that for adults only?

Adults only. Elders cannot get pregnant/give birth whether they're male or female.

No need to use my full name, "Selly" will do just fine.

My MTS Yearbook 2014 page
Field Researcher
#21 Old 2nd Aug 2010 at 9:27 PM
Originally Posted by Selly_2009
Adults only. Elders cannot get pregnant/give birth whether they're male or female.

Ah, thanks! Kinda thought it would be like that... But with Sims, you never know

Hi, I'm Camilla, and I'm a Sims 2 addict!
Test Subject
#22 Old 4th Aug 2010 at 8:35 PM
Wow, thanks to everyone who answered the multiple questions!

"I'm not playing with my wockets, I'm playing pony adventuwes with my pwincess dollies!" - Suesy, from The Benedict Legacy
Field Researcher
#23 Old 5th Aug 2010 at 8:33 AM
I'm on my 3rd generation now

One alien-abduction pregnancy and one adoption ^_^ Have had luck with both, and got boys at first try with both! :D

Having a good time here!

Hi, I'm Camilla, and I'm a Sims 2 addict!
Field Researcher
#24 Old 9th Aug 2010 at 11:58 AM
Okay.. Working on getting 4th Generation going.. My question is:

When does the challenge end?

Hi, I'm Camilla, and I'm a Sims 2 addict!
Test Subject
#25 Old 9th Aug 2010 at 4:36 PM
When the entire fourth generation dies. (Be it of old age or anything)

"I'm not playing with my wockets, I'm playing pony adventuwes with my pwincess dollies!" - Suesy, from The Benedict Legacy
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