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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 1:50 PM
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#26 Old 19th Jun 2013 at 4:09 AM
I am currently playing a Build-A-City-Challenge, and basically, I keep two applications open at the same time. One is the Excel workbook created by Nepheris to document the statistics of the game, and the other is the actual game. During gameplay, I make little notes in my BACC workbook, so that I can review my Sim's stats outside the game more easily and quickly, instead of inserting the CD and loading up the game just to see the stats. I'm really bad with names, so the Excel workbook sort of helps me remember names of my Sims, when I want to share their stories online.
#27 Old 19th Jun 2013 at 4:25 AM
I can't run in windowed mode because switching back and forth to other programs tends to crash my game (in fact, it's the only thing that crashes it; I know not to play on Friday afternoon because that's when an anti-virus thing does a scan I haven't figured out how to reschedule, and it always causes a crash if I'm playing then!), and I never got to liking Excel, though I know how to use it. I use a notebook (a large, half-used school one flipped so I'm starting from the back!) to keep track of who I've played for rotation purposes, because while I play hoods in the same order each time, I switch around the order of occupants a bit so I'm not being totally controlled by the rotation by being made to play households I'm not into right away. I write the family name and the names (including surnames if different from the household name) of all occupants (including pets) when I start playing, then add a check mark when I finish them for the rotation, so I can tell if I didn't get to finish my session with them. Any move-outs (and destination for those), births, deaths, imprisonments, or asylum commitments are noted by the names -- it usually takes about two or three lines. Since the notebook's upside-down and backwards, there's a large space below the lined part, which tends to be used for any relevant notes of crimes, punishments, court dates, and prison sentences; I have a thing about consequences for at least some anti-social Sim behaviour! The notebook's very useful, since I can keep it with my disks and write things up while playing.

Other than that, I use my memory (I have the file-cabinet, trivia-keeping kind), and take a lot of pictures (with the in-game camera, which is just fine for quality in my opinion) of anything that interests or amuses me. And, of course, I post in the "What's happening in your game right now?" thread, which I suppose will be a record for as long as MTS exists...that may not be a good thing, actually! The better pictures also get posted, but there's a lot that really aren't worth sharing.

Things I tweaked for my own game, in case anyone else can use them:
Maxis blue police uniform with black mourning band on badge. (Thank you Fanseelamb for the base DR!)
Invisible shrouded corpse! Only a recolour; requires the Death Shroud from the Price of Victory set by Hriveresse at PBK!
Field Researcher
#28 Old 19th Jun 2013 at 5:49 AM
I'm a HUGE fan of the website Family Echo. It's technically for your actual family tree but it fits SO perfectly with the Sims. You can add almost any info about them and it's very easy and straightforward. I use it to keep track of my legacies and what not.

Check it out! http://www.familyecho.com/#edit:START
#29 Old 19th Jun 2013 at 6:48 AM
Originally Posted by Mootilda
I use my mind. If I can't remember, then I might check things using SimPE.

Same here!! Except for the SimPE thing.
I do, however, keep track of certain things in OneNote since I have Windows 8 and it's so handy dandy. That includes bugs that I want to fix, NPCs I wanna make-over, how many Sims take each age of townies (I like to take an equal amount of townies so that they're not all adult, or child, etc if that makes any sense) and some other minor tallying information. Otherwise I memorize everything about my Sims like they're a real person, or if it's my Castaway neighborhood, for example, I just don't care enough to memorize or write stuff down and just play to play lol.
Field Researcher
#30 Old 19th Jun 2013 at 6:53 PM Last edited by Port_A_Build : 20th Jun 2013 at 8:30 PM.
I put every piece of info into the Sim Tracker.

Edit: The Sim Tracker's being problematic, so it's back to a spreadsheet.

Originally Posted by FenrirWolf
It refuses to run on those IOS's because the earlier versions of cIOScorp scooped out your Wii's innards and turned them into delicious Scrambled IOS Breakfastâ„¢, which confused the crap out of their installer and gave TT all sorts of bizarre errors to scratch their heads over.
#31 Old 19th Jun 2013 at 7:07 PM
Originally Posted by RebaLynnTS
All of this information is easy to keep track of, including pictures, in the Sim Tracker (Shameless Plug). The New version will be even better. I am still working on getting it to load information directly from the game files.

That would be incredibly awesome. I do like the Sim Tracker and appreciate all the work you put into it. The one thing that's making me not use it as much as I'd like is that I have such a huge backlog of Sims to put in, which is daunting in itself, but my hand also starts to hurt from using the mouse to put so much info in.
Lab Assistant
#32 Old 20th Jun 2013 at 9:52 PM
I have several places where I keep track of stuff.
- A notebook with my register of Sims, which lists their names, birthdates and custom traits that I've rolled for them.
- Family rotation list which also keeps track of which Sim year I'm in (currently the year 107).
- Family tree app for families with more than one generation.
- Banking sheet which keeps track of how much money each individual Sim has. Couples and families with children share bank accounts, but if I have roomies I prefer to keep their funds separate.
- Disease list. I have the real sickness mod which doesn't usually cause much trouble, but easily kills off children and pregnant Sims, so I check the disease list to make sure they aren't inviting over any infected friends!
Lab Assistant
#33 Old 21st Jun 2013 at 2:29 AM
I write my families' biographies Wikipedia-style on Google Drive.
#34 Old 21st Jun 2013 at 12:17 PM
I have a somewhat complex tracking system.

- Visual cues in neighbourhood: rotation play order
- SimBlender name change function: social level of Sims, membership of certain groups, certain special states (such as mind control)
- In-game story: scores in challenges, long versions of family storyline
- Word Processing Document (OpenOffice): neighbourhood storyline
- Word Processing Document (WordPad): status of certain group members, prison sentence status, university graduates, occult powers
- Spreadsheet (OpenOffice): rules for social groups, colour scheme for high-status/formerly-high-status families, BACC subhood status, Sims asking/required to become servants, households requesting servants, names in use in the neighbourhood, miscellaneous numerical items
- Loose paper sheets: Manual neighbourhood repopulation list
- Small booklet: BACC population counter

I use my head to keep track of relationships and family trees, which is something certain Sims seem to like testing to the limit.
#35 Old 21st Jun 2013 at 4:33 PM
Originally Posted by raiscake
I write my families' biographies Wikipedia-style on Google Drive.

What's wikipedia style? Just paragraphs, or do you put in those little sections and whatnot? I'm interested, lol.

I might one day finish my Zanes Hollow project, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Until then, you can see what I'm up to on my Simblr!
Test Subject
#36 Old 22nd Jun 2013 at 12:50 AM
I don't keep track of my sims =P but maybe I should never thought of keeping track
Site Helper
#37 Old 22nd Jun 2013 at 7:05 PM
Originally Posted by Brandi19
I don't keep track of my sims =P but maybe I should
It depends. If you enjoy keeping track of your sims, then you should start. However, if you prefer playing the game to keeping track, then why bother?

I don't enjoy working with notebooks, or spreadsheets, or post-it notes, or trackers, or wikis, or ..., so I don't. I just want to play the game.
Mad Poster
#38 Old 22nd Jun 2013 at 9:50 PM
Tracking and recording details sometimes helps with gameplay-for instance, the Sims 2 DB has the feature where you can list all the potential mates for any sim, depending on many variables. That's one useful option.

Or if one wants to get right into the genealogy of the particular family, that's an excellent reason for keeping tabs on them.

Me, I just like to be a record keeper.
Lab Assistant
#39 Old 23rd Jun 2013 at 2:39 AM
I just use paper to list each households last name and its members, as they move off to college and they get their own household when they graduate they are removed from their families listing. I have tons of these papers lying around and funny thing is I stuck some in a magazine I was reading for a placeholder and gave the magazine to my sister, she was utterly confused when she found this list of names. LOL Needless to say when she figured out what it was (after I told her) she had a good laugh (of course making fun of my Simming) So now these lists are kept quite hidden LOL
Field Researcher
#40 Old 23rd Jun 2013 at 10:07 PM
Originally Posted by Port_A_Build
I put every piece of info into the Sim Tracker.

Edit: The Sim Tracker's being problematic, so it's back to a spreadsheet.

Since my computer crashed and I lost all of my work on the original Sim Tracker, I decided to start over and build a better one. There is an import feature that let's you transfer from the old ST to the new one with just a few clicks.

I am working closely with the beta testers to make sure this version is not only less problematic, but also better for smaller screen sizes.

I also plan to make to code available for anyone that wants to improve on my work.

It's your life, live it your way!
Want to see what else I make, go to www.rlm-soft.com and check it out.
Find out what's happening with Sim Tracker
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#41 Old 24th Jun 2013 at 7:08 AM
I keep track of my sims, my neighborhoods' total assets, total number of families, total number of houses, percentage of sims that I created from CAS, percentage of sims that were created by maxis, percentage of sims that were created from woohooing, total number of robot, total number of cats and dogs, percentage of sims that are witches and warlock, total cash, total number of quality sims, total number of masterpiece paintings sold, total number of novels that sold for more than 3000 simoleons, total number of dream dates my sims have, and etc, all these information are kept on excel spreadsheets. Oh yes, I play my game and keep track of everything in every neighborhood I am developing. I put these data on a graph too. As of today, I have exactly 438 sims, and I remember everybody's name by heart, what do they look like, which neighborhood each one lives in, what hairstyle each of them has, what clothes they have, which house belongs to which sims, what type of furnishing they have, every single details, you name it. This is how I play my game. I love excel spreadsheets, can't play the game without my spreadsheets. Sorry about my English.
#42 Old 24th Jun 2013 at 7:28 AM
I have a notebook where I jot down significant stuff as it happens-- births, deaths, marriages, etc. I also keep an online family tree that gets updated with said major events (and with a new picture when Sims age up or ger a makeover).
Lab Assistant
#43 Old 24th Jun 2013 at 9:32 AM
Originally Posted by plyplay665
What's wikipedia style? Just paragraphs, or do you put in those little sections and whatnot? I'm interested, lol.

Late reply, sorry!

Yeah, I do the little sections (Appearance, personal life, relationships, etc) and have a few pictures on the side. It helps because I have really elaborate stories for some of them. I designed one of my sub-hoods as a constitutional monarchy so their histories run deep. It helps me keep track of everyone.
Test Subject
#44 Old 1st Jul 2013 at 10:13 AM
I don't really keep track of my sims. I did once have a little note page on my ipad of the majors they would go into to best fit their LTW if it was career based but I stopped after a few sims.
I do however have a family tree in Family Echo and a spreadsheet stuck on my wall of the number of children each sims will have and a choice of male and female names for the new arrivals. I've just started making the one for my next generation by recycling the unused names from generation 6.
The Great AntiJen
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#45 Old 1st Jul 2013 at 10:54 AM
Hey Reba - THAT sounds interesting. <nods>

Polgannon: Who Murdered Blaise Penhaligan?
(3rd ed. neighbourhood now available with corrections). Poll: http://strawpoll.me/6689876

Polls: length of neighbourhood play: http://www.strawpoll.me/10908815 & http://www.strawpoll.me/10908842

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