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Creator Theme: Space! - posted on 8th Jul 2018 at 6:02 PM
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#1 Old 26th Oct 2014 at 11:49 AM
Default The Werewolf Clan Challenge
Ever since I started the Vampire Coven challenge, I had an idea for a similar one, but with werewolves

It's it. The Alpha dies, and his last words were for you, his oldest son, to make him proud. How will I do it?, you think. You have to trust your family to help you, keep your clan allies, fight against enemies... You are in charge of it all now, and you can also change it.

What will you need:

-Supernatural EP
Yes, that's all actually.

First of all

- create a young adult men. Needless to say it needs to be a werewolf. He needs to have the lifetime wish 'Leader of the Pack'
- since he is the oldest son, you need to create a brother or a sister. He/she can be a teen if you want, but he cannot be a kid or a baby.
-you can add another family members, or you can move people inside. BUT, if you choose to do so, there will be rules: they can only be mates of your werewolves. And the mate's family. But if you choose to do bring the mate's family, they will be considered "omega" (which you'll know what it is when you reach the ranks part)
-go to a lot. Keep in mind that you'll have to reproduce. So, try to choose one that isn't to small. If you choose to make one, you are allowed to use motherlode.
-after preparing the house you'll be using, you need to put the money down to 1000 (or up, depends). This applies to everyone, motherlode or not.
-make everyone on your family meet, at least, two vampires and two fairies. Then, use testingcheatsenbled true and put the relationship level with the vampires down the -100, and the one with the fairies up to, at least, 60. You cannot pass the 80, thought. This will be one of the only times you are allowed to use it.

(in case you haven't understand the last one.... press ctrl+shift+c, text testingcheatsenbled true, go to your sims relationships, and, at the same time you press shift, click on the bar and edit the relation level.)


Vampires, of course, are enemies. Every time you see one walking around, you need to argue with it (or fight, you choose). If you don't know him, make a rude presentation and then use the testingcheatsenabled true and turn your relationship down to -100.
The Werewolves and Fairies share a story of alliance. Fairies are a neutral race, so they are allies whit both werewolves, vampires, witches, etc. Your sim, as alpha, needs to speak with one at least once a week, or the alliance will start decreasing. If you spend, in total, more than 3 weeks without talking to one, the alliance is broken. Unlike the vampires, if you meet one that wasn't one of the first two you met, you cannot change the relationship level.
Witches are seen, by every race, as fearsome creatures, since they can do magic. Your clan never made an alliance or had issues with them, so you are free to do whatever you want, except date.
Ghosts are rare, and every time one is seen, must be treated with courtesy.
If the love of your sim's life is a human, and you want to make him/her your sim's mate, you need to mark him as yours. To do that, you need to make out.
That mate may not, however, become engaged or have sex with your sim unless he or she is turned into a werewolf.
If your mate is another werewolf, you only need to mark him. How? Making out.
Romeo and Juliet relationships are allowed. And, in that case, you don't need to turn them. Only mark them.
However, if they are found, they will need to be or killed, or expelled for ever.
Mates are mates. Once you have one, no turning back.
You may not let humans see your werewolf form. It's considered a sin.
You cannot leave home on the day of full moon nor the day after, unless you go to a forest with your family t train, howl, and all kinds of werewolf related activities.
In full moon, you may train your howl. But not before that, it's impure and may be considered an act of exhibition.
Females may not leave home or eat raw meat if they are pregnant.
Every baby needs to learn the three basic things, since they are the future of your clan.
You cannot use money cheats!
Your money can come from part time jobs, selling arts, growing vegetables, writing, etc...
You cannot have a full time job, people could suspect.


Alpha: Always the eldest son of the previous alpha. It needs to be a man, for safety questions. They are the ones who protect the others, and have the power to change and make rules.Needs to learn how to howl, needs to master the physical skill and the charisma one.
Beta: Second in command. May be female of male, and may be no more than two. They help around when the alpha isn't around, and, if he (the alpha) dies and as a very young son, or doesn't have one, they take the command. Need to learn how to howl, have the logical skill and the physical one.
Mu: May be female or male. Keeps the peace and makes sure that no fights happen inside the clan. Need to learn the artistic and logical skills.
Family: Mates, kids, and everything in between. Need to, at least, know how to howl.
Omega: They are the lowest. Usually they are members of the family of one of the werewolves mates. They may or may not be human. They only eat when they are starving, and keep everything in order. They may even leave the house completely.

Changing alliances
You are the new alpha. To make new allies, you need to have a relationships of best friends with, at least, three persons of that race. Vampires need to be worked slowly, and may take even months to befriend with! And also, this may cause a revolution inside the family.
Make enemies, is the opposite. Have hatred relationships with three persons of that race, and that's it! Revolution is always followed! ALWAYS. You choose if you have a fight, kill them, make them unnoticed for a while, get their rank down, or make them move.
Neutral races are simple: Don't interact with them at all.


You can sleep at allies homes, eat their food, make plans to screw the life of your enemies.
However, if you cross the limits and only use them as a source of food or army, you must get your relationship level down to 40.

Change the ranking:
You can change the rank of your sims! It's simple:
If you want for another person to be alpha, you need a revolution. The alpha needs to have less than 10 percent of relationship with three werewolves. The one that is more "loved" or "liked" will take the place.
Omegas don't go up on their rankings, sorry.
Mus are the ones who have a charisma skill over 8.
Betas need to have a great relationship with the leader, and have a charisma and logical skill over 8. They also need to know how to howl.

How do you lose?
If the Alpha doesn't let any son nor haves a beta! Or if you loose all alliances and enemies (which means: get neutral with everyone)-
I don't like point systems, but if you want one, hew it is:

+20 points if the baby learns the three basic skills
-20 if they don't
+50 if the Alpha leaves a heir
-30 if he doesn't
-50 if he doesn't and the is no Beta to take the place
+80 every time a werewolf reaches his/her life time wish
-20 for every human who dies in your house
-30 for every supernatural who dies in your house
+30 if you turn a human mate into a werewolf
-20 if you don't and marry/have sex with him/her
-50 if the "Romeo and Juliet" relationship is found
-50 if a human caught you while you were on your werewolf form
-5 if you howl when it isn't full moon
-5 if a women leaves home during pregrancy
Test Subject
#2 Old 4th Sep 2017 at 4:34 PM
I already have a pretty big werewolf pack. But I thought that maybe I could blend your rules into it. It was a mixture of Runaway Teen and some kind of werewolf challenge I was just making up as I went along. I am going to change a couple of the rules for my gameplay. Like, the heir or Alpha has to be a boy. I like playing Matriarchal societies, so, I won't be doing that. My heir and Alpha were both going to be female. XD OH YEAH! There is that mod that allows you to have self-employed careers that are different from the ones in Ambitions. (since I don't have that expansion pack) So, if you get that Collector is a career and it is really easy for werewolves to keep because they can just hunt in their werewolf form. XD I totally recommend it. I will post pictures soon hopefully. I love this idea though and I was looking for something like Vampire Coven for Werewolves. Sadly, they just aren't very popular...
Test Subject
#3 Old 16th Sep 2017 at 6:12 AM
This is a great challenge to do- will commence it pronto!
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