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Default Hued Moll's Prison Zombie Apocalypse Challenge
Hued Moll's Prison Zombie Apocalypse Challenge for The Sims 3

Create a warden who wants to unleash a zombie apocalypse using kidnapped prisoners as slave labor!
This challenge uses the “Zombie Master” Lifetime Wish from the Supernatural Expansion pack and the Alchemy research and potion prep station, Aliester’s Alchemy Station. Also helps if you have Ambitions (just for creating a prison laundry).

The Challenge
Befriend and imprison (at least) 7 towns folk. Get your relationship high enough to invite a sim to move in. Once they move in, the sim is a new prisoner.
Once you have 7 prisoners, assign a prisoner to learning the alchemy skill in the locked alchemy lab.
Once that prisoner is skilled enough to make potent zombification potions, you must grow and gather the ingredients to make ten potions. The trick is that prisoners may get released (see Getting Released from Prison below), and you can only have someone working on the alchemy skill when the prison is full, with 7 inmates.
You can’t have the alchemist turn the warden into a witch so that he can use reanimation spells. The warden must achieve his lifetime wish using potions made by an inmate (or inmates).
Have your warden turn ten random town sims to zombies using the potion to complete his or her life wish. You have begun the apocalypse!!

Build a prison. The prison should have:
• An intake room. A room with a mirror and dresser. Where prisoners are first taken to change into their uniforms.
• 4 individual intake cells. Cells for prisoners to live in for the first 3 days. These cells must have sinks, beds, toilets, and a table and chair. No showers, no kitchen items like mini fridges. Each cell must have a door that locks. Each cell should have a wall-mounted speaker.
• A General Population (GenPop) cell block that can house up to 7 inmates. This cell block may have bunk beds, or individual cells. There should be a shower and toilet area (can be separate or in the cells). In each room with a bed, place a wall-mounted speaker.
• A rec room with skill-building objects. Use any skill building objects you like.
• A yard with exercise equipment.
• A kitchen with a lockable door. The kitchen should only be accessible to the warden and the inmate designated as the cook. A counter can be set up for meals to be accessible from the dining room.
• A dining room for all inmates.
• A living area for the warden. Only accessible to the warden and the inmates assigned to janitor and electrician jobs.
• A locked alchemy lab with Aliester’s Alchemy Station. Accessible only to the inmate assigned to the alchemy job.
• A guard room, inaccessible to inmates, with a stereo (expensive enough that the wall-mounted speakers will broadcast whatever it plays).
• A laundry room (requires Ambitions expansion)
• A library
• A computer room
• Optional: A chapel or lectern
• Optional: Solitary cells with nothing but a sleeping bag.
• Optional: Visitors’ area.
Build a warden, any gender, any traits. Give your warden the lifetime wish “Zombie Master.”

A Prisoner’s Life
Once a new sim has accepted the warden’s invitation to move in, send the new prisoner to intake, change his or her outfits to your prison uniform.
The new prisoner will spend their first 3 days in prison in an intake cell and never leave it. The warden or prison cook must cook for the intake prisoners, and you as a player will place the food in each cell.
Once the 3-day intake period is over, move the inmate into the GenPop cell block and assign them a job.
There are 7 jobs to be assigned (in this order) as prisoners leave the intake cells:
1. Cook. Responsible for cooking two group meals a day—one at 5:30 am, one at 6pm, to feed intake and solitary prisoners, the warden and the inmates in GenPop. This is the only prisoner who can access the kitchen. Will also clean the kitchen.
2. Janitor. In charge of cleaning all dirty surfaces in warden’s living quarters and GenPop/dining/rec areas. (Making beds, cleaning toilets sinks and showers, etc.). This task is done as needed starting after breakfast.
3. Laundry. Responsible for doing two loads of laundry a day.
4. Gardener. Responsible for skilling up in gardening and growing supplies for zombification potions. Must tend garden of at least eight plants once a day.
5. Electrician. Responsible for repairing all broken items on lot as needed. The janitor does this job in addition to cleaning until this role is assigned.
6. Librarian. Cushy job. Just read at least once a day. Good job for favored inmate who needs to skill up for release.
7. Alchemist. Learn alchemy to make potent zombification potion (note- must be 7 inmates to have someone working this job. If an inmate is released, you must stop work as an alchemist until the next kidnapped prisoner is out of intake and assigned a job). The inmate should use Aliester’s Alchemy Station to discover the potion and gain the skill to make it. The gardener and warden will supply the needed ingredients. (Mandrake Root, Glow Orbs- gardener, rhinoceros beetle – warden).
Wake the prisoner’s daily at 5:30am and send them each to their job tasks. Or make your own daily schedule.
Lights out is at 10pm. Prisoners in GenPop should all be sent to bed at this time.

Sentences and Getting Released from Prison
A prisoner will receive 1 of 3 sentences during intake. “Misdemeanor”, “Felony” or “Life Sentence.”
A sim sentenced to a “Misdemeanor” if they have no “Criminal” or “Lifer” traits (see below). During intake, you will select a skill that the prisoner currently has no (or few) skill points in but that can be maxed in prison. This is their ‘release trait.’ Once a prison sentenced for a Misdemeanor maxes his or her release trait, the prisoner is immediately released from prison.
You cannot use skills built up by doing prison job work as ‘release traits.’ So Cooking, Handiness, Gardening, Alchemy, cannot be release traits.
A sim is sentenced to a “Felony” if they possess a bad or negative trait that the warden considers criminal. You can make up your own list of criminal traits. Or use the list below:
Criminal Traits:
• Absent-Minded
• Brooding
• Can’t Stand Art
• Clumsy
• Commitment Issues
• Coward
• Grumpy
• Hot Headed
• Inappropriate
• Kleptomaniac
• Loser
• Mean Spirited
• Mooch
• No Sense of Humor
• Rebellious
• Unlucky
A sim with a criminal trait must max a release skill, just like the misdemeanor sims, and additionally they must accumulate 20,000 lifetime rewards points, buy the midlife crisis reward and remove their criminal traits before they are released.
A sim is sentenced to “Life” if they possess one of the following traits:
• Evil
• Insane
Lifer sims are not eligible for release. Ever. They don’t need to work on any trait other than the warden’s evil plan, so they make great alchemists!
Once a prisoner is released, the warden can’t imprison the same sim again. The warden can, however, turn a released or currently incarcerated prisoner into a zombie.

Rules for Play
 Use unlimited funds to build your prison, then give the warden a starting budget of $2500. Your warden must get a job as a police officer. If he or she gets fired, they must reapply and get hired again. Her or she may supplement income as a writer or painter or blogger—any job that can be done on the lot. And all funds earned by prisoners are kept by the prison. Do not buy unbreakable or self-cleaning items during set up. The prison electrician must upgrade items to get those advantages.
 The warden must serve as cook and janitor until inmates arrive to fill those positions. This will make keeping a job challenging—but that’s why they call it a challenge!
 Jobs can only be assigned or reassigned when an inmate comes out of intake or solitary. You can freely reassign all jobs when this happens, not just unassigned jobs. It is a good idea to give lifers and criminals alchemy and gardening positions, because they are less likely to be released.
 If you are playing with solitary confinement cells, solitary lasts for 24 hours and is given as a punishment to a sim who has a negative exchange with the warden or is annoyingly glitchy.
 You can only accept opportunities and wishes for a prisoner if it is possible to complete them while in prison, never leaving the prison lot. You can’t pass on any opportunities or wishes if it is possible for the sims to complete them.
 The warden can accept any wishes or opportunities he or she would like and you can skill or grant wishes to the warden as much as you like. It would be a very good idea for the warden to work for the collection helper to aid in finding rhinoceros beetles, but there are no other goals for the warden in terms of skilling or lifetime rewards.
 For each inmate you can set them to one skill building activity and one wish fulfillment activity per day. But no more. Unless you are playing the optional Sunday chapel rule (see below). The inmate should be on target or caught up with their job assignment before skilling or wish fulfilling. If the sims voluntarily walks away from a skill you have set them learning, they lose the opportunity. You must stop them for meals, chores related to jobs and lights out.
 If you imprison someone who is a single parent with a minor child or children, the child/ren can be moved into the prison, but must immediately be sent to the social worker or moved out into a random home. Same with pets if you have the pets expansion. If you don’t have room to move the child/ren into the prison you can’t imprison the single parent. They have to go free.
 If two inmates have a child while incarcerated, the child must be placed for adoption as an infant. If the warden has a child with an inmate, you can raise the child in the prison, but you will not have space for an alchemist until the child is a young adult and moves out of the prison—or accepts the zombie master lifetime wish and takes over for the original warden (who would then move out).

Some Optional Rules:
Sunday Chapel: For variety, give the inmates a formal uniform that they must wear all day Sunday. Have a chapel, or lectern, somewhere on the prison. The warden should give a lecture. Bring all the prisoners to the room where the warden is lecturing. If a prisoner listens to the warden’s Sunday Sermon (the activity they are performing will change to ‘listen to lecture’) then they are free from all chores for the rest of the day. And you can assign them to as many skill building or wish fulfilling tasks as they can manage before lights out at 10pm. If the inmate does not listen to the warden’s Sunday Sermon and just walks away, they do their chores as usual and have no extra skill or wish fulfilling opportunities.
Visitor’s Day: Make Saturday visitor’s day and let all the inmates invite friend or relatives to the prison. The warden can scope out the visiting family as ‘potential accomplices’ and maybe invite some to stay! Permanently.
Work Gang Trips: Buy the prison a vehicle in the initial setup. On one day a week, take all prisoners to a community garden to work on harvesting plants. Or a community fishing hole to capture two fish each. Or to a cemetery to mourn all remains and tour the catacombs. Or on a long jog. You can award prizes for good performers. Beware escape attempts!
Prison WooHoo: Try to get the warden to sleep with all inmates. Or try to get all inmates to sleep with each other. Or trade woo hoos between prisoners for help with job tasks or trading skilling / wish opportunities.
Bounty Hunter: Randomly place sims you have prebuilt into the world, modeled after celebrities, fictional characters, or whatever. Your warden must hunt down these specific sims for imprisonment. Don’t go into edit town and find them, hunt randomly around town and meet them by chance.
Zombie Apocalypse Rehearsal Parties: Every full moon have the warden throw a party and turn a guest into a temporary zombie with a regular zombification potion (not the potent one). This potion can be purchased from the alchemy store. Try to get the zombie you have made to infect all other party-goers and all current inmates.
Ninja Alchemist: Must have World Adventures expansion pack. Create your alchemy lab with no door. No way in at all. Place martial arts training dummies, blocks and books in the prison (will require your warden to travel to China, or you to use the buydebug cheat in setup). The prisoner assigned the role of alchemist, must learn martial arts well enough to “Zenport’ in and out of the alchemy lab for skill building and potion making. You can add a kitchen and bed to the alchemy lab to make the lab your alchemist’s new cell to make this easier—or don’t add these, and require the alchemist to still make meals and lights out or go to solitary using zenport.

• 100 points for every townsperson the warden turns into a zombie with a potent zombification potion made by an inmate.
• 25 points for every “Life” sentence prisoner admitted to the prison.
• 15 points for every “Felony” sentence prisoner admitted to the prison.
• 10 points for every “Misdemeanor” prisoner admitted to the prison.
• 10 points for every “Misdemeanor” prisoner released from prison.
• 20 points for every “Felony” prisoner released from prison.

Optional Scoring:
• 50 points for Ninja Alchemist gaining access to locked alchemy lab using ZenPort.
• 50 points for a Zombie Apocalypse Rehearsal Party where everyone on the lot except the Warden is a temporary zombie. (-50 points if your warden is made a temporary zombie).
• 10 points per prison woohoo

Forms to Use While Playing:

Intake Form (fill out for each inmate):
Inmate Name:
Sentence: Misdemeanor, Criminal or Lifer?
Release Trait (maxed for release for M or C):
Entry Date and Time:
Date/Time Released from Intake to GenPop (3 days after entry):
Trips to Solitary:
In time/date:
Out time/date:
Release Date:

Jobs Roster:

Special Thanks:
The Sim Supply’s Prison Challenge for Sims 4 on youtube:
SpicyCabbage’s Prison Challenge on Mod the Sims:
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