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Default The Pregnancy Challenge
Hey I just had a eureka moment a few days ago and made up a challenge, sorry if this is similar to some other challenge. So i have been playing this challenge in game and it's been working pretty well. Also i'm sorry if i sound kinda stupid this is my first challenge
Also your probably want some Nraas mods to overstuff your house. Master Controller, Portrait Panel, and the Woohooer Mod (sorry don't know how to put in links, but you can just google it)

Backstory: The world has come to a time where sims have suffered from various diseases causing millions to dye. After 1 year from the strikes the government has come up with a conclusion, we need to repopulate. The government has developed a system, a drafting system where the government will draft in women across the world and bring to a breeding facility where they will be scientifically modified to have a fertility treatment and have children. The government's men will be used for breeding with the women and also scientifically modified for a fertility treatment.Soon after many breeding facilities earth will repopulated within no time.

You can make as many female sims you want all young adults, i made 2
Your gonna want to have one male for each female sim, also all young adults, or really you can mix it up i don't really care
The male sims should want to be in a government facilitated field (Police,Politics,Military etc)
The women can have whatever traits or LW but i gave my sims artist and logical traits like Artist, Logic, Handiness

The house can look however you want but i for one made it look very industrial with gray colors and what not
Give each male sims separate rooms (i also locked the doors so only the sim who owns the room can come in) nothing needs to be cheap you can us as many motherloads as you want (money doesn't interfere)
You're gonna want dorms for each female sims (i locked those doors as well) the dorms can be as big as you want
I also made a kitchen (but no living room since most things were in each sims bedroom) it also can be as big as you want
I made a activity room for the girls with skill boosting objects to correspond with their traits and to pass good time
And eventually you'll need a nursery and a childrens room you can make beforehand or when the children are born
You can also make a gated backyard for the girls

You'll need to use a cheat to get each sim the fertility treatment for a lifetime reward
I made one of my sims a Natural Cook so he wouldn't burn anything on the stove he's also the only one that cooks
With locking to doors it may be hard to get your sims to woohoo so i just teleported my sims to were they needed to go with testingcheatsenabled true
The women are not allowed to cook
The men are not allowed to interact with the babies since they don't care much for them
The female sims must master at least one skill
Children and teens can go to school but for more of a challenge you can delete the school and deal with them yourself
You can boost up each child's needs once a day since there is probably workers who deal with them
The women can not get married while still having children
The women can retire once an elder and the job goes off to one of their daughters
You can age the babies up immediately
You can choose yours sims life span i did 2 day for babies, 8 for toddlers, 14 for children, 16 for teens, 60 for young adults, and 60 for adults
Once the child ages to a young adult you can move them out, where the government will move them to a breeding facility

Goal: Once your sim turns into an elder move the job to her last daughter and try to see how many generations you can go

Okay well that's all i hoped you liked it and remember customize to your liking i really don't care
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