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Changes to our credits guidelines - posted on 12th Feb 2017 at 5:44 PM
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Test Subject
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#1 Old 13th Nov 2016 at 9:09 PM Last edited by Saim. : 27th Nov 2016 at 1:08 AM.
The Sims 4: City Living - Rags to Riches Challenge
Hi! This is my first challenge, so any and all feedback would be great! Also, I will DEFINITELY be updating this as I play it!

The Sims 4: City Living expansion pack is based on making your way in the big city. In this challenge, you'll do just that (and in style... maybe.) The main goal is to start with an extremely low-end apartment, and make your way up to a penthouse, and possibly to an even bigger house outside the city! Sounds great, right? You bet! Here it is:

Saturday 9:34 p.m.- Your sim has just been married! Your sim and their parents, siblings, spouse, and friends are all staying at a hotel near the wedding venue. As your sim settles in and watches some cable tv, their spouse sits next to you, and promises to always be there for your sim. Your sim falls asleep watching a sitcom, their spouse next to them.
Sunday 2:28 a.m.- Your sim is startled awake to the blaring fire alarm of the hotel. Their spouse is asleep, and your sim tries to wake them up. It takes a minute, and they jump to go make sure your family and friends are out of their rooms. Your sim looks down the hall and sees a blazing fire not too far off. Your sim's spouse promises to meet your sim down in the parking lot after they get everyone out of the building. Your sim accepts the idea, and runs down the three flights of stairs to the lobby.
Sunday 3:13 a.m.- It's been 45 minutes of waiting, and your sim has watched the fire and worried the entire time about their family and friends. Will they ever come back? Your sim continues waiting.
Sunday 5:18 a.m.- The firefighters come, and all of your family and friends have died. All of your belongings are singed, except for a picture of your sim and their spouse. Your sim has only a small amount of money, and is stuck in San Myshuno.

Your sim completely alone with an extremely cheap *apartment*. Will your sim be able to get back on their feet, or will they crack under pressure and depression? It's your decision.

1. Make your sim (preferably one, it makes it harder. Plus, it's kind of the point for your sim to be alone.) They should probably be a young adult so you have enough time to do *other* things after finishing the challenge to continue the story, but that's up to you.
2. Move them into the cheapest apartment in San Myshuno. Add horrible traits, (no good traits yet!!!) and delete EVERY. PIECE. OF. FURNITURE. NO EXCEPTIONS
3. After that, set you household's funds to 0 ( do 'testingcheats true' and then 'money 0'.)

You can now begin the challenge!!

NO CHEATS!!! (except for the beginning cheat and resetsim)
Must have a "city" career (any of the new careers, busker, etc.)
Once you make enough money, you may have any apartment you want, but must have main furnishings (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen) when you buy the new one
You receive another good trait for each level of apartment you reach (one good trait for your second apartment, two for your third, and so on.) You may not just move to another place to get good traits.
You may have friends and romances, but no serious romances unless you're asked by them or you've made it to the luxury of a $100,000 or more apartment. You're heartbroken, right? You also MAY NOT have children and/or get married before you've made it to the top. (You can to add storyline, but it makes more sense not to.)
You can give others a key, but NO ONE may be added to the household until you've made it to the top.
You also must be worth a high amount of money by the end.
If you follow all these rules and make it to the penthouse, you have won. If you don't follow these rules, YOU FAIL. Sorry..... (There's no 'points', you just fail or win.)

 If you want, make it a legacy!!! You don't have to make it as horrible as your sim's time was (you can have them help), but maybe your sim realized how important it is to work hard... NAH, it's SOOOO much easier to freeload off of your parents. LOL, I'm just kidding. Have fun!
#2 Old 16th Jan 2017 at 8:18 PM
Am going to give this a go I let you know how I get on thanks so much for posting
Test Subject
#3 Old 27th Jan 2017 at 5:16 AM
I'm gonna try this out, but I'll alter it for myself and buy the cheapest of everything before I set it to 50 simoleons for food.
Test Subject
#4 Old 2nd Feb 2017 at 9:35 PM
Seems interesting. NEVER done this! This is gonna be fuuunnn! X3
Test Subject
#5 Old 2nd Feb 2017 at 9:48 PM
Oh wait, is auto aging a thing? Can i turn that off?
Test Subject
#6 Old 16th Feb 2017 at 10:03 PM
I have it on normal lifespan and my sim is about to age up to an elder. She is at the top of her career and has been painting to make extra money but she only has $60,000! The penthouse is like $200,000, where did I mess up? She was getting promoted very quickly!
Test Subject
Original Poster
#7 Old 16th Feb 2017 at 11:58 PM
Originally Posted by MythicalBear
Oh wait, is auto aging a thing? Can i turn that off?

Definitely. When I played it, I turned it off.
Test Subject
Original Poster
#8 Old 17th Feb 2017 at 12:00 AM
Originally Posted by alitton
I have it on normal lifespan and my sim is about to age up to an elder. She is at the top of her career and has been painting to make extra money but she only has $60,000! The penthouse is like $200,000, where did I mess up? She was getting promoted very quickly!

I know, it seems impossible!!!! I always used the same furniture when moving and bought unfurnished houses. Maybe that'll help?
Test Subject
#9 Old Yesterday at 6:31 PM
Just a thought. How about, to make it a bit harder, your sim, if female, is pregnant from the honeymoon night? Now, potentially homeless, moneyless and a baby to worry about, with no family. Can that be an option?
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