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Default 1000 and 10 (The Player Brother and The Committed Brother)
I recently thought of an... Interesting Sims 3 Challenge for you all.

I'm going to give you the backstory using the characters I used in this Challenge:

The Montgomery brothers (Leon and Niko) were cursed when they were younger. Cursed by an enemy of their mother.

Leon Montgomery, the eldest, was cursed to never find love.

Niko Montgomery, the youngest, was cursed to never keep love.

Throughout their lives this had become obvious.

Leon was a player and broke many hearts but never felt love for them. Niko, on the other hand, had many girlfriends that he loved but it would always end with them cheating on him, dying, going missing or leaving him.

There was one girl, however, that Niko thought would last forever and married her quickly. He didn't know that she would be just like all the others...

Running to Bridgeport the brothers and Niko's wife (Lila) seek a life without the curse. Especially now that Lila is pregnant.

What You Need To Do:

• Create Two Brothers In CAS

• The Eldest (like Leon in my example) MUST have these traits (you pick which ones): Flirty, Great Kisser, Commitment Issues (MUST have), Irresistable, Charastmatic, Grumpy, Social Butterfly, Friendly.

• The Youngest (like Niko in my example) MUST have these traits (you pick which ones): Socially Awkward (MUST have (as long as you have it)), Genius, Family Oriented (MUST have), Clumsy, Friendly, Good, Nurturing.

• The Youngest Brother's Wife (like Lila in my example) YOUR CHOICE in traits.

• Get The Youngest Brother's Wife pregnant with the Youngest Brother's baby.


• Once the baby is born you must have The Youngest Brother's Wife cheat on the Youngest Brother in front of him. After this the youngest brother will break up with his wife.

• The Youngest Brother must get 'drunk' in a bar and marry and get his else pregnant.

• The Eldest Brother is the player, remember, he will go around sleeping with women (the Youngest Brother's Ex-Wife if you're feeling evil) and get them pregnant. The aim for the eldest brother is for him and his sons to have 1000 babies in as little generations as possible, meaning he will have to sleep with A LOT of women... You must move at least 4 of his children into the household before they turn into teenagers (it doesn't matter when just that he does).

• The Youngest Brother's Wife MUST always have a baby before she either cheats on him, leaves him or dies. He MUST have 10 wives (therefore ten children unless you have multiples). The child will ALWAYS stay living with him, NOT the mother. THE YOUNGEST BROTHER MAY NOT, AT ANY POINT, CHEAT ON ANY OF HIS WIVES.


• The Eldest Brother's Desendant Has 1000 children and the Youngest Brother's Desendant has 10 wives and 10 (more if multiples) children.

I hope you enjoy, tell me how you've got on with it and any changes you think I should make .
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