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Changes to our credits guidelines - posted on 12th Feb 2017 at 5:44 PM
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#1 Old 12th Feb 2017 at 5:44 PM
Default Changes to our credits guidelines
Hello simmers! Over the past little while we moderators have been increasingly aware that our guidelines for crediting resources used in creations have been in need of an overhaul. The old guidelines didn't spell out our requirements very clearly and left a lot of room for interpretation, but also didn't allow leeway for circumstances where credits could not be located, which on occasion led to confusion with moderation. So, to this end we are rolling out a brand new policy for resource credits! We're hoping that the new guidelines will be much easier to follow, more helpful, and more fair to both those who create resources and those who use them. All future uploads will be expected to follow the new policies; it does not apply to things uploaded before now. This also does not apply to custom content credits, only to resources used in the creation of sims custom content. The new guidelines can be found here.

Happy creating!

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#2 Old Yesterday at 9:49 PM Last edited by ScaryRob : Yesterday at 11:14 PM.
Since I can't reply to your linked-to thread, let me reply here.

At the top of your linked-to thread, you give three reasons why resources should be credited. The first two are valid reasons for doing so:

It's nice! People who make all of these awesome resources are giving away great stuff for free. Providing them with a proper name credit and link is just the polite thing to do.
It helps other Sim creators find resources to use in their own creations

The third is not:

It helps MTS moderators double check that the resource creators are okay with their stuff being shared and remixed

This is not a valid reason for giving credits simple because third-party creators of anything related to any of the Sims games do not have any legal copyright ownership of their creations.

The only entity that has any rights to anything created for any of the Sims games is Electronic Arts - period.

I don't know why the so-called "Sims Community", of all the many computer gamers in the world, have such a hard time understanding this. Well, actually I do know, but I won't here go into the political, social and personality issues that are involved.

The Sims games are no different in their legalese than any of the other myriads of computer games I've played over the past 30+ years, wherein the developer/publisher retains all rights for anything created for their games.

Simply put, anyone that creates anything for any of the sims games and uploads it to the internet has no legal control whatsoever in how others use their creation.

While it makes sense to "require" that credits be given as much as possible, for the two valid reasons given above, you folks need to stop pretending that you own any of this stuff, because you don't. Only Electronic Arts has any legal rights to anything created for any of the Sims games and therefore no third-party creator or website can prevent another user from using their creation in any way they see fit, or to use it without giving credit.
#3 Old Yesterday at 10:08 PM
They can prohibit the use of this site unless people follow the rules and guidelines listed here however, because while MTS may not have any legal control over the EA content that passes through it, it absolutely has control over the site itself. It is absolutely appropriate then, for MTS to set requirements on the use of the site, and to prohibit violations. If someone disagrees, they are welcome to use a different site (so long as, as you observe, they still follow the requirements of EA itself), but for those who choose to use MTS, they are consciously subjecting themselves to the rules of BOTH EA and MTS.

Essentially, MTS gets to set its own rules for its own site, just like any other website does.

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#4 Old Yesterday at 10:18 PM

You're forgetting (or pretending you don't know) that there are resources available that have nothing to do with The Sims or EA and the creators of those resources are well within their rights to say what can/can't be done with their resources. So yes, we "require" those credits (and links) so we can be sure that the uploader hasn't violated anyone's copyright, intellectual property rights.. etc. (This applies to EA too.. they can remove content that violates copyright, intellectual property rights, etc.)

And yes, that does include resources created by another sims creator. Not because EA doesn't own the rights to anything created for the games - because you're right, they do. And the moment you make something you've created available for download, you've given up any rights to it. It's because it's the *nice* thing to do and it's been that way here for forever.
#5 Old Yesterday at 11:38 PM
I find it amusing that someone disagrees with the idea that a private website gets to set their own TOU...

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#6 Old Yesterday at 11:44 PM
(Very weird.. Zarathustra's reply above mine wasn't there when I posted, nor when I popped back into this thread sometime after I replied..)
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#7 Old Today at 12:03 AM
@mustluvcatz is right. We not only have to doublecheck sims related content, we have to check on things such as textures and pictures as well. Use a wood grain in your upload? Guess what we need a credit... Use a fabric texture? We need a credit. Use an actual picture for a painting? We need a credit there too. Making a bag of cheese with Kraft on it? Guess what we need that image link...
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#8 Old Today at 12:03 AM
ScaryRob, you misunderstood. It has nothing to do with sims or EA. What we are referring to is this. An artist draws an original design and puts it up on their site to either show as a portfolio or to sell. They state on their site that you may buy the image or do not use it at all. This art work has nothing to do with sim or EA its owned by that artist. That is what the credit is for, so we can check that an artists work isn't being taken and used here.

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#9 Old Today at 12:36 AM
But.. we *do* respect a Sims creator's TOU too - if they say "no", then you can't use it in anything you upload here. If they say you need to ask first? Then you need to ask, if they say "yes", then you can. It doesn't matter if creators own their stuff or not. We also don't allow just any old "this is from 'this EP' and I converted it" upload either - so we also respect EA's terms of use too. (That's not to say it's not allowed at all, it just depends on what the upload is.)
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