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#1 Old 20th Mar 2017 at 7:49 PM
Default Sims 3 Not So Berry Conversion
Not So Berry Challenge: Sims 3
I recently tried the Not So Berry Challenge for the Sims 4, and took quite an interest in it. I'm here today bringing you my Sims 3 conversion for it. All credit for the original Not So Berry Challenge goes to AlwaysSimming and LilSimsie, because, truth be told, I wouldn't be making this conversion at all if they hadn't come up with the idea in the first place. Be sure to check out the original Sims 4 version here: http://lilsimsie.tumblr.com/post/15...egacy-challenge
Thanks for reading, let's get cracking.
Each heir must represent the colour of their generation.
The colours of each spouse doesn't matter, as long as there are no specifications.
Money cheats can be used, but not excessively. It is a challenge, after all.
You may live wherever you wish, as long as there are no specifications.
The lifespan must be on normal for the duration of the challenge.
Generation One: Mint (152, 255, 152)
Traits: Vegetarian, Daredevil, Ambitious, Hot-Headed
Lifetime Wish: Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder
Favourites: Any Green/Blue Colour, Any Food, Any Music
Career: Science
Reach Level 10 of the Science Career
Reach Level 10 of Logic Skill
Reach Level 10 of Charisma Skill
Complete Gem Collection
Generation Two: Rose (239, 89, 123)
Traits: Hot-Headed, Snob, Hopeless Romantic, Neurotic, Flirty
Lifetime Wish: Heartbreaker
Favourites: Red/Pink, Spaghetti, Pop
Career: Political
Only have one child
Leave someone at the alter
Get married as an elder
Generation Three: Yellow (255, 255, 0)
Traits: Clumsy, Ambitious, Loner, Loser, Friendly
Lifetime Wish: Chess Legend
Favourites: Yellow, Grilled Cheese, Country
Career: Military
Reach Level 10 of Logic Skill
Reach Level 10 of Handiness Skill
Never have any close friends apart from the grandparents from Generation One.
Marry only after grandparents die.
Generation Four: Grey (128, 128, 128)
Traits: Athletic, Slob, Virtuoso, Commitment Issues, Family-Oriented
Lifetime Wish: Become a Superstar Athlete
Favourites: White/Grey/Black, Tofu, Classical
Career: Professional Sports
Reach Level 10 of Athletic Skill
Reach Level 10 of Guitar Skill
Have three failed relationships before marrying a sim with Neat trait
Be good friends with all of your children
Have family movie night with spouse and children every Sunday evening.
Generation Five: Plum (142, 69, 133)
Traits: Commitment Issues, Genius, Workaholic, Great Kisser, Neat
Lifetime Wish: Renaissance Sim
Favourites: Spiceberry, Any Food, Any Music
Careers: Culinary, Medical
Reach Level 8 in Six Skills
Reach Level 10 in Charisma Skill and two others of your choice
Get a divorce and remarry that same Sim
Live in at least two worlds in the duration of the Sim's life
Generation Six: Orange (255, 165, 0)
Traits: Evil, Snob, Natural Cook, Charismatic, Grumpy
Lifetime Wish: The Emperor of Evil
Favourites: Orange, Cheese-Steak, Electronica
Career: Criminal
Reach Level 10 of Cooking Skill
Reach Level 10 of Charisma Skill
Have only twins, cheats may be used to achieve this
Claim to be a criminal mastermind
Generation Seven: Pink (255, 192, 203)
Traits: Neat, Unflirty, Childish, Bookworm, Green-Thumb
Lifetime Wish: Professional Author
Favourites: Any Pink, Fruit Parfait, Indie
Career: Business
Complete Maps Collection
Reach Level 10 of Writing Skill
Have a perfect garden (see The Perfect Garden Liftime Wish)
Quit Business Career to pursue Lifetime Wish
Generation Eight: Peach (255, 204, 153)
Traits: Couch Potato, Heavy-Sleeper, Childish, Virtuoso, Good Sense of Humor
Lifetime Wish: Golden Tongue, Golden FIngers
Favourites: Pink/Orange, Mac and Cheese, Any Music
Career: Law Enforcement
Marry a co-worker
Must play an instrument
Reach Level 10 of Cooking Skill
Reach Level 10 of Charisma Skill
Live in a different world to the world in which s/he was raised
Generation Nine: Green (0, 128, 0)
Traits: Genius, Ambitious, Party-Animal, Computer Whiz, Workaholic
Lifetime Wish: Renaissance Sim
Favourites: Any Green, Autumn Salad, Any Music
Career: Business
Reach Level 10 of Mixology Skill
Reach Level 10 of Logic Skill
Accept every invitation to parties/outgoing with friends/family
Have at least five good friends
Have at least five enemies
Generation Ten: Blue (0, 0, 128)
Traits: Grumpy, Perfectionist, Family-Oriented, Natural Cook, Over-Emotional
Lifetime Wish: Surrounded By Family
Favourites: Any Blue, Any Food, Classical
Career: Culinary
Adopt at least one child
Reach Level 10 of Cooking Skill
Reach Level 10 of Charisma Skill
Marry high school sweetheart and stay married to them until Sim dies
Have a one-time secret affair
Well, there you have it! This is made to be entirely base-game so that anyone can do it. If you'd like to see further description of every Generation, please visit the link at the top of the post. This will help you to get a better understanding on the type of Sims your Sims must be. Enjoy!
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