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Short life challenge
After watching RtGame's When Playing God in The Sims goes wrong, I thought it would make a good challenge. So, I made up the Short Life Challenge. The rules are simple. All you have to do is make a sim, pick one of 3 paths for them, and set the lifespan to below 40 sim days. Here are the paths. (Unless it's a cheat to keep your sims needs up, you can't use any cheats or mods to make the paths easier.)

Path 1: Career:
With this path, your sim must accumulate a net worth of over 75,000 simoleons, and reach level 5 or higher in your chosen career. I suggest choosing the highest paying one. Careers that didn't come with a game pack are allowed, i.e player made careers.

Path 2: Skills:
With this path, your sim must have level 10 in 5 or more skills. If you choose this path, you are NOT allowed to give your sim a job. Instead, your sim has to make money using one of their skills. To ensure this path isn't too easy, your simoleons cannot fall below $750.

Path 3: Babies:
With this path, your sim only lives to breed. If you made a female sim, she must have 10 or more children. But if your sim is male, he must have double that, since he isn't slowed by the pregnancies. To ensure that this path is challenging to both men and women, a male cannot have a baby with the same sim, and he must have an active relationship with 5 or more of his kids. You can use the extra rules for your female sims, but it isn't required.
(Side note: The extra rules are only required for men because the men don't have to wait for the pregnancies to be over to have more children. I am not taking a personal vendetta against males out on your sims)

If you want even more of a challenge, you can combine all three. If you decide to torture yourself by doing this, each path becomes slightly easier. You are no longer required to have a certain career level, and the amount of children you have is cut in half, though the path 3 rules for males still apply. You only have to earn 50,000 simoleons, and only have to be level 10 in 3 or more skills. If you're really a glutton for punishment, feel free to do all the paths at their original difficulties.

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