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Default Teenage Runaway + Extreme Rags To Riches Challenge!
Challenge adapted from this and this challenges.

Hey everyone! I’m a long time The Sims fan, and I came up with some fun and hard challenges that are sort of like a mix up between existing ones. Let me know if you try them!!!

Teenage Runaway + Extreme Rags To Riches Challenge!
[this is a Main Character challenge]

Your sim ran away from a problematic family, and now is left to fend for themselves. With no money, no food, and no way of earning anything, they will have to survive in the harsh reality that is the real world.


  • Create a teenaged sim, any traits, any appearance. This will be your main character. (tip: don’t use makeup on your sim. my sim for this challenge has dirt textures on her face and very basic clothing)

    Move them into any lot in the world, then open up the console with ctrl+shift+c and use the cheat “testingcheats on” and after that, “money 0″. This is a rags to riches challenge, meaning you have to start with 0 simoleons.

    Change gameplay live mode to “long”.

    YOU CANNOT SELL THINGS DIRECTLY FROM THE INVENTORY TO THE CATALOG. Everything you sell must be via the retail store, or the flea market.

    YOU CAN ONLY SELL THINGS YOU FIND IN THE WORLD, so buying directly from the catalog to sell is FORBIDDEN. Collectibles such as fish, upgrade parts, paintings and flower arrangements are perfectly fine. But remember that you cannot sell directly from your inventory to the catalog!

    You can attend school if you want, but earning money while studying is gonna be tough so, do what you think is best

    Point system is the same as the legacy challenge (but you can play without points if you so choose). They are as follows:

- $75,000 = 1 point

- $120,000 = 2 points

- $200,000 = 3 points

- $320,000 = 4 points

- $510,000 = 5 points

- $830,000 = 6 points

- $1,300,000 = 7 points

- $2,100,000 = 8 points

- $3,500,000 = 9 points

- $5,700,000 = 10 points

Challenge ends if you reach 10 points or if your main character dies.

This is a hard challenge, so let me know how you do. Have fun and happy simming!!!
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This sounds like fun .. I stay away from challenges because .. well .. I'm a cheat fan lol But, I think I will try this one!
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So, what does a player do if they would like to do this, but don't have whatever pack added the retail store or flea market? They are allowed to just sell from inventory?
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Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I've started your challenge and I'll be back to post updates as I go along.
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Default Update 1
Originally Posted by kellyannelyon
Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I've started your challenge and I'll be back to post updates as I go along.

Hi! I'm back! I've been playing as a teenage boy with anger issues who ran away from a neglectful and abusive home.

I got a windfall in the form of $500 from winning the Prankster vs Jokester challenge at the Hijinks and Humour Festival in San Myshuno. This made it possible for me to buy a tent, which improved my Sims ability to meet his sleep needs. Before that, it was really rough going. Napping on benches is not an effective way to meet your Sims needs.

Getting the tent helped me keep my Sim in school, while still giving me time to build other skills, craft items at the woodworking table and work a part time job. My plan is to gradually add on a campfire to my current lot so he can catch fish and cook them instead of spending money at bars and food trucks. After that, maybe he'll be able to save up enough to put down money on an apartment in San Myshuno.

The most difficult part of this challenge is the restriction on selling collectibles. I do like the fact that it's pushed me to consider other ways of making money in the game and limited my capacity to endlessly make money off of gardening. This definitely feels more challenging and realistic. It ended up adding a lot to the experience of playing my Sim.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the challenge progresses and how it will change as he saves up more money and starts living a more stable existence. Thanks!
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Hello everyone

I would like you all too meet Tamara Foley (age: Teen, resident status: Homeless); the lot in which she lives came equipped with a full market set up (still have yet to see if it works or not so we shall see)

Market: (downloaded CC; I do not have the pack for the flea market so cheers hoping this here works.)

Also came equipped with a crap bucket (downloaded CC).

Lot Name & Traits: Run Run Runaway

Off the Grid
Natural Light
Great Acoustics

Tamara's Trait's & Aspiration (though I have the downloaded CC where I can go crazy with trait's if I really want to LOL)
**Note: All listed here is downloaded CC except Quick Learner trait**

Aspiration: Knowledge (had to buy a Chess Table for this but it is currently in the household inventory)

Traits: Quick Learner {From Knowledge Aspiration}

Backstory: -Not sure on this yes; I will update when I figure it out-

Update: Found out the Market I had didn't work so I sold it & used the money to buy some garden plots & I decided to give her another trait so she is not having to sell straight from the inventory; Appraiser. Also I will be completing her whims & aspirations as I can no matter if I have to put her whims in the household inventory once credited. LOL.

Update x 2 (July 9th): Everything is going well so far; because of my downloaded CC I can add as many traits as I want so I have decided that with every whim I complete that she will receive a new trait to help her along.

**New Traits**
Gym Rat
Creative Visionary
Angler's Tranquility
Mystical Sensing

One of my prides that she has found while fishing is a cow plant berry which she already planted; if she finds another I might have her eat it just to see what happens. LOL. The next purchase will be either an easel or a wood working table; which ever is cheaper (more power if I can get both).

That's all the update I have today.
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