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Testing Help - Custom Career
I'm currently making a new psychology career, resurrected after nearly a year. It's unfinished but I want to get some second opinions so I know I'm heading in the right direction. For a bit of background: I'm a psychology student and an aspiring educational psychologist, I just love psychology tbh.

It has 7 career tracks currently, 4 of which are basically finished from last year. These are: Educational, Clinical, Forensic, Media, Gender, Developmental and Social Psychology.

All sims begin as psychology students at university, taking on a postgraduate degree for one career level upon "graduation" which will pave the way for their chosen path. There are different skill requirements for each path, please note that this is not currently BGC due to the skills used. It requires Parenthood and Spa Day for the Parenting and Wellness skills. A lot of skills are required especially for the top levels: I want to have some realism in the amount and range of knowledge psychologists need to advance in their chosen field.

If you want to test it, go ahead and please feed back to me how well it runs etc.

Download below: I can't get the attachment loader on here to show up on my browser so I had to put it on Mediafire...

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