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Default Problem with final animation
I have Meshed the Toaster Pastry package Oooh i dont know how many times to make sure i wasnt doing something wrong?
but it keeps coming up with the same problem over and over... :confused:

The package works right up till they decide to release the item at the end of consuming it
at that point the final animation of releasing the creation goes into affect but upon moving the sims hand downward
it leaves the product floating as seen in the pic although the animation continues to finalize

I am assuming there is a way to correct this? or i did do something different? but i have no clue?
after messing with it for months i give up and ask for help one more time .. anyone?

I have uploaded a test file so it can be looked over if someone decides to help me' Thank you' Fire!
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I took a look and the same thing happened to me it overwrites nothing in the game and it has no bugs I think it is fine except for the last animation. Can't wait to get the last animation finished.

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Now that is an item for the "Object Workshop" thread...
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Object workshop thread?

I am building a new package for the pastry file and gathering information
to see if i did something different in an older package compared to what i am doing in my new one..

maybe i added something then changed it's coding not thinking about it?
could be that i caused the file to corrupt at the end?

anyways if it doesnt work this time ill keep bugging people till someone comes along
and see's my problem and can give me pointers on where to look to fix it?

If it is indeed in the behavs then i will need someone who can understand those files
that can teach me how to figure them out enough to work with behav files

Other than that this file is driving me mad
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