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  1. Extract Maxis texture files using SimPE
  2. Patterns on an outfit
  3. Linking hair together.
  4. Bodyshop Ruins Alpha Changes- Fixed! :D
  5. Binning red hair recolors only?
  6. Complete beginner
  7. Numbers for clothing
  8. Sims 2 Bodyshop help. Please and thank you.
  9. body shop
  10. Converting .psd layer files
  11. crazy messed up alpha.
  12. Problem with supernatural eye recoloring
  13. Coat Textures
  14. Problem with bow colour
  15. Making accessory use Sim's Skintone as it's texture with the alpha.bmp?
  16. Hair retexture help
  17. Hair recolor file size
  18. Seamless fishnet pantyhose
  19. Need help skinning
  20. Custom Skin: It looks awful and I don't know how to fix
  21. Problems with adding shadows
  22. Eyes loosing quality?
  23. Binning Hair
  24. Blocky Defaulted Hair
  25. Hair recolor help?
  26. Tutorial: Add anatomical features to custom "Barbie" female sim skins
  27. Only exporting Maxis content
  28. [QUESTION] Matching Face Skintone Color with Ear & Neck Skin Color
  29. Fixing already pixelated textures, can it be done?
  30. Avoiding pixelated textures by using SimPE and GIMP problem, please help :) -SOLVED I think, I'm not really sure, see last post
  31. Help need recoloring problem
  32. Replacing bump map messes up my recolors
  33. bodyshop wont recognize my work
  34. Tutorial for converting a makeup?
  35. making bloodspatters on clothing
  36. Sims 2 Request For Modders
  37. Not sure who to ask this question to. Is it allowed to take pictures of toddler clothes in create family mode?
  38. Help with how to do this plz?
  39. Incorrect Hair Textures
  40. Shiny things...
  41. How can I learn to draw buttons, zips and pockets?
  42. How do I recolor gates?
  43. First time Body Shop user having issues
  44. Am I being just aesthetically picky?
  45. Defaulting Help?
  46. Clothing Request/Help
  47. HELP: Semi-Transparant Eye Contacts!
  48. No Resource Tree for Pet Objects?
  49. Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial on how to make my own graphic tees?
  50. Need tutorial to change female accessories to male - esp hats.
  51. Can I extract textures without Bodyshop?
  52. How to make it available to download?
  53. Where can I... fix? (transparent hair edges)
  54. Body shop Project files
  55. Is it me or Bodyshop that failures ?
  56. Problem with default textures using an alpha
  57. Transparent skins
  58. Bump Maps
  59. Photoskinning Question
  60. Eyelash problems
  61. Forgot to do the baby's face.
  62. Texturing using the Smudge Tool Tutorial
  63. Issue with Mesh not lining up with the Color
  64. Upload size?
  65. Where is the top of the shoulder?
  66. Hat recoloring problem
  67. Bodyshape Converting and Shoes Question
  68. Adding a texture to a pre-existing mesh, which cannot be found in SimPE?
  69. Body Shop. Need Help!!
  70. Skinning Problem
  71. PSDs?
  72. SOLVED thank you: Correct import format for defaults?
  73. I can't find any good pictures for photoskinning.
  74. Basic Lipstick Recolor (Using GIMP)
  75. Need Help with a Mask Texture
  76. Did anyone try render baking?
  77. Cracks round the shoulders? The categories in Bodyshop? {solved}
  78. Vampire Overlays for Idiots?
  79. Bulk extracting textures?
  80. I need to know how I can make bondage pants look real with paint
  81. I am probably an idiot but I cant recolor...
  82. Trying to default some recolours, get wrong texture names in SimPE?
  83. my recolor isn't looking correct in bodyshop even
  84. Is there anyway to make a semitransparent zombie skintone?
  85. How to Get Rid Of Underlying Texture?
  86. Changing the "Icon" that shows up in CAS
  87. Textures
  88. Accessory recolouring - texture problems
  89. Alpha Won't Line Up
  90. Body Shop - is it possible?
  91. Bump map = normal maps in TS2?
  92. How to convert The Sims 3 skin to The Sims 2? [Um... SOLVED I guess.]
  93. Sims 2 Body Shop Recolors Huge Filsize
  94. How to get custom skins to show up in Body Shop
  95. Remove Texture from Hair
  96. Texture change by itself
  97. cat mask eyes
  98. Few Questions About Sim Creation + Tutorial Request
  99. Size of texture files
  100. 6tx. file?
  101. Make recolors of work outfits (e.g. uniforms, lab coats)
  102. Not sure where to put this, but...
  103. Does deleting the project, delete the content and/or the savedsims package of it?
  104. fuzzyedges/outlines
  105. Resizing the hair texture file?
  106. How do you use Bodyshop to export recolored hair?
  107. nude sunbathing
  108. How to Package Re-colored Clothes Into One Package
  109. Facial hair coloration issue
  110. Body Shop
  111. CC to show up in base game using AnyGame Starter?
  112. Old school Maxis evening gown mesh help...
  113. I'm looking for a skin...
  114. how can i recolor my own hair mesh
  115. Help Please
  116. Hi, I'm having a problem with my haaat? It's baaad.
  117. Texture on default override shows up with the wrong size
  118. Guid?
  119. How do I extract the cardigans?
  120. Big green patches
  121. Removing bumpmaps
  122. Creating new skin; No adult male face
  123. Geneticized/Townified Skin Method
  124. which mesh?
  125. [WIP] Aeropostale Shirt(s)
  126. Bodyshop Problem Exporting Texture
  127. Unwanted recolor issue?
  128. Texture problem
  129. Which Mesh would be best to recolour for fairy clothing?
  130. Black body under skin after importing texture
  131. Bodyshop recoloring help!
  132. How to change item categories?
  133. Alpha editing help. disregard this
  134. Problem with texture in store hairs *SOLVED*
  135. ~lulz~ Simpe borked my alpha?
  136. Changing clothing recolor GUID in SimPE?
  137. trying to locate a maxis jumper
  138. Pixelated textures and problem with reimporting certain projects
  139. Alpha-Editting (I think?): Hair Pattern Edit Repeating [Solved]
  140. So, I was thinking...
  141. Uploading ffrom bodyshop
  142. tutorial....
  143. where can i get a idea about remodeling hair
  144. Body Fin Mesh Location
  145. Eyeshadows/liners end up on the side of the head?
  146. Is there another way to make child clothing unisex?
  147. Making Plain Clothing Recolors?
  148. When i paste textures to the UV map bmp they get pixelated!
  149. (SOLVED) HELP!: Accesory Mesh Faces shows up unproprelly.
  150. Bulk/batch recolours?
  151. Alpha-editing Maxis mesh
  152. How do i recolor a plain downloaded mesh?
  153. face retexture still pixelated!!!
  154. I can't paste patterns to clothes,BodyShop wont recognize them!!!
  155. plz heeeeelp
  156. Hair retexturing; do I need to recolor all .bmps?
  157. Smaller Skin File?
  158. Recolor crashes Body Shop?
  159. Where does BodyShop save creations?
  160. What did I just recolour?!
  161. matching body tone with head tone?
  162. DefaultSkin: with keeping their eyes?
  163. Texturing from scratch...?
  164. Recolouring Sims 2 Store stuff?
  165. Exporting problem
  166. Help with Hakama/Kimono recolours
  167. new female armour problem
  168. Beards do not show up with hair recolor?
  169. Pixelated skin problem
  170. Skin recolor issue
  171. hair recolouring?
  172. How to link/connect different age-group meshes
  173. Centering eyes
  174. Coloring a new mesh. (Please direct me ..... I am lost in all of this info.)
  175. How do I arrange the hair colours into the right section?
  176. Athletic tab for kids doesn't show up
  177. Can´t choose name, ambition in bodyshop and more
  178. How do I locate a clothing texture's mesh being used with SimPe?
  179. Samuel L Jackson
  180. Making a skin but need some help
  181. Young Adult Recolors Question
  182. gray outfits?
  183. Recoloring hair
  184. How do I recolor things?
  185. Crunchy skin textures
  186. Replacing unisex clothing?
  187. Projects load horribly (Please help)
  188. Making a skintone, but having a problem...
  189. Clear Guide to Geneticizing Custom Skintones
  190. Recoloured hair, now how do I package for upload?
  191. Animated Recolors for Accesories
  192. How do you make hair “Skin tone” compliant?
  193. How do I texture a mesh when the "mesh" cannot be viewed in Bodyshop due to lack of files?
  194. problem extracting texture in bodyshop
  195. Fairie Clothing Recolor or Mesh?
  196. Recoloring Issue: Lines on untucked shirt?
  197. How to make contact lenses?
  198. How do I recolor accessories?
  199. adult version of mesh edit shows up as old mesh
  200. How can I make eyeliner?
  201. Adding new texture to existing maxis clothes
  202. Eye color assignment to certain skins?
  203. How do I recolor hair?
  204. Recolor won't show up in Body Shop!
  205. Untucking these pants?
  206. Making meshes show up in body shop?
  207. Lipgloss
  208. The Sims 2 Body Shop with File Server
  209. Unable to edit clothing alphas
  210. I really need some help!
  211. Help: Custom clothing looks distorted in Body Shop
  212. How do I make sure the mesh is NOT in the package file?
  213. Help: Alpha-editing gone horribly wrong
  214. How to Make Eyebrows. Need Help Please.
  215. How to use mesh in body shop?
  216. How can I recolour watches and jewelry?
  217. Partial bumpmap problem *Solved*
  218. A Strange spike...
  219. new here and need help please
  220. tips and tricks on realistic eye creation?
  221. Recolored Skin turning weird colors in-game
  222. That Ol' Brick Wall - Newbie needs help.
  223. Take Textures from one hair to another?
  224. Toddler Hair Isn't showing up right o.O
  225. Extracting UV Map
  226. Pixelation in areas of bare skin
  227. Beards ?
  228. BodyShop wont recolor hair but it will recolor clothes
  229. Position Problem in Bodyshop?
  230. Help - Jacked Up Default Jaw
  231. Editing the alpha after recolor is loaded
  232. Eyeshadow
  233. zombie skin - change layering to show eyes?
  234. Excuse me how can I to create this kind of eyes?
  235. How do I recolor a non-Maxis mesh hairdo?
  236. Placing eyes on another sclera?
  237. Recoloring a sim's skin?
  238. Need help; can't get my glasses recolour to work!
  239. Mismatched eyes? (I hope this is in the right place...)
  240. making custom pet coats
  241. Meshes needed
  242. Shoe Mesh
  243. Using pictures to create clothing
  244. Makeup covering up eyes!
  245. Recoloring pants black? Please help!
  246. Pet coat color replacement
  247. I have tried all of the forums, but my witch hat is STILL shiny and I'm really annoyed right now...Please help.
  248. My recolored clothes aren't showing up...
  249. Applying Existing Textures to a Mesh
  250. help me please...little red x's everywhere!!!