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  1. First Time the Mods Download Isn't Working
  2. My game crashes when loading a world
  3. Sim dissapeared while dying, now I can't save the game.
  4. "No Disk"
  5. Porter help
  6. Nvm
  7. DasmX86Dll.dll Error Code
  8. FPS limiting on Mac
  9. old CC to new CC problem
  10. problem with loading the CC'
  11. Whenever I download new Custom Content, My game doesn't load
  12. My sims isnt starting up after my third installation of expasion packs
  13. Families don't work.
  14. Need help with "EA World Instructions" installation tutorial
  15. Stray's Not Spawning in EA or CC Worlds
  16. Packages files not working
  17. My sims keep changing into formal, swimwear, and then formal again.
  18. I downloaded two mods yesterday and now I am getting notifications saying " " has a new job or has gotten a skill point, but they aren't even people I know.
  19. PLEASE help me! crashing in CAS/ etc due to LAA problem?
  20. TO MANY PROFESSIONAL SIMS - Need assistance narrowing down what mod is doing this.
  21. Virtual pointer thingie to My Docs\Electronic Arts\?
  22. PLEASE HELP!!! - "Texture Stretching" and more..
  23. Not Growing Up!
  24. Crashing and Crash Log Analyzer
  25. Also having problems after using delphy's dashboard tool
  26. Unmerge Package Files
  27. CAS and Build/Buy mode extreme lag
  28. Fixing .sim files
  29. Unable to Load Riverview Save
  30. The Sims 3 crashes to Desktop on a Mac
  31. My furniture wont install
  32. Package file lag & Process Monitor not.. monitoring?
  33. Deleting CAS thumbnails only deletes a few thumbnails?
  34. dogs and cats won't die
  35. EP7 Consignment Shop refuses to sell anything...
  36. Custom hair and Custom Sims's hair not showing up in game..
  37. Sim Cannot Enter Bookstore
  38. Neighborhood sims stuck in ground?
  39. My Mods Won't work anymore!!!??
  40. Inventories frozen: can MasterController help?
  41. Forever Loading Screen
  42. Patching Conundrum
  43. Cannot Install Delphy Sims 3 Dashboard
  44. Very dimmed screen when I play the game
  45. Mod Folder and Packages Not Working?
  46. Sims Relationships/Friendships not saving.
  47. Stuck with system specs
  48. When I Updated 1.57 mods won't work
  49. Setra World crashes when loading in game
  50. PLEASE HELP!!! - "Texture Stretching" and more..
  51. Always crashing in CAS
  52. Game save error/Custom house objects gone.
  53. Can't get any Nraas download to work
  54. When I put anything in the mods folder, the game crashes! {Solved!}
  55. Game won't start after installing Master Suite SP - Solved
  56. My pets stay on the portrait and don't change!
  57. Graphic error for inventory items and actions
  58. Flagrant System Error
  59. 'disable custom content' button functionality?
  60. SSD hard drvie
  61. Milkin' It Dairy Corral Problem - Sim can't interact with cows, freezes instead
  62. My firefighter sim can't fight fires.
  63. Game Version Error
  64. Sims Teens and Children Can't eat-still need help-
  65. How the f do I get the sliders installed onto my game?
  66. Can't merge pet with household
  67. Sims3Pack sim CC not showing + game freezes A LOT
  68. where is my game/bin folder??
  69. When downloading a mod can my game be playing when putting the mod into the mods folder?
  70. .rar files won't show up in my game?
  71. Graphical glitch with CC double beds
  72. Cannot buy foods or drinks at barista bar
  73. black screen on sims launcher
  74. CC .package not showing up in game, I have tried atleast every solution
  75. TERRIBLE problem after using Delphy's Dashboard
  76. "Convince to.." stuck on sim's pie menu
  77. Cursor Disappears
  78. Any fix for pre-pets cribs yet? (don't say rigfix)
  79. CC causing problems, not sure which one (RESOLVED)
  80. Weird freeze issue with any & all CC
  81. Game crashing after update 1.57 when using Master Controller mod
  82. help me !!
  83. Sims 3 downloads fail to find launcher
  84. CC not working no matter what I do...
  85. My create a sims wont open on mac
  86. The EA Intro Movie still plays at the beginning...
  87. no documents -> electronic arts folder.. help! D:
  88. Sims3pack problem?
  89. The game in self change sim appareance to a default oufits and hair
  90. Black Lines Above Eyes (Intel graphics)
  91. CC skin..?
  92. Glitched CC which I cannot delete (CAS)
  93. Sims won't use the subway?
  94. [Island Paradise] No fish spawning?
  95. Lights won't light up? [SOLVED]
  96. intermittent freezing unplayable within a generation. tried some fixes-- ideas on likely cause?
  97. Graphics card NVIDA GeForce GT 525M not listed on system requirments page?
  98. The Sims 3 Freezing causes?
  99. Several bugs with Seasons install incl Speed 4, swimming pool
  100. Skin Tones Not Showing Up in Game
  101. Oh no.. Lost all my sims3packs
  102. Problem with toddler toys as well as one other mod.
  103. Hair Help
  104. I lost my save!
  105. Sims won't load - possible custom content error??
  106. Mail Box problem!
  107. Sims 3 launcher won't update and can't manually install patches (mountain lion won't open file)
  108. Suddenly some Package Custom Content Not appearing
  109. .Package Files not Showing up in Game
  110. .rar files not working
  111. Mermaid with scaly legs, but no tail in water?
  112. Can't save options after updating video card drivers
  113. Failure in Installing Sims 3 Expansion in other Hard Drive
  114. Sliders are showing up but not working
  115. Can't download a World from MTS
  116. My Documents/Sims3 folder is empty
  117. No Sims 3 root folder to install CC in.
  118. I don't have a Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library.. What do I do?
  119. Game keeps crashing in windows 8.1
  120. i cant change my sim fat
  121. Help Installing Package Files??
  122. Where do I put this Downloaded world?
  123. Why does one or two items of bad CC destroy normal play?
  124. package files not working. windows 8 issue or something else?
  125. Sims and saves keep breaking.
  126. Sims 3 has stopped working error
  127. Unable to interact with any body of water
  128. Screen is too dark while in fullscreen mode?
  129. "unofficial game modification"
  130. couple questions raised after trying to self-help game lag from cc issues
  131. Sim cant find path off of home lot/neighbours cant find path on
  132. CAS is Locked/Empty on Basic?
  133. Origin won't let me install EP unless I re-install base game through Origin
  134. Delete This Post Plz
  135. Can't build
  136. Sim files and other problems
  137. Wanna add familymember after finished in CAS, but how?
  138. Sims 3 Game Won't Save (No Specific Error)
  139. .sim file Issue - Can't see Custom sims in CAS
  140. Game "stopped working" with new mod
  141. Graphic Device Not Found in Database...but it's there!
  142. Inventing ruins my save file..?
  143. mod help
  144. Custom Content being weird?
  145. Sims3pack won't install!
  146. CC dont show up in game from downloaded house?
  147. Heavy stuttering, freezing, and lag, even on low speed.
  148. Sims 3 Hybrid Mod
  149. Always Stop Working
  150. Stores stuff not showing when i start a new game
  151. Building Custom PC - need help
  152. Game worked problematically with problem content, removed content and now game does not work
  153. Custom Content sims not showing up properly
  154. Question about updating patch that I could not find an answer to in patching help category
  155. Create a world crashing after I put in packages
  156. Babies falling through crib :L
  157. Screen Problem
  158. Game crashes a lot since I installed Pets
  159. My stupid computer
  160. miranda martinez from anon!!! HELPPP
  161. Custom Content Uninstalled After Exiting Launcher
  162. Sometimes The Sims 3 won't start up, just black screen
  163. Can't install more than 700-ish pieces of CC; game won't load
  164. CC Magic and patterns "overwriting" problem
  165. Help! CC installation problem
  166. Help please. Deleting duplicates
  167. Three defualt skins are showing at once on male Sims
  168. Some graphical wonkiness in CAS
  169. Mods folder and Package files not working in-game
  170. Science, medicine and business career buildings appear as community lots.
  171. Can't Launch Sims at all on OSX
  172. Seemingly can't install the game in english
  173. nointro and nosparkles works but other mods don't
  174. CTD w CC and even w/o CC
  175. Sims 3 Mods using Ubuntu 12.04 (Wine) (PlayOnLinux)
  176. Sims won't go to work automatically?
  177. No interaction with any mods (mods don't show up in game)
  178. New towns will not load all the way
  179. The DcCache folder: which files matter?
  180. CC Hairstyles not working, but Pose Player works (PLS Help?)
  181. Dexter the bear issue?
  182. Some of my packages: skin, hair, game changes...are not showing up in game.
  183. Houseboat build/buy mode
  184. Sims 3 Island Paradise crashes when loading a town
  185. Create-A-Sim glitch
  186. Skintones and package files isnīt working
  187. Unable to download my purchased items from the Sims3 Store
  188. Can't un-install game
  189. I tried adding a hunted ghost to household, BIG MISTAKE
  190. Updated to 1.55; downloads work fine, but not .packages?
  191. Floating behind Seats, Content not on Counters
  192. No Pie Menu When Clicking on Sim in TS3
  193. please delete
  194. Unplayable stuttering at 3/4 speed
  195. Quick question
  196. Sims 3 freezing why?
  197. Game not loading; screen greys when launched and will not move on
  198. Can't bypass the launcher at all, and the launcher errors.
  199. My cat is stuck!
  200. .package files not working!
  201. problem when update sims
  202. Twallan's Mods Causing Lag?
  203. Transferring package files to mac - not working?
  204. Loading speed
  205. Sims 3 Major Stuttering
  206. [RESOLVED] Saved Sims Not Showing in CAS
  207. Sims Marriage Problem
  208. How I solved memory leaks and error 12.
  209. Mods Not Working
  210. Creating a new account has fixed the problem?
  211. Can't invite people over with late night electric gate
  212. NO slider hacks are working on my game?
  213. Directed my Sim to teach her son how to talk, swicthed to a different household, switched back, and...
  214. Is there a program like Delphy's Custard to chk for installed duplicates?
  215. Sims won't go to work automatically
  216. CC Not visible in Launcher.
  217. Accidentally cancelled Origin update agreement, but went through anyway! am I in trouble?
  218. Custom music (showing in game, not playing)
  219. My Map Tags Disappeared!
  220. Is 1.55 patch messing up things?
  221. Fears of Origin and Sims 3 Modding
  222. Trouble with the nraas MasterController {SOLVED}
  223. Sims with CC
  224. Game completely broken..
  225. Lag when rotating in game camera
  226. Any drawbacks to TS3 "All-In-One" version?
  227. HELP - I can't invite sims from other worlds.
  228. Corrupt inventory thumbnails
  229. Neither Code Works - Humble Bundle
  230. after the new patch launcher wont work
  231. Launcher will not load
  232. woohooer help
  233. The Sims 3 doesn't start PLEASE help =(
  234. I followed some instructions on this site now all my saved stuff is gone.
  235. Custom Content not appearing/installing
  236. Which town patch or ep is stable?
  237. Game Help:Getting new graphics cards recognized by the game... instructions for Mac?
  238. Extracting a Sim from College World and Moving to Town Creates "Twin" of Aforementioned Sim
  239. How do I get townies to stop spawning? And delete them?
  240. Launcher nearly freezes computer, but game works fine?
  241. 1680x1050 resolution shifted to the left
  242. Package file not showing up in the game
  243. I do everything up to selecting a house...but...
  244. I can't switch to my favorite family in TS3
  245. Sim Reset in CAS (NOT WANTED)
  246. Town won't load past 97% ??
  247. Please I Need Help Very Important :d
  248. Cop & Robber issue
  249. Weird issue, please help :)
  250. My sims refuse to go to the bookstore?