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  1. Gardening & Auto-Watering
  2. EP Questions
  3. Have you guys ever made custom content you didn't like just for other people?
  4. My Review about ST
  5. Your Opinion: Some Of The Best CAW's & Why?
  6. Your opinion on EA charging for Store Worlds
  7. Sims 3 mirrors
  8. Regarding woohoo
  9. building
  10. Trouble with awesomemod
  11. Two quick questions
  12. do mods get added to every users game on my computer
  13. Filling Bath Tubs
  14. I was totally ready to start playing Sims 3 again when disaster struck...
  15. ReModding >.< and curiousity
  16. Regarding community building wall speakers
  17. 1.34 Patch Is needed to play my expansions! but the patch causes my game to crash! Help!
  18. Bundled Game vs. Individual EP Question
  19. A question about story progression in self-created neighborhood
  20. How do You Guys Handle Ugly Generations in Your Sim-families?
  21. Sims 3 Registration?
  22. Where can I find CC? Which computer is best? I need technical help
  23. Minor Pets on Community Lots
  24. Sims 3 families and their traits
  25. can't install mods after ambitions? Help please
  26. In what ways are the vampires "revamped" in Supernatural?
  27. New underwear category?
  28. Lucky Palms: New Store World Announced
  29. Has anyone ever lumped all their custom content into one custom "expansion pack"
  30. Sims stop going to work / school - help?
  31. Fireflies not showing up
  32. Problem with the game - Technical I think, I don't know where to post the thread sorry
  33. Are you going to treat the zombies as misunderstood in Sims 3 Supernatural?
  34. Sims 3 Supernatural: Zombies
  35. Bathtubs
  36. What do you think of the difficulty level in The Sims 3?
  37. Suggestion/Request
  38. What made you start playing Sims 3?
  39. Legacy
  40. Every sim is an elder!
  41. I'm sure I saw a List of Custom Worlds before!
  42. EA blew it again ...
  43. Question about immigration
  44. What are your favorite names to name sims?
  45. Supernatural : Autonomy and making Hybrids
  46. Nazi Uniforms? (sorry if offended)
  47. I'm excited, and non sims players just do not get it
  48. What's your favourite Showtime profession & why?
  49. What are the chances of EA making modding illegal in the future?
  50. Going back and forth between wanting Sims 3 or re-buying Sims 2 to replace broken game.
  51. WTF EA raised sims 3 price on Amazon!!!!
  52. If there was a competing game to Sims 3.....
  53. The longest sim family played
  54. Slider
  55. Unicorns, deer, raccoons, etc in Showtime Neighborhood?
  56. What are you going to do when Supernatural comes out? Using known info
  57. Highrise Apartments?
  58. The Creation of the Slenderman
  59. CC not showing up in CAS?
  60. magic?
  61. Trying to Move Towns w/ No Penalties
  62. Movie Set
  63. Ever replay stories/sims you played in TS1 or TS2?
  64. How do you get a time machine?
  65. Something that really annoys me about WA
  66. Sims 2 x Sims 3 and an observation.
  67. Simless town that contains most community lot from all the expansions
  68. Started a new game, weird stuff happening.
  70. Other CC Sites?
  71. Different posing at loading screen thumbnail
  72. Replacing Sunset Valley/Riverview
  73. Laptop overheating problem
  74. How do I make my pregnant sim NOT show?
  75. Should sims have Asperger's/Autism?
  76. Questions about creating skins and such...
  77. Coming back to TS3
  78. what does EA do about facebook ads for games NON sim related having screenshots of the sims as their ad picture?
  79. other family cant move in apartment
  80. Is Sims 3 getting more buggy and imbalanced with EP?
  81. Highrise lot value?
  82. Dark inside home
  83. Wildlife Stray Gnome
  84. My honest opinion about The Sims 3
  85. Casino ?
  86. Is it okay to have JPGs in the mod folder?
  87. Big show crowd in my residential lot?
  88. Teens: Do you find it offensive EA thinks they're trying to appeal to you?
  89. My Sim's work hours have changed for some reason
  90. Sims 3 looking for custom world without late night?
  91. Pet Traits Empty
  92. How do i make my sims go back to work after they've married or had a baby?
  93. Very Late getting the sims 3 but plan to start modding once I learn how, What do you guys need the most?
  94. I'm going to create a world....
  95. Why does EA think we want social stuff in our games?
  96. Paparazzi- More please? [[New Problem...]]
  97. House not installing?
  98. What are your favorite default replacements?
  99. How do i make clothes?
  100. Trouble in Paris
  101. The music that plays while an acrobat is performing
  102. Patch 1.34
  103. Showtime objects in Late Night Clubs
  104. Please Help
  105. had a dream the other night about Sims
  106. Townies won't come to public lots
  107. Trying to remember/find a website for mods
  108. NRAAS controller options limited.
  109. Custom music on DJ booth
  110. Relationship between CAS Edits and Genetics
  111. Apocalypse Themed Stuff
  112. Doing a Sims Project- Women of The World A-Z
  113. Art in the Sim World
  114. Purple metal
  115. So, I -just- updated.....
  116. This is probably an incredibly over-produced thread, but I still need help.
  117. Additions To Make Your Town Suck Less?
  118. Moving my sim in with an existing pre made household?
  119. What's your weirdest family you've had?
  120. I Need Help Sorry If I Put This In The Wrong Place!!!
  121. Best ep?
  122. How do I add City Hall to a city?
  123. FRIENDS...how many of us have them...FRIENDS
  124. Spirits not appearing.
  125. pls help me :(
  126. Towns updating with expansions?
  127. [Tip] Don't need to copy files to custom music! Windows Vista/7 +
  128. Non-Cheating Cheaters: There Needs to be a mod for this!
  129. Editing sims in CAS?
  130. Singers
  131. EA in a nutshell?
  132. Naming Urinals
  133. Your Favorite Sims 3 Scandal
  134. Taking away skills?
  135. What is your favourite personality trait?
  136. Which day of the week are writing classes discounted
  137. Need Help Finding A Mod!
  138. Progression optimization and locating sims in a neighborhood
  139. The Sims 3 WA family tree glitch??
  140. What is the difference between a romantic interest and a boyfriend/girlfriend
  141. Breast feeding for sims 3
  142. 1.31-1.33 Question
  143. Cheat codes aren't working
  144. Who has been brave and complete reinstalled?
  145. Stylist Clients always Cancel
  146. What are some good "Alien" neighborhoods?
  147. Where can I find this outfit ..
  148. A Couple Of Questions
  149. Regarding simscave?
  150. Please Help with Mods for LN (legit post)
  151. Marrying sims without moving them in
  152. How do I edit a base camp?
  153. WCIF: Los Aniegos(sp?)
  154. How do you best befriend Strays?
  155. Simfests : A Messterpiece in Gaming Design
  156. Is sims 3 Fast Lane stuff worth buying?
  157. Subterranean tunnels
  158. Zombie World
  159. Could someone on here make a Navity set for the Sims 3?
  160. pleas help!!!!>>
  161. adding books to uploading lots
  162. If i put this in my game would there be any issues?
  163. What do you make your kids and teens do?
  164. External Create a Sim
  165. Can't get cursed
  166. Does anyone else have BLACK deer in their game?!
  167. Sims 4 Prediction
  168. new career mods
  169. Downloaded Motorcycle
  170. Trouble with nrass Master Controller mod....?
  171. Publicly Disgraced
  172. Lunar Lakes Rabbit Holes - replacement for cc rugs?
  173. I'm kinda new at this and need help!
  174. Cat Whiskers
  175. Lack of Relationships...Sad (Help if Can)
  176. What is your policy on store content?
  177. Is it possible to....
  178. running game without installed addons?
  179. Migrating smaller lots to larger ones and placement.
  180. what are your favorite sites for hipster/grunge clothing for your adult sims besides tsr?
  181. Missing Buy Item - Extractor Hood
  182. Glitchy genie babies, tigers, and bears, oh my!
  183. Question about Pets and Showtime
  184. Romancing the Sim
  185. I went to the desert on a horse with no name....
  186. Sims 3 on Sale : UPDATE: Sale continues
  187. Another Mass Effect Character.
  188. Just a random WTF sorta thing I saw in ST.
  189. Single sim file upload...?
  190. Fed up already with CC Magic
  191. Barnacle Bay price is at 8 dollars - and a question
  192. Can you work more than 1 part-time job??
  193. Store content missing
  194. CC Hair Folders?
  195. Zenyetta/animal gnomes?!
  196. Sims 3 won't let me register at the exhchnage...
  197. Earthquakes/Meteor showers?
  198. Quick question about Edit Town Lots.
  199. Community Lot Ideas
  200. Questions Concerning the DCBackup Folder
  201. Genies and gourmet pet food
  202. Quick Question regarding sims3packs and packages
  203. Do you give your teen sims part-time jobs?
  204. WCIF Tales of Symphonia characters
  205. Is there a mod to make inventing kids less screechy?
  206. "Pudding faces"
  207. Outside/inactive sims proposing marriage?
  208. Strange music playing on active lot
  209. Horse Breeding...Tips?
  210. What kind of CC are you addicted to?
  211. Just scrolling around, then you see this
  212. Genie, Imaginary Friend genes
  213. Highend Loft issues
  214. Store content patch V 1.1 - 05/14/12
  215. my pets have no fluffy!!!???:(
  216. Favorite thing about The Sims 3?
  217. Packages vs Simpacks?
  218. World Adventures fish Problem!
  219. Help: Everything takes too long in Bridgeport
  220. Game glitched in the middle of a chain quest
  221. Preminum Dod feed thing
  222. Is Anyone Using Process Monitor Now?
  223. Happy mother's day
  224. I misjudged the game :'(
  225. Point Me In The Right Direction
  226. Making Additional Sims in Saved Game
  227. WCIF Brown dress for Chi?
  228. Is there ANYONE who doesn't hate the look of babies on sims 3?!
  229. Help with Horse Mods?
  230. Story progression question
  231. Shimrod website
  232. Creating our very own show venues
  233. NPC Heckling animals?
  234. need help!!!
  235. My adoption worker guy won't leave?..
  236. Sims 3 on a MacBook Pro 13 inch
  237. Genie Help
  238. Does this happen in the future too, or just the past?
  239. Skins?
  240. Sim Disposal
  241. need help!
  242. Is it possible to...?
  243. What do you want to see in a stuff pack for sims 3?
  244. About this new stuff pack...
  245. Things I've Seen/Heard/Read About in The Sims 3: Diesel Stuff
  246. Old households
  247. The Sims is one of the top five EA franchises
  248. Is it legal to download cc from booty etc
  249. What is this thing?
  250. What Hair/Eye combos have you had for IFs?