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  1. What premade sims do you like to play with?
  2. Pls !! Help Sims 2 Problem
  3. Creating rocks
  4. Mod to set max population in town
  5. Large Performer Pension?
  6. Things that EA may have just tossed aside for no good reason?
  7. Sims 2 vs Sims 3
  8. I did a little makeover to the Park in Sunset Valley
  9. Really, EA?
  10. How do I check if anyone has replied to my topics?
  11. Working through pregnancy mod for Showtime
  12. What traits do you love/ use frequently?
  13. Awesome mod info
  14. Creating my first world - Check this out
  15. They wake up before 6am
  16. If you were a sim, what would you do autonomously?
  17. Sims 3 Space mods
  18. Jack of all trades - A little help needed
  19. Can you change the default NPC's clothing?
  20. NPCs on my lot...?
  21. CAW still in Beta?
  22. Who misses the indoor restaurant like The Sims and The Sims 2?
  23. saving on the sims shuts down my laptop
  24. What are some decent mods that I can upload?
  25. Gem cutting cheat?
  26. Sims 3 Barmixer won't do anything please help.
  27. Can't move family
  28. Is anyone else having terrible lag in Starlight Shores?
  29. Can Sims Move to Another Town?
  30. Mod to enable Bands to Play at Showtime Venues?
  31. EA won
  32. Fish in the inventory gone
  33. How many of you played TS2 before TS3?
  34. The flames of the candles/torches don't wiggle..
  35. Owning more then one property help.
  36. cross over
  37. How do use SimPort if I have no Friends?
  38. Swamp Rats & Dive Bars
  39. Player tool for customising collections in testing
  40. Becoming a singer
  41. Moving Files
  42. Eh.........
  43. Story progression
  44. Lunar Lakes Community Lots
  45. Unicorn no more glitch
  46. Error Code 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  47. Whatever happened to M.Calero?
  48. Ray Mazza presention on Sims Social
  49. What are All of the Powers for a Controlled Genie?
  50. The Sims 3 Occasions
  51. Ghost Baby With Non-Ghost Parents!
  52. Career Performance Meter, Partner Low
  53. Music
  54. What happens to fish and small pets on a community lot?
  55. Is there any gas masks or surgical masks for the sims 3?
  56. Is the new patch worth getting?
  57. W.t.f........
  58. How to retain dreams and opportunities?
  59. How do I find unicorns?
  60. More than 3 locations in WA
  61. Cannot Complete 'Uncommonly Good' Opportunity
  62. genie
  63. Cant make a hd Machinima with showtime
  64. Suddenly, Pyromaniac!
  65. CAW REQUEST: CAS unlocked for CAW
  66. Mod problem with ts3 Showtime
  67. Is this the Future of the Sims?
  68. Lack of space for barns?
  69. Things I've Seen/Heard/Read About in The Sims 3: Katy Perry Sweet Temptation
  70. I Don't Have Generations So How Do I Do This?
  71. What the heck happened?
  72. Ancient Burial Ground mini challenge
  73. Oh why must EA create some ridiculous outfits...
  74. my sims game is like a soap opera!
  75. Cross-eyed kids
  76. 'Must Have' Mods?
  77. The Girl With The Goatee
  78. How do I get rid of those horrid ghost taxis?
  79. So, how do YOU start a family?
  80. Doors
  81. An odd little issue with patterns
  82. Patch version
  83. Strange things my Sims do
  84. Pose Creator Tutorial please?
  85. what happened to the buyable nectar maker from the buy menu
  86. Custom Pose Question
  87. My ''.sims3pack''s file has no Sims3 icon
  88. No seeds/fruit?
  89. Grocery Store Problem...
  90. What Gameplay Theme do you play?
  91. Do foreign sims age?
  92. Teen marriage
  93. Wheres the library in SS?
  94. Well, that's interesting.
  95. ''simscave.com'' down!!
  96. looking for a mod
  97. Origin?
  98. Is this a banana tree???
  99. Buyable transfiguratable items to get the Spire cut Tiberium from the Carter's Display Case
  100. Butler doesn't move
  101. Losing Jobs as an Architect?
  102. Using the Traveller Mod to Perform in Other Cities
  103. Understanding once and for all why GIGS are not given.
  104. Proprietors spawning O_O
  105. The case of the dissapearing jeans
  106. Where can I find this hair?? Please
  107. Making Better Worlds - A Guide for EA
  108. The Sims 3 Lady Gaga
  109. i have a QUESTION????
  110. CC Eyebrow and Hair issue
  111. Simfest aren't happening in other towns
  112. How showtime work
  113. Creativity...
  114. Love it or Hate it? AND ... Why is ST listed as EP8?
  115. Is there any way to make a sim act like a roommate?
  116. Problem with CC not working, am I a tard?
  117. Twallan's Relativity
  118. green diamond does not appear
  119. How many expansion packs are TOO many Expansion Packs??
  120. Career clothing options
  121. Song remixes?!
  122. I know it says "Future", and Sims 3 is the first game in the main series...but...
  123. I love the songs for the Singer career!
  124. Mods from other Games wished for in Sims 3
  125. Any way to 'wolf run'?
  126. Customize
  127. Common bugs & (possible) solutions
  128. Celebrity Sims in other towns, not working?
  129. AI Mod Idea
  130. The best wedding gift you've received?
  131. How to Mesh Clothing
  132. How To Unlock All Rewards (Simport) Information
  133. Help With Bands
  134. How do I download store items FREE and CORRECTLY?!?
  135. Whatever happened to SAVE AND QUIT?!
  136. Installing packages for the sims.
  137. .Package file wont display right
  138. Since Show Time.....(Pets Related)
  139. Was there a banana peanut butter sandwich added in Showtime?
  140. There are so many things you can do in each EP that I've never, ever tried.
  141. So tired: can't select lots in World Editor
  142. New "hidden object" in Showtime Community Lots
  143. Is it possible to change a Sim's romantic reputation without the Clean Slate lifetime reward?
  144. Downloaded Sims not showing up in CAS
  145. Removing Tags
  146. ghost help
  147. Ugh...No More Celebrities...please!
  148. I wanna move my house from its lot to another...
  149. Patch 1.33
  150. WCIF.. A mod to stop my sim autonomously getting taxis
  151. Adding worlds to game - how can you scroll thru?
  152. I wanna fill up my apt.
  153. Things Disappeared!
  154. ONE Of My Sims Won't Interact With Himself?
  155. Sims 3 Equivalent of Red Hands
  156. Sims 3 Showtime made me go back to Sims 2
  157. So many Cache files...what are they?
  158. Stuff missing from Buydebug after installing Pets.
  159. do re mi CAW
  160. What's this?
  161. Editing big venues
  162. Kids from an affair?
  163. Non User Controlled Sims and Houses
  164. Splitting clothing
  165. Stupid Q's I Cant Find A's For...
  166. Showtime Question
  167. So my sim learned to do the "Watery Grave" trick.
  168. Am I the only one that..
  169. Showtime: retextures of previous clothing
  170. Sliders with Ambitions?
  171. How make apartments work properly in other worlds?
  172. I want to make custom content!
  173. Sim missing on return from vacation
  174. Parking mod
  175. Master Controller w/ Cheats please for 1.26
  176. Sims 3 Body Shop?
  177. Mixologist in Showtime
  178. Showtime Jukebox
  179. Magicians Not Playing For Tips?
  180. Showtime: How many stamps do you have so far?
  181. [EP7] Appreciation Thread
  182. [EP7] Complaint Thread
  183. Frustration with changing lot sizes.
  184. ???? (aka Problem with random hair styles)
  185. Problem launching Sims 3 Showtime Problem?!!!?!
  186. Can't buy Certificate of Partnership with Egypt?
  187. How exactly does the game "rate" a pregnancy?
  188. How do I....
  189. What's your favorite lifespan?
  190. How to build an auditorium? Where is the stage?
  191. Help! All of my sims won't leave one lot.
  192. Removing jealousy from base game?
  193. Did this patch add new color ramps to skintone?
  194. Things I've Seen/Heard/Read About in The Sims 3: Supernatural
  195. Showtime Performance: Relationship lost instead of gained
  196. Katy Perry's Songs?
  197. Can't sculpt in stone
  198. Is Bridgeport slow running because it's huge? Or is it buggy?
  199. Patch 1.32
  200. They seriously just came out with a new patch like 30 minutes ago!!
  201. What is the tree of Prosperity?
  202. Um. HUGE Showtime bug- anyone else got this?
  203. If not Katy Perry, then who?
  204. "Normal" edition of Sims 3 Showtime?
  205. Tattoo artist career
  206. Unique Fireflies in The Sims 3?
  207. Has the camera always been so low, or did a patch change it?
  208. Make any clothes/accessories wearable for any occasion?
  209. nraas master controller
  210. Can I run the game windowed, but stretched?
  211. Place a venue in showtime
  212. The Sims 3 Pets Sapphire Radeon HD 3650
  213. Simporting Installs Sims with Custom Content and Memories
  214. Amazon.com AND Steam downloads super cheap right now
  215. There's too many Sim Store ads in this game
  216. Sims 3 Showtime Genie/Vampire hybrid.
  217. Funniest thing someone stole from your house.
  218. Sims 3 Download Organizer?
  219. Why does it always have to be like this?
  220. Family Relations got lost after moving from one city to another
  221. Is anyone not going to buy Showtime?
  222. Maxis back with The Sims
  223. Direct to obtain opportunity?
  224. How is your SHOWTIME experience so far?
  225. Lot size restrictions
  226. CAW for TownLife
  227. Tombs and dungeons for Twinbrook.
  228. Anyone got showtime yet?
  229. The right resource??
  230. What are your favorite minor mods?
  231. Meteor Hit Me!
  232. Overwriting the existing data!
  233. Lunar Lakes new town problem?
  234. A really dumb question of which you will all think me an idiot.
  235. Oh No You Lost Your Disk!
  236. For those who don't have Sims 3 Friends
  237. Replacing the default neighborhood/mode music with custom music
  238. Legacies and WA.
  239. How to install Downloaded Sims as a Sims3Pack file from TSR
  240. I've got problems with update.
  241. Try for puppies not working!
  242. Dose anyone one have a butler named as nathaniel?
  243. Can't complete mission, hacking computer.
  244. where can i find the breed of my dog
  245. Patch 1.31
  246. EA Customer Support =/= Captain Obvious
  247. So... apparently, "Katy Perry" has joined the official Sims forums.
  248. lunar
  249. Stuffs to talk about
  250. Do Not Track