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  1. Pet Shop w/out LE
  2. A functional car-dealership - is it possible?
  3. Bridgeport
  4. Any way I can get the piano for Sims 3 Vanilla?
  5. Pets Issue
  6. What's up with the carpool/taxi drivers?
  7. i dont know what to say....
  8. Making ANTM... Help?
  9. The game killed my sim? Sort of..?
  10. Rejected Upload - wanting some opinions
  11. What did you do with the Sunset Valley Sims?
  12. Please help me find the last 2 dropa stones!!!
  13. Ghost hunting broken at level 8
  14. Has anyone else noticed that cooking is a LOT slower than in The Sims 2?
  15. Are you happy with your Cow Plant?
  16. Stuck in Processing
  17. The Sims 3 and FXAA Tool
  18. Can't install custom content
  19. How do I allow teen-teen move in with NRaas Mod?
  20. Got Sims 3 on Mac OS X, about to try S3PE on Windows XP via Parallels. A li'l help?
  21. Can you download custom made pet markings?
  22. Breast slider issue
  23. Children with foreign NPC's
  24. Pictures for MTS Post for $$$ House
  25. Do I have to build my own fire stations in The Sims 3 Ambitions?
  26. How do I know the AwesomeMod is working in TS3?
  27. Tell me if im wrong/right
  28. Age Freeze Potion question
  29. Well the guide for CC installation
  30. Cant give pets flea baths
  31. Homemade Pet Food
  32. Sex, wtf?
  33. How long is the cowplant's lifespan ?
  34. Transferring children
  35. LE Exclusive Content missing
  36. Oh me oh my~
  37. my thoughts
  38. i need a lot of help
  39. plank floor corner seam???
  40. Making TS3 more interesting?
  41. WCIF ''The Fountain of Youth'' in Hidden Springs?
  42. returning player -- think I have caught up, but have a few Qs
  43. Which Expansion Pack?
  44. Are Custom Professions Possible?
  45. looking for a mod
  46. A little guidance please on the Wishacy challenge
  47. Potion not drinkable
  48. Constant Dirty Surroundings moodlet
  49. A strange file
  50. What if this was the future for Sims 3?
  51. asking a matchmaker for a match for a sims' child
  52. How do you choose a challenge?
  53. Was there any backlash of the Sims: Urbz wheelchair character?
  54. Screenshots?
  55. Decreasing Skills?
  56. The Cow Plant
  57. the package file
  58. Robot Fish, Sea Sludge, and Sewer Trilobite not in Appaloosa Plains?
  59. Pet Shows?
  60. Custom content in Steam
  61. Building a house without cc
  62. Which 3 The Sims 3 Expansions should i purchase?
  63. Do you save a lot? Do you trust your computer?
  64. Maxis made sims - What do you think of them?
  65. Baby and Toddlers Bath
  66. Dexter
  67. If a male sim...
  68. My meditation hours are not counting up.
  69. What mod would you rather have in your game?
  70. My dog has been pregnant for 8 days...
  71. Buyable Spawners in Edit Town?
  72. Latest Patch?
  73. Outings and Dates ALWAYS end when I go to rabbit-holes?
  74. Question about kLots and how to use them
  75. Pose Player question
  76. Can you prepare meals without a refrigerator?
  77. Are These Sims 4 Preview Shots Real?
  78. Which clothes have maternity flags?
  79. Placing a gate at the sidewalk
  80. "I wish I could..but I have pets....."
  81. Sim's working days
  82. Fences in the NH - not on lots
  83. Dog Lead
  84. Throwing up
  85. sims 3 with pets......... update to 1.29 ugh!!!!!!!!!!!
  86. Does everyone have problems I've heard about the IF glitching the game?
  87. I Have Resource.cfg in, But My Packages Still Won't Load
  88. I am in Poses Hell
  89. Problem with skins
  90. Patch 1.29
  91. Limited Edition Pet Store
  92. The Sims Freeplay
  93. If your game does not work because a patch has not been released.
  94. can pets ride the subway?
  95. Style of playing
  96. Show Time EP: The Closed Beta Test
  97. Still Have Skill Issues for Cats
  98. can you make your own face in sims 3?
  99. Screen shots and Machinma
  100. Can you have Awesome Mod and Master Controller together?
  101. Troubles With Awesome Mod
  102. Is this possible?
  103. What's up with the performance issues in TS3?
  104. Failed Object - Ice Cream Truck. What the...?
  105. How are the stylist jobs graded?
  106. Is EA's Marketing Backfiring?
  107. Sims 4 article
  108. How do I buy a pet?
  109. Is there a userstartup.cheat file?
  110. Sims 3 Teen live on own?
  111. Is There a Trick to Using the Basement Tool?!
  112. Butler stuck in skinny-dip mode
  113. Not getting much attention as a 5 star celeb
  114. Empty clubs
  115. Little features you'd like to see...
  116. Can we Discuss The Sims 4?
  117. Tips on Playing Multiple Household in Same Save File
  118. moviemakercheatsenabled interactions
  119. Sims 3 rabbit holes?
  120. What store content do you think should of been...
  121. Question about midlife crisis moodlet
  122. Werewolves?
  123. My friend just got Sims 3, and she'd like some advice.
  124. The sims 3 Showtime
  125. EA to release "The Rock Climbing Wall"
  126. Crediting custom content when creating sims?
  127. Help with lost Toolbar :-(
  128. Hello, The Sims Pets.
  129. I think everyone should check out this sims glitches blog
  130. EA bringing back the cow plant
  131. Awt's blog help please?
  132. Story Progression in Pets
  133. Has the Sims 3 lost the quirkiness the Sims 2 used to have?
  134. Pets is slow
  135. Can anyone please help me?
  136. Will moving a household to a different movie with their families graves on the lot keep the relationship?
  137. Sims not using their cars?
  138. Leaked video of The Sims 4?
  139. Possible to restart the caches from scratch?
  140. Twallan's master controller mod updated for sims pets, but it doesn't have half the things it used to?
  141. Things I've Seen/ Heard/ Read About in The Sims 3: Showtime
  142. A question about hair "genetics"
  143. Is there a difference in work hours between sunset valley and bridgeport
  144. Should I install awesome mod or not ?
  145. A question about lots in the lot bin!
  146. Something doesn't work in sims 3 pets
  147. I Need Help About Custom Content!!
  148. Is there anything you do in-game that can implode it?
  149. Inanimate Sim
  150. Can testingcheatsenabled true screw up your game?
  151. Favourite Sims 3 music?
  152. Where to find screenshots
  153. Are there meals that don't go bad?
  154. What Challenge do YOU play?
  155. Do you know if there is a way to get the aquariam without buying high end loft stuff
  156. Spawning..
  157. Confused
  158. Horse caretaker mod?
  159. Anyone else crashing a lot
  160. Sims Free Play
  161. Has anyone used PC World digital downloads for Sims3?
  162. I got Lolita Goth in my game! :D
  163. If I see one more grey big lemon car, I will explode.
  164. Definition of a 'legacy' game?
  165. Worth getting?
  166. Looking for a "real person -Sim"!
  167. Pier/Jetty Placement?
  168. Ageing Sims/Pets
  169. More life in town?
  170. Private Investigator: How Do You Find...?
  171. The Sims 3 Official Website Issues
  172. 50% off of Pets and Generations downloaded thru Origin
  173. Portrait Panel Mod Problems
  174. Sims in Jail? Why not?
  175. OMGoodness, Meteor showers and disrespect for the dead...
  176. Custom Content Problems (This may get deleted!)
  177. World Adventures: The WORST EP?
  178. Can't make my own pets in CAS
  179. Cat Tail Length
  180. Where do you find this stuff?
  181. Saved my game in China, now lagging horribly
  182. Law Enforcement Career
  183. How do you change the maternity clothes?
  184. no maternity leave
  185. missing moon
  186. Large Bird Death = Death of Wife/Mother of Five
  187. Shower woohoo broken?
  188. Making my sims like this?
  189. Ready to install Pets, but, Question?
  190. Oh that lovely free will
  191. Custom City created under CAW tool questions
  192. Appaloosa Plains is EMPTY!
  193. Anyone else having issues running Sims 3 with Windows 8?
  194. Does talking to plants do anything?
  195. Do pet bowl's on community lots fill up automatically?
  196. Pose Player?
  197. Have you seen the new Sims 3 survey?
  198. When can I smooch a cat?
  199. Quick hack for package thumbnails ?
  200. Anyone teach me how to retexture without mesh?I'm so glad Newsea have new site
  201. what are some Sims 3 furniture sites I can visit?
  202. Is there a way to change the day of the week or the time in Live Mode?
  203. Sims lost their autonomy or free will
  204. Sims mysteries
  205. Traditions and rules in your game
  206. pets pregnancy
  207. Twallan's Animator/AwesomeMod
  208. Making nectar?
  209. Prom Problem
  210. A question about horsies...
  211. EA new poll: Alien World, Moon Colonist, Apocalyptic World, Wasteland Survivor
  212. reinforcing traits in pets and sims
  213. Woohooer mod
  214. Sim 3 pet pc version my sim son wont talk to anyone help me?
  215. Disappearing Fish from Inventory
  216. stealing flame fruit...
  217. Where are all the hotspots in Appaloosa?
  218. Need suggestions on organizing CC contents
  219. mysterious mr. gnome...
  220. Messed-Up Sims
  221. Probably stupid question: horse ball?
  222. Am I the only one who doesn't understand this?
  223. stray pets show only in new town?
  224. oh my gosh at last baby replacement clothes
  225. What Town
  226. Auto-noms Pet Feeder problems
  227. Your sim families
  228. Second-Hand Sims, an SP/EP idea
  229. Unicorn Powers Mod
  230. How can I get my horse to race?
  231. What's the mod that shuts tvs and what not off..? NRaas?
  232. Occupy Sunset Valley,Hidden Springs,etc, anyone?
  233. Too many old people! No new families!
  234. Adding Venues, etc. to Apaloosa Plains
  235. How do I get the "Oh my ghost!" opportunity?
  236. Unicorn with no Horn? It is a bug?
  237. Now served at the Little Corsican Bistro... Fish Pet Food?
  238. Uhm, what the hell??
  239. Sims 3 Pets for 360?
  240. Is this appropriate for MTS? Custom Career
  241. sims passed away on a community lot, where's the urn?
  242. The saddest thing I have ever seen..
  243. How to get rid of ghost horse
  244. My cat will not gain a hunting skill >.<
  245. Ghost challenge!
  246. i decided to get a horse...
  247. the food replicator...
  248. Do Sims AI buy items to accomodate pets/other sims?
  249. Fencing with gates no longer working to make NPC doors on ground level?
  250. How do I revive a minor pet?