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  1. TSR and browser hijackers/malware decoys
  2. Where should my mods folder be?
  3. If you own a Nvidia GTX 970, you might wanna see this
  4. WCIF this necklace?
  5. Potent Skill booster and fountain of youth potion
  6. WCIF Semi-Alien Worlds
  7. The potato was my first clue something was up...
  8. Help needed! Save files corrupting in custom world
  9. Downloaded content showing up in game but the files are not in mods or downloads folder
  10. Mod inquiriy
  11. Best way to backup sims?
  12. Maximum Household value?
  13. the Bohemian Garden
  14. Help: Ugly looking Sims with strange smile
  15. Any way to have a baby without the pregnancy?
  16. Pregnancy / It's a boy/girl/twins moodlets, negative moodlets for dislikes children?
  17. Time Speed
  18. modding pictures
  19. Sims 3 - No Map Tags show up.
  20. Unable to place plattform for port
  21. wooher mod problem. Help Please!
  22. Custom Skins don't work
  23. all my cc are gone!
  24. SimsBlender
  25. HELP!Please
  26. Help with Violence and Aggresion mod
  27. Back in the Game!
  28. World Editor lot disappears when I try to place community lot on it
  29. reshader for sims 3 help
  30. Animals Glitched.
  31. Help with Edible Cake Mod! (Specifics Inside)
  32. Anyone Update CAW 1.69 to use CC?
  33. sims 3 origin problem
  34. is there any good cc recipes out there?
  35. Better management of needs for non-player Sims?
  36. Can anyone help me?
  37. Is this... Normal?
  38. More of a Building Question about one of the premade lots.
  39. Apartment design/implement help needed!
  40. Should I get a graphics card for my laptop?? and which one should I get for TS3+4?
  41. Should I keep it?
  42. Would this computer be good for HEAVILY modded Sims 3?
  43. The Sims 3 vs. Windows 10
  44. Glitch: Cannot remove Haunted Residential lot?
  45. How do I install MasterController?
  46. Graphic Card Problem, Please Help :)
  47. Any Undertale Mods?
  48. I'm curious is it actually possible to make a Turn Ons/Turn Offs Mod For the Sims 3?
  49. Is there any program that will let you recategorize sims 3 clothing?
  50. Help installing mods through origin!
  51. difference between sims 3 and 4 packs?
  52. The Sims # Haikus
  53. Fastest Way to 5-Star Celebrity?
  54. Survey posted on /r/TheSims reveals that TS3 is the community's favourite game by a significant margin
  55. What are your sims up to?!
  56. Downloading patch from Origin
  57. Sorry for posting much Wainwright stuff
  58. Hogwarts world
  59. Horses
  60. Sims always in work clothes
  61. I need some help with gardening
  62. Werewolf form problem!
  63. Trouble installing older patch cc
  64. Need advice for haunting a house....
  65. Role on a specific object? (mod)
  66. Tutorial: post-processing effects for TS3 & TS4 with ReShade 2.0
  67. Can you remove all sims from a town at once? [solved]
  68. Swiching households?
  69. Weird Outfits
  70. A question on inscription plaques
  71. The Kraken
  72. Potion ordering
  73. Town For Imaginary Friends
  74. Windows 10 How to Install Mods so They Work
  75. How to have a teen/child sim without no parent without mods!
  76. Number of lots in Bridgeport?
  77. Raw fish and Werewolves
  78. Into the Future bills..
  79. Replacement fridge item
  80. What's up with the cow plant in Base game decor?
  81. Any Gothic clothing?
  82. What do most of your Sims die from?
  83. Request for assistance
  84. Smooth bones?
  85. Deleting every npc
  86. What lot types do WA Tourists visit? (Solved I think)
  87. How do modders make their sims look so GOOD?
  88. Best approach to organize/sort pre-made sims in CAS screen?
  89. Can't Contenct To Facebook
  90. Request: I NEED STAIRS!
  91. Ocean Water Color
  92. Autonomous scratch (werewolves)
  93. How to keep jealousy with woohooer?
  94. Sims 3 Help
  95. Glitchy Things That Have Happened In Your Game :)
  96. Are You Actually A Sim Masquerading As A Human?
  97. Genies don't glow
  98. Depreciating the value of a lot (w/o selling stuff)
  99. What is the point of magic gnomes?
  100. Crossdressing/ Drag Sims 3??
  101. Relationship with bike?
  102. Will getting Sims 4 in Origin affect my PC Sims 3 game?
  103. Is Favorite color used?
  104. My mod was stolen
  105. Changing baby clothes
  106. Graphics Card Settings
  107. Castle Kit -- How precisely to use?
  108. Is the Sims Medevil worth getting?
  109. Hi all! RE: Packages and QBASIC?
  110. Tell your Sims 3 Current Household story
  111. WCIF a Mod to use a correct Number of ingredients for the big dishes?
  112. Randomized mermaid tails
  113. Intel HD FPS Limit & The Benefits of More RAM
  114. Best and worst EAxis worlds for genetics?
  115. Dose any one have a copy of this CC ?? ;w;
  116. Override - Tuning Mod Tinkering. How to do?
  117. Moving a saved game that had different expansion packs and bugs
  118. Portable objects/outside
  119. Best custom world
  120. Multiple aliens visiting my lot, is it possible?
  121. As someone who plays the sims 3 how do you like sims 4?
  122. how to batch export saved content?
  123. Need Help Finding CC
  124. Can't Download Moonsoon Creations Fairhaven City
  125. Unnecessary complaint about outerwear after pregnancy
  126. Making a consignment shop
  127. Passion and Romance mod
  128. My townies are disappearing
  129. Kleptomaniac, kleptomaniac, kleptomaniac
  130. My town in the Sims 3 has been turning black.
  131. Major gripe with this EP so far--my 2 cents
  132. help with some s3pe categories?
  133. Post Any Band Names You Think Of!!!
  134. Will this PC run at high settings with reasonable framerate? (20+ FPS)
  135. Stupid things you've done in game
  136. Changing radio stations songs
  137. Changing The School your Sims Graduated From?
  138. Methods of Freelance Earning
  139. Sims 3 University Help
  140. How do I place rabbit holes ? + 1 question custom world
  141. Longevity issue
  142. Mod help
  143. Mods for the online version (Origin version)
  144. Terrain painting
  145. quick help,plzzzz
  146. i am in need of desperate help!!
  147. Weirdest Attraction You've had a sim form with another sim?
  148. Help! Objects changing place by themselves.
  149. Where can I find a baggy sweater and a flannel around the waist?
  150. Sims 3 Ultimate Collection
  151. Sims 3 Sliders
  152. Help me Create-A-Sim?
  153. OMG RE:Japan
  154. Set up Costum Tents on Community Lot?
  155. missing texture on Wornado Triage
  156. Installing .package files!! help
  157. Neverglade. Nice world, where's the people?
  158. Old Topic: Using CC in CAW. New part - I just did it using Windows 8.1
  159. Family bin moving issues.
  160. Does fulfilling pregnancy food wishes do anything?
  161. Sims can't watch TV, nor intereact with it, and also can't buy them
  162. How to make SN vampires age?
  163. What happened to Carl's Sims 3 Guide?
  164. Unicorn Mod?
  165. Who knows how to make Mod :!: ideas
  166. Some jobs not available in future?
  167. Legacy Statues for Teens?
  168. Stuff Pack Reccomendations?
  169. Game crashes while trying to use a mod
  170. Laptop
  171. Barely anyone is visiting my bakery.
  172. help
  173. Help Wanted
  174. Adventureland?
  175. cleaning up children's books from the library?
  176. A game-patch to fix Story Progression!
  177. How to turn ghost puppy into normal puppy? (with or without mods)
  178. Blair Wainwright and Cycl0n3 Sw0rd??
  179. Mod request: More Lifetime Wish points
  180. Farm ideas
  181. Tracking your sims
  182. Frozen pond locations?
  183. Mods aren't showing up??
  184. Next two Sims 3 expansion recommendations?
  185. Would anyone know this question?
  186. Sharing worlds when EIG does not work.
  187. Extending vacations?
  188. Upgrade trait chip
  189. How long are plants dormant for in winter?
  190. How do I change the gender marker of default meshes?
  191. what affects your chance of success when you spar?
  192. Is there a way to still play the previous world after moving?
  193. Does anyone ever have something like this happen with maternity clothing? Particularly in 100 baby challenges/poly families/situations with multiple baby daddies and one mother?
  194. Contest - Build a Resort
  195. Some terrain paint doesn't show in edit in game
  196. No one in Town on Map view? (FIXED)
  197. Moving to a new town after university
  198. Delete objects without selling them?
  199. Is it possible to enable CAW decoration objects to use in game?
  200. Replacing Sound Effects (.snr files)
  201. Pregnant sim missing clothes
  202. Which are your top3 favorite Sims 3 expansion packs and why?
  203. The Sims 3 Collection vs Windows 7 Registry files
  204. Camera angles/ Viewing multiple floors
  205. Make up colors
  206. What is the longest you've ever played the sims 3?
  207. Sims 3 Custom Content not showing up
  208. Can't read toddler to sleep
  209. What The...? (Resort Issue)
  210. WCIF This padded backboard Sleigh Bed?
  211. Is there a limit on the number of collections I can have?
  212. LWhat happened to the links to other sites?
  213. What are your opinions on custom content that is intentionally low quality, like Stick N Poke tattoos?
  214. can someone make this a floor tile pattern?
  215. why are my sims so wierd?
  216. what do you do when your sim needs a house?
  217. Gaited Horses?
  218. Pets Poses
  219. Lots downloaded from this site not showing up.
  220. imaginary friend issues
  221. Lag/skipping when building lot - custom world
  222. only a handful of mods won't work
  223. Forestvale (WIP, asking for criticism)
  224. Game Crashes When Starting New Game
  225. Can NRAAS turn people into Plantsims?
  226. Can You Guys Just Test Something for me?
  227. Deeper or Multi-level pool?
  228. Teens started dying??
  229. Sims 3 Mods folder
  230. Moving everyone from Sims University to main world?
  231. sim hack mods
  232. Access denied when altering ini files/how to change water color
  233. One steam download all the rest origin or from the box
  234. Intense lag in Sims 3 with all addons (no CC and not playing on a toaster)
  235. Crash Analyzer for 1.69???
  236. Inviting over Sims from the home world?
  237. 2 problems: Unusual Issue with Wall adj. Tool being a Build obj. Window and my Super NOT-unusual CASt Lag
  238. My Sims game won't load
  239. Sims leaving party as soon they arrive at my house
  240. How To Import My Model To Package ?
  241. Installing Mod Trouble
  242. did I just cause any damage to my save?
  243. University Life Venues with Showtime Stages
  244. Cafetaria build help! No waiters?
  245. checking mods for EP compatibility?
  246. Buying new laptop to play Sims 3 - need help
  247. Wanted a girl
  248. How can I put a sim up for download so that their custom content comes with them?
  249. Portal easter egg!?
  250. Are "Library" files interchangeable?