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  1. Whales in Captivity .... Educational or Not?
  2. Marcy's Diner
  3. Different Beliefs
  4. Eating Dogs/Cats - Yay or Nay?
  5. Is It Okay to Call Your Pets Children?
  6. Efficiency in Economics, Physics, and Environmentalism
  7. Arkansas News Again, This Time On The Topic Of The Duggars
  8. Free the nipple campaign
  9. Arkansas Rep. Justin Harris re-homed his adopted kids to a rapist, claims they were possessed by demons
  10. Feminism
  11. Mars One Project: Will it suceed?
  12. Jeremy Clarkson Sacked by BBC
  13. (Mandatory) Vaccines
  14. UK General Elections - Who do you support?
  15. Charlie Hedebo Shooting and Freedom of Speech
  16. Je Suis Charlie
  17. Are the Falklands Rightfully Argentinian?
  18. Child-Free Environments
  19. Can White People Experience Racism?
  20. Should Society Allow Men To Wear Makeup?
  21. Ferguson: "A little mistake"
  22. People Are Using Mental Illnesses As Insults.
  23. Police Shootings, and How They Are Changing Citizen's Views of the Police
  24. Should Germany be split again?
  25. Seriously, why is almost everyone under the age of 19 using slurs against minorities as a joke?
  26. Is Spanking The Same As Beating?
  27. Should teachers receive tenure?
  28. If you take a life, should you give a life? (drinking and driving)
  29. Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Black Men In America
  30. Automation, Population Growth, and the Economy
  31. Don't you just hate it when people do this...
  32. Is discrimination against majorities not as relevant?
  34. Should asylum seekers be allowed to come to Australia?
  35. I would like to share something but a non admin banned me from uploading
  36. Sleep Disorder Legitimacy
  37. Sims 2 or Sims 3?
  38. Is racial fetishizing ever OK?
  39. Democracy- The Worst Form of Government (Except for All the Others?)
  40. If men are not allowed to have a say in an abortion, should they be forced to pay child support?
  41. Should sperm and egg donors be allowed to remain anonymous?
  42. Telling People to Kill Themselves~ Acceptable "Joke" or No?
  43. Liberal Vs Labor Vs The Greens ( Politic Parties - Only Australian Citizens know )
  44. Law says children 'must visit parents'
  45. Should Ariel Castro get the death penalty?
  46. Unschooling
  47. Does gay marriage being illegal undermine the Declaration of Independence and....
  48. Women and Combat Roles In the Military
  49. You Have to Love Yourself to Love Others
  50. Margaret Thatcher Death Parties
  51. Should gay marriage be called marriage?
  52. Papal conclave and Cardinal Mahony in the conclave
  53. Pope Benedict XVI, why he stepped down
  54. Is piracy the big deal companies make it out to be? (Not an "Is piracy right" thread)
  55. Pedophilia - Mental Illness?
  56. Male children clothes?
  57. Should the punishment fit the crime?
  58. Lifetime Premiere of "Prosecuting Casey Anthony" Your Verdict
  59. Aboriginals get free university?
  60. The Sims 2 Shut Down?!
  61. Military Deployment
  62. The Statute of Limitations should NOT be put in place for child abuse
  63. OPINION TIME!!!: Is this Brad Paisley song offensive to women and gays?
  64. Trans Guys: Why do people think they are sexist?
  65. Correcting the errors people make in their native language
  66. Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti/Yowie???
  67. Does Disney own fairytales vs. Not Own fairytales?
  68. Your thoughts on Amanda Todd's suicide.
  69. Transgendenders Who Identify as Gay
  70. The Police, Vigilant Heroes or Vigillanties?
  71. Violent Video Games Lead to a Violent Society
  72. White collar money crimes, as bad as murder?
  73. Murderer kills his wife and is AWARDED for doing so with a sex change
  74. Is Family Fued All About Race Now That Steve Harvey Is Host?
  75. Gender Roles
  76. Michael Phelps speedo pic controversey, should he lose medals?
  77. Can someone help? Need a Pregnacy controle mod.
  78. Spec Ops: The Line ~ How Controversial is it?
  79. If given the descison, what would you do with the colorado shooter (punishment wise)?
  80. Do any of you know where I can find the pictures taken with the Sim?
  81. Has EA gone too far with this??
  82. Should the government embarrass criminals as a punishment?
  83. What is your opinon on Cloning?
  84. How Do You Feel About This Video?
  85. A post religion world.
  86. The Gaming community
  87. Death Penalties for Abuse of ALL kinds
  88. 11 year old girl gets caught talking to 17+ guy and then decides to cut herself when she got in trouble.
  89. i need help installing the mods on windows 7, can someone help i hve no clue wut to do
  90. Cryonics / Cryopreservation - A considerable alternative to death
  91. The Aquatic Ape Theory
  92. Older Moms. Your views?
  93. gays and children
  94. The stigma attached to heterosexuals supporting LGBT rights....
  95. Disabled Parking Fraud?
  96. Fetuses with Anencephaly - Should their abortion be allowed?
  97. Por Que Demonios No Debo Hacer Un Post En Espaņol????
  98. Autism - Is it a valid excuse?
  99. Using your dead husband's sperm for IVF treatment... right or wrong?
  100. Jonestown: Help me with my homework by sharing your opinion?!
  101. Orthodox Jewish man gets in worse situation then one can imagine!
  102. Trayvon Martin what do you think!
  103. I have a little question...
  104. Second Lifetime Wish - The Sims 3
  105. People who have to post "1st Comment".
  106. Ayuda Para Crear Mi Sim (Sims 3)
  107. Ashley Treatment - Right or Wrong?
  108. Female Sexuality and Society
  109. Is human being the last step of evolution ?
  110. Kony 2012
  111. The Difference Between Sex & Gender
  112. Is domestic Violence still active around this world?
  113. Where's the logo on Mod The Sims website?
  114. Intersex- The silent minority?
  115. 'Gender': Toys, Games and Sleepovers.
  116. Is the debate about same-sex marriage over or still ongoing?
  117. Black March
  118. High School Senior Submits Inappropriate "Modeling" Photo to Yearbook
  119. Tim Tebow: A good role model or not?
  120. Gay men that marry women, what's your opinion?
  121. I no agree with moms drink or do drugs
  122. Blanket Bans on Peanuts in Schools For Kids With Allergies
  123. Our Favourite Paysite!! Your Very Own TSR Tutorial.
  124. Inequality in Gender, Race & Ethnicity
  125. Censoring internet in America?
  126. What would you do in this situation?
  127. In God We Trust: Unnecessary Motto?
  128. Sims 3 EP for seasons?
  129. What is "free"?
  130. Is Sims City the basis of Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan?
  131. Please Help me to Choose
  132. Is it wrong for a man to have a man-crush on another guy?
  133. When is derivative artwork stealing?
  134. Bless you disruptive behavior?
  135. Bad things ALWAYS happen to good people
  136. Toddlers and Tiaras : Out of Hand?
  137. Ƶ
  138. protesting death penelty at excutions.....
  139. Lemonleaf or Pralinesims? Your thoughts.
  140. Losing all faith in America.....
  141. Religious Fanaticism: Excuse or Cause?
  142. What are Science and Zmobies?
  143. The use of Anti-Semitic slurs against greedy people, what's your stand?
  144. Is It Racist to Not Want to Date Someone Based on The Color of Their Skin?
  145. Sexual censorship in America.
  146. Is the movie industry cutting off its nose to spite its face or what?
  147. Political System Analysis: Communism VS Capitalism
  148. What goes into a person's sexuality? What factors into its definition?
  149. Moms dressing like their teen daughters? Problem or Not?
  150. Bert and Ernie getting married
  151. No Name
  152. "Shadow of the Swastika"
  153. No Name
  154. No Name
  155. No Kids Allowed Movement: Fair?
  156. Amy Winehouse Dead - Your Thoughts
  157. Marijuana: Should it be legal or not?? (read all post before posting)
  158. Is being burnt to death the right way to punish someone for stealing potatoes?
  159. End of the Murdoch Empire?
  160. Casey Anthony NOT GUILTY?!
  161. Which dirty word is the queen mother of them all? The "N" word, The "C" Word or the "F" Word?
  162. Should organ donation be an opt-in or opt-out service?
  163. Internet Restrictions
  164. U.S Bill S.978 may threaten machinima videos on the internet and more.
  165. Etiquette Time!
  166. I've chosen not to belive in sexuality anymore.
  167. No Name
  168. Closing of all Nuclear power plants in USA?
  169. California's "Five Faiths" Prison Policy
  170. Would you rather die or live extremely ill?
  171. No Name
  172. Congrats Wisconsin! Hiding a gun, no problem!
  173. Internet Control
  174. Breaking News.. Were still here!!
  175. Was 9-11 A Conspiracy by The Government?
  176. Ayn Rand, and all that lovely stuff
  177. Bin Laden is Dead.
  178. Political Correctness
  179. Should be made illegal to dropout from school?
  180. The ethics of debt
  181. Endangered Species: A Question of Priorities?
  182. Are video games art?
  183. Huckabee's Interview on The Daily Show
  184. Parents pushing their children..
  185. Is this child a 'hero'?
  186. Japan and the Future of Nuclear Power
  187. The Situation in Libya
  188. Freedom of speech/ paedophilia
  189. Scientist finds evidence of extraterrestrial life; no one cares
  190. No Name
  191. Is society taking behavioral disorders seriously enough?
  192. People who keep wild animals as pets
  193. (Wild) Animal Attacks
  194. Who is to blame if cosmetic surgery goes wrong?
  195. Oh yay. State guns and mandatory guns.
  196. The "fat" tax on junk food- should it be implemented?
  197. transgender marriages
  198. Upcoming Huck Finn eliminates the n word.
  199. EA vs. Activision: The Debacle
  200. Is 3 hours the maximun that a person should be on Screen?
  201. Should women be allowed to take an abortion pill at home?
  202. Living at home. Acceptable?
  203. What is the most important subject?
  204. What constitutes "scientism"?
  205. Is this soap plot insensitive?
  206. Ted Williams!!!
  207. How exactly do you kill animals "nicely"?
  208. What do you think of parents who continue to have fun?
  209. Christmas: whose holiday?
  210. If it were not for man...
  211. Nutrition Facts: Where Should They Be?
  212. Should drugs be decriminalised?
  213. Why is America considered the fattest country?
  214. Your views on euthanasia
  215. Importance of College
  216. Is the Euro in risk of colapsing? What actions will be needed to keep the current system going?
  217. The male contraceptive pill
  218. Second Life's crackdown on adult content available to lying teens
  219. Proposed increase in UK university fees
  220. Twitter Joke Trial
  221. Airport Full Body Scanners: Intrusive or a necessity?
  222. Should Glenn Beck Be Fired?
  223. What rights should pedophiles have?
  224. Should you give up your seat for an overweight person?
  225. The Opposite of Intolerance?
  226. Oh. My. God.
  227. 24 Songs = $1.5 Million, wtf?
  228. Women proposing: is it desperate?
  229. Should violent games be banned ?
  230. Judge declares 4 year old can be sued for the death of an eldery woman
  231. 'Saving your dog or a stranger' scenario
  232. Preconceived Notions About MTS Members
  233. Anti-Drug, etc and School
  234. Is it bad to do things the easy way?
  235. Public School: Reaction To Suicide
  236. Best approach for global human overpopulation?
  237. job and name discrimination
  238. Adoption and Skin Colour/Race??
  239. Should a post-up transgendered person feel obligated to tell their partner about their biological gender?
  240. The Evils of Privatization
  241. Gender Roles/Stereotypes
  242. Crimes and their punishments.. your views
  243. UNReligion Thread: Atheism, Etc.
  244. Teens, Sex, and Drugs
  245. Thoughts on the Pope's visit to the UK
  246. Should Pedo Bear *really* be banned? No, this is not a joke
  247. Improve the World
  248. Canadian Drive Doesn't Want Gay Blood
  249. The Moon Landing: Real or Hoax?
  250. Thoughts: Koran-Burning Pastor Will Go Forward