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  1. I need Help with Franky!!!
  2. Looking for/to make slider
  3. WTH? Same textures, different shadows
  4. Adjusting a shirt mesh
  5. Looking for help with beautiful conversion?
  6. Quick Question re bump maps
  7. pixely edges
  8. Big transparency issues with hair .
  9. A question about hair retextures/TS2 conversions [RESOLVED]
  10. Help needed! Want to edit CC, but don't know where to start!
  11. Strange shape on hair that I can't figure out how to get rid of.
  12. Clothing Mesh Help (newbie)
  13. Testers Wanted: slider and script to lift sims wearing high shoes
  14. converting sims 2 to sims 3
  15. Help with clothing meshes (newbie)
  16. missing uv map
  17. CTU and expansion packs
  18. How To Mesh Shoes + How To Texture Shoes (I'm a newbie)
  19. Newbie question about custom sim.
  20. problem with a new texture for dress with CTU (solved)
  21. Help needed: Problems reducing a dress to its skirt portion
  22. Bad lighting issues
  23. Help: Converting a Non-Default Skin to A Default One
  24. Purple and green pixellation on clothing textures
  25. Creating Custom Freckles
  26. Quick question for the moderators re: uploading sim with custom hair
  27. Looking for: An idiots guide to modifying a head accessory (Or someone with a lot of patience)
  28. Problem with Texture Mapping
  29. Help Exporting the Cat Mesh?
  30. Age conversion from Adult -> Elder?
  31. Black and white and ugly all over
  32. Recolour with custom bumpmap looks too shiny?
  33. Baggy pants problem - Hiding the lower body mesh
  34. Creating & Mac
  35. Strange seam on modified meshes
  36. Looking for a clothing mod...
  37. Where can I find...
  38. CAS Accessory and Clothing type
  39. A mod to make pets' eyes more realistic ?
  40. Pets Accessory Creation
  41. Texture priority
  42. Body/Work Shop ...a little confused
  43. Hair Issue: Gaps when Mirroring Right to Left Side
  44. Why can't I replace Bump Maps in CTU?
  45. Help! Outline problems...
  46. Just tried creating lipstick for first time...
  47. Pet Markings?
  48. Enable CC to be Base Game Compatible
  49. Need help to Extract face of custom sim for Milkshape modeling
  50. Multiple accessories on a sim pet at once-Pets
  51. Fix for ugly Pets eyes
  52. Need Help with making Sonic the Hedgehog sim
  53. What tool lets you switch Accessories Categories?
  54. How to texture a hat I meshed myself- UV map issues
  55. Wooden leg and hook for pirate Sims?
  56. How do you retexture hair with shaved section?
  57. Creation works great, but doesn't show as "custom"?
  58. Burned Texture
  59. Glass mesh doesn't show up ingame.
  60. "Hashed bone 0xblahblahblah not in skeleton"
  61. Adding an accessory model with no rigging?
  62. Retexturing custom meshes
  63. Eye tutorial for gimp?
  64. [ASK] Export and Edit Group_Base
  65. Skin-tone problem
  66. Neutral Bumpmaps- How to?
  67. Texture Alpha Issues (merged)
  68. Custom Thumbnails for Face Masks
  69. How to make custom hair with blender or milkshape
  70. something wrong with the textures
  71. Need some help with Default Replacement
  72. Different Vertice count on the seam area
  73. Some simple questions about Skininator
  74. CAS area modification
  75. Age and gender assignments with cc
  76. Why can't I change the eyelash color?
  77. CAS background
  78. Totally awesome straight UVMAP?
  79. Alpha Accessory problems
  80. Converting Adult Clothing Into Teen?
  81. Questions about adding bones with Milkshapes
  82. fit/fat/thin morph default replacements
  83. how do i...
  84. How do I make a bump map?
  85. Something wrong with my alpha
  86. Is it possible to set up textures/colors by manual?
  87. Milkshape Problem
  88. how to make custom tattoos
  89. adding preset recolors for eyeshadow
  90. Morphmaker problem
  91. Transparency issues on accessory
  92. QMesh installation problems
  93. Mesh Morphs to Accessories
  94. What is the TM hairline supposed to look like?
  95. converting a hairstyle accessory to a clothing accessory
  96. Is it possible to make a canine like face for a sim?
  97. Aang tattoo solutions
  98. Editing .Sims3Pack
  99. Problem with beard texture (solved)
  100. Tattoo issue
  101. Is there a way to copy bone assignments from different meshes onto a new mesh?
  102. Military Dog Tag
  103. .Package Extract
  104. motorcycle helmet
  105. Store clothing-Age conversion
  106. How do I make an overlay show in color on Sims' skin?
  107. CTU and EP's
  108. Help with Hair in TSRW *SOLVED*
  109. Contact Lenses
  110. The simbot head is not covering the face
  111. Starting Vertex ID(s)
  112. Problems with Texture Bleeding into Skin
  113. CASP and XML?
  114. Recategorisers
  115. How Can I Make A Hair Mesh Available For All Ages?
  116. Moving outfit to top category. Possible?
  117. Suspenders as an accesories
  118. re categorizing as upper armband or necklace.
  119. accessories attached to hand that disappear when the hand is busy
  120. Adult clothing for teen
  121. Strange Shadows in EP Mesh Clone
  122. Custom hair wont stick in shower.... but already enabled for 'naked' in s3pe
  123. Boob morphs for hair
  124. Still has buttons?
  125. mesh combining issues
  126. How Can I Make A Clothes Mesh Available For All Ages and Genders?
  127. Noob looking for facemask help/tutorial
  128. Question about hats
  129. Strange line in custom tattoo render.
  130. Very confused beginner seeking a little guidance.
  131. How to make a lipstick that allows you to have multiple colours on it?
  132. Making “hat” hair with DABOOBS
  133. Can't get rid of the zero!
  134. HELP! Torso Does Not Move With Sliders
  135. Texture goes bad outside CAS
  136. Programs & Tools?
  137. Individual Limb Sliders?
  138. Export meshes from CAS?
  139. One final question and this project is DONE. Compression ---
  140. Switching clothes from the outfit category to top category
  141. Creating slider for scalp?
  142. Custom thumbs aren't working in accessories
  143. RGB masking tutorial is MISSING!!
  144. Need some suggestions on "How to"
  145. Texture Distortion on Shoes
  146. Texturing help???
  147. making clothes??
  148. Creator Help Please! Bottom of Clothing Skin Colored
  149. it's all in the casp, right?
  150. Converting Sims2 accessories to Sims3
  151. Can I pull a stencil out of a .package file?
  152. Recomendations appreciated for Gunbelt accessory
  153. Question about Bones
  154. Mesh shows in CTU - crashes game
  155. Edit Hair
  156. CTU Commit button problems
  157. So I edited this top...
  158. Texture Problems
  159. new issue - Blender plugin problem
  160. Edit: Lines on mesh and Extended Manual Edit?
  161. How to make skins?
  162. Changing uniforms
  163. How to convert a Medieval sim to TS3?
  164. hex numbers of CAS default skintones
  165. How enable the Generations body hair for teens?
  166. How do you recategorize EA clothing?
  167. Making off the Shoulders top mesh and Transparency
  168. Testers Wanted: Blender 3D 2.6 GEOM Tools(now imports rig)
  169. Fat/thin hair morph states
  170. Meshing failure
  171. objects as accessories
  172. clothing mesh
  173. Extracting mesh from Sims3Pack?
  174. creating bodyarmor: how to go on?
  175. Bumpmap issues
  176. Very new
  177. For beta testing: tool to simplify morphing a base mesh with vertices added or removed
  178. Not able to see the lower quality meshes in game?
  179. Noobish question about Default Replacement Eyes
  180. Terribly N00by Accessory Question
  181. Hair moves up and down with eyelid slider
  182. making make up
  183. Modding DL-Hair
  184. Using adult stage for middle-aged project
  185. Texture problem, please help. - Solved!
  186. Having problem with Frankenstein'd mesh...
  187. morph export with blender?
  188. Solved, can be deleted :)
  189. Strange texture on accessory in CAS and in game
  190. How do you...or I rather..?
  191. Mesh gets weird in game.
  192. For beta testing: Sim Outfit editor/creator tool
  193. Alpha accessories: transparency issue
  194. leonardo di caprio sim problem need help
  195. Questions, questions, questions! (Clothing Mesh)
  196. How do i ....
  197. How to create custom tattoo location?
  198. Legs shows through dress when the sim is sittinng
  199. accessory don't show up in live mode
  200. Making stencils re-colorable?
  201. Clothing request (not sure where to ask, sorry!)
  202. Lycan & Zombie skintones for Sims 3?
  203. Tunic make my Sim disapear! O.o
  204. Dress loads weird in game
  205. CTU won't let me save
  206. Working with the nude top for toddlers
  207. Need Help With My Custom Shirt
  208. Custom CAS Thumbnails
  209. Custom Bodyshape?
  210. Editing the Gender for Clothing
  211. Quick Question?
  212. White skin tone?
  213. Making awesome hair textures
  214. question about modifying accessories...
  215. Question about retexturing hair
  216. Coat: 4th Alpha not working, also, blasted buttons won't go away
  217. Accessory Normal Map
  218. Mesh transparency (aka, Bloom! Halp!)
  219. UV-map problem
  220. Custom Shoes
  221. Seam
  222. Attempting to Retexture Hair. Failing miserably, as retextured hair does not show up.
  223. Custom Ambitions tattoos and Sims 3 Exchange
  224. Setting default color preset on a clothing item
  225. can't find empty bump map
  226. Boots problem
  227. Starting vertex value for shoes
  228. DDS quality
  229. Sometimes my hair disappear
  230. Postal
  231. Adding a slider menu to plan a outfit?
  232. Replacing the teen face
  233. Legs/Feet Problem on Mesh
  234. Mesh default replacement
  235. Categories & IDunno?
  236. Question about oil layer as make up
  237. Skintone Question - How To Add Details To Neck?
  238. What's wrong this hair???
  239. Welding the seams - UVmap
  240. Converting item to other clothing catagories?
  241. Edit: Morphmaker help needed
  242. Looking for BodyMorphMaker(older version)
  243. Anyone know how to edit EP flags for CAS content?
  244. Question about NewSea's hairs
  245. Frankenstein Clothing with CTU - Solved
  246. Problems with thumbnails
  247. Problem with a specular or Highlight
  248. Mesh Disappears in CTU after save
  249. how make texture in hairs
  250. big eyelashes and meshes problem