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  1. RGB masking tutorial is MISSING!!
  2. Need some suggestions on "How to"
  3. Texture Distortion on Shoes
  4. Texturing help???
  5. making clothes??
  6. Creator Help Please! Bottom of Clothing Skin Colored
  7. it's all in the casp, right?
  8. Converting Sims2 accessories to Sims3
  9. Can I pull a stencil out of a .package file?
  10. Recomendations appreciated for Gunbelt accessory
  11. Question about Bones
  12. Mesh shows in CTU - crashes game
  13. Edit Hair
  14. CTU Commit button problems
  15. So I edited this top...
  16. Texture Problems
  17. new issue - Blender plugin problem
  18. Edit: Lines on mesh and Extended Manual Edit?
  19. How to make skins?
  20. Changing uniforms
  21. How to convert a Medieval sim to TS3?
  22. hex numbers of CAS default skintones
  23. How enable the Generations body hair for teens?
  24. How do you recategorize EA clothing?
  25. Making off the Shoulders top mesh and Transparency
  26. Testers Wanted: Blender 3D 2.6 GEOM Tools(now imports rig)
  27. Fat/thin hair morph states
  28. Meshing failure
  29. objects as accessories
  30. clothing mesh
  31. Extracting mesh from Sims3Pack?
  32. creating bodyarmor: how to go on?
  33. Bumpmap issues
  34. Very new
  35. For beta testing: tool to simplify morphing a base mesh with vertices added or removed
  36. Not able to see the lower quality meshes in game?
  37. Noobish question about Default Replacement Eyes
  38. Terribly N00by Accessory Question
  39. Hair moves up and down with eyelid slider
  40. making make up
  41. Modding DL-Hair
  42. Using adult stage for middle-aged project
  43. Texture problem, please help. - Solved!
  44. Having problem with Frankenstein'd mesh...
  45. morph export with blender?
  46. Solved, can be deleted :)
  47. Strange texture on accessory in CAS and in game
  48. How do you...or I rather..?
  49. Mesh gets weird in game.
  50. For beta testing: Sim Outfit editor/creator tool
  51. Alpha accessories: transparency issue
  52. leonardo di caprio sim problem need help
  53. Questions, questions, questions! (Clothing Mesh)
  54. How do i ....
  55. How to create custom tattoo location?
  56. Legs shows through dress when the sim is sittinng
  57. accessory don't show up in live mode
  58. Making stencils re-colorable?
  59. Clothing request (not sure where to ask, sorry!)
  60. Lycan & Zombie skintones for Sims 3?
  61. Tunic make my Sim disapear! O.o
  62. Dress loads weird in game
  63. CTU won't let me save
  64. Working with the nude top for toddlers
  65. Need Help With My Custom Shirt
  66. Custom CAS Thumbnails
  67. Custom Bodyshape?
  68. Editing the Gender for Clothing
  69. Quick Question?
  70. White skin tone?
  71. Making awesome hair textures
  72. question about modifying accessories...
  73. Question about retexturing hair
  74. Coat: 4th Alpha not working, also, blasted buttons won't go away
  75. Accessory Normal Map
  76. Mesh transparency (aka, Bloom! Halp!)
  77. UV-map problem
  78. Custom Shoes
  79. Seam
  80. Attempting to Retexture Hair. Failing miserably, as retextured hair does not show up.
  81. Custom Ambitions tattoos and Sims 3 Exchange
  82. Setting default color preset on a clothing item
  83. can't find empty bump map
  84. Boots problem
  85. Starting vertex value for shoes
  86. DDS quality
  87. Sometimes my hair disappear
  88. Postal
  89. Adding a slider menu to plan a outfit?
  90. Replacing the teen face
  91. Legs/Feet Problem on Mesh
  92. Mesh default replacement
  93. Categories & IDunno?
  94. Question about oil layer as make up
  95. Skintone Question - How To Add Details To Neck?
  96. What's wrong this hair???
  97. Welding the seams - UVmap
  98. Converting item to other clothing catagories?
  99. Edit: Morphmaker help needed
  100. Looking for BodyMorphMaker(older version)
  101. Anyone know how to edit EP flags for CAS content?
  102. Question about NewSea's hairs
  103. Frankenstein Clothing with CTU - Solved
  104. Problems with thumbnails
  105. Problem with a specular or Highlight
  106. Mesh Disappears in CTU after save
  107. how make texture in hairs
  108. big eyelashes and meshes problem
  109. How make animated acessories
  110. Creating eyebrows issue
  111. How do I find out what custom content I've been using?
  112. Hair problem! :(
  113. How to add transparency to My clothing mesh
  114. create a new CAS-Screen?
  115. Slide that forehead
  116. Mesh seams issue
  117. Dress failure
  118. Is there a way to tuck pants into skin-tight boots?
  119. Lines in Hair mesh
  120. Bone assignments
  121. Hair shutting down game?
  122. Making default replacement clothing...
  123. Changing eyes' category
  124. What did I do wrong with this clothing? Other than attempt to mesh...
  125. Hair texture
  126. Normals and Thumbnails
  127. Alpha Channels in Gimp? (Default eyes question)
  128. Giant, Shrunk, Or Any Sized Sim You Imagine, Version 3.0 Out (05/03/11)
  129. Clothing texture tutorials for Photoshop?
  130. [Hair mesh] what causing this ?
  131. Hair Age Conversion - Sims3 Store?
  132. Converting Objects from TS2 to TS3
  133. how to get rid of the other designs of EA's? - TSRW-
  134. How do I dress my Male Sims in Female Clothing?
  135. Morph state accessory and TSRworkshop
  136. Contacts problem - creates a crack on the neck
  137. Please have a look at my hair mesh-it's doing odd things!
  138. Starting VertexID numbers and LODs also TSRW
  139. Visible gap on tucked in top.
  140. 3 color channels to only 2 color channels
  141. TSR Workshop hates my tattoo dds file
  142. Bad hair day - including pics
  143. Are Maya/3DSmax obj. exporter different from blender obj. exporter?
  144. My accessory mesh is crashing the game.
  145. What is a bad mesh for the sims?
  146. Costume Mask (Dia De Los Muertos)
  147. Newbie asking for a collaborator (Ghostbusting)
  148. Why are they not recoloring?
  149. Trying to replace the mask of a TM top -- help?
  150. Bone assignments and morphs
  151. Bunch of Questions 2
  152. How can i make all the morph for clothing ?
  153. Hair for toddlers
  154. Boots texture overlaps on pants
  155. Need help making ripped jeans and similar items
  156. creating accessories
  157. Child's skeleton and bonetool + Bad boneassigments
  158. How to correctly package sims 3 for upload?
  159. Thumbnail
  160. Morphstate Problem - solved
  161. Help! 3D max - hair meshing
  162. Accessory, morphstates, 3Ds -> Cursed shine
  163. How to make mods on a mac?
  164. weird white dots..
  165. re-categorizing sims3pack files
  166. question about creating custom sims (celebrities)
  167. Normalmaps & TGI links
  168. Help with teen male undies
  169. Freckles into Accessory?
  170. Weird Shadows
  171. Custom CAS Thumbnail..
  172. CTU- not loading meshes
  173. Black mesh -> odd shine
  174. Need... help?
  175. making shoes
  176. Programs
  177. Deleting part of a mesh
  178. Mesh transnparencies
  179. Please help: finding and extracting vampire overlay (not the neck tat)
  180. Modifying custom hair
  181. i just made custom clothing...now i want to edit in milkshape?
  182. Problem with a skin
  183. help with clothing retexturing using gimp/paint.net
  184. Bunch of Questions
  185. Morph States
  186. Edit hair to enable showering with them
  187. Custom hair mesh
  188. Cloth problem
  189. LN Full body towel copped to lower body
  190. Please help .DDS files?
  191. Converting TS2 Hair Mesh to TS3 Hair w/Accessory
  192. Warped Hair, Help!
  193. Conversion hair, assigning bone weights?
  194. Normalmap and channels
  195. Editing bump maps
  196. Tutorial: Extending Maximum/Minimum CAS Sliders for Thin/Heavy Blend, Muscle Blend, Muscle Definition Blend, and Breast Size Blend
  197. Shoes are shiny, outfit is not. Why?
  198. Need help with CAS Texture Unitool
  199. Seam showing for custom footwear
  200. Seperation of head and body on a sim
  201. Problem with extending a mesh
  202. Head mesh?
  203. CTU - changing to necklace category and adding fat states
  204. Bandage head
  205. Age converting clothes?
  206. EA store meshes
  207. My skins don't appear anymore in Ambitions
  208. Unwrap and texture question
  209. Help! trying to create moustaches
  210. Help
  211. TSRW Errors (well THEY won't help me.)
  212. Help with UV mapping
  213. Zoning and Texture-Flipping (TSRW and Maya)
  214. Fixing a dark mesh?
  215. Are normal maps working correctly ?
  216. Non-Default Skintones and the Late Night Patch
  217. trouble with making custom content
  218. CASParts?
  219. Accessories tutorial?
  220. Necklaces
  221. Odd transparency on a hair
  222. Changing shirt color outside of CAS/Adding text
  223. Weird edges on contacts.
  224. New male muscle morph
  225. Location of new muscle textures in game files
  226. Mesh cause disfigurement...
  227. another desperate newb needing your help
  228. UV Mapping Problems
  229. Blocky edges on large (wing) custom accessories
  230. Converting a top, having some texture problems
  231. Chaps/kneepads combo and buck teeth face dont show in Ambitions
  232. Hideous lighting on a hair
  233. Packing A Sims not from CAS?
  234. bottom mesh seam- how do I fix it?
  235. Weird Shine
  236. starter help quick!
  237. Very confused about flattening bump maps!
  238. Is it possible to create new Face detail section(besides Freckles,Beauty marks and Age details)?
  239. Face overlay
  240. Can Second Life LLSD XML files convert to Sims 3 .package files
  241. Sims3pack
  242. Plicka's hairs help
  243. Help with Costume makeup
  244. How to make self sim
  245. Face texture problem
  246. Morph problem! Please help!
  247. FIXED - Visible leg seams?
  248. Blurry Stencils
  249. Face mesh problems
  250. Possible to make part of an outfit transparent?