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  1. File path for thumbnails for objects to extract with SimPe
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  3. Request/help/advice? Re-creating faces in the Sims 3.
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  6. Mod Suggestion - Portable Coffee Mugs
  7. joint edit in blender
  8. Is it possible to replace Voices? If So, then how?
  9. Replacing ingame music/radio stations?
  10. Custom Careers
  11. Getting rid of the red outline on game pause
  12. Problem with retexturing ITF billboard signs
  13. Asian themed Worlds?
  14. Which of the above mods conflict with Master Controller?
  15. Texturing/Material mapping problem.
  16. Sims 3 Adopt All The Strays Challenge!
  17. Trying to create a custom WELCOME screen
  18. True Midas Touch?
  19. Gimp DDS.exe (plugin)corruption?
  20. Tuning Mod To Disable Pets For Inactive Sims.
  21. Pose looks all right in Blender but not in game (root joint problem?)
  22. .sims3pack to .package conversions won't load in Blender
  23. Need help with a Tuning mod.
  24. Help with making NEW minor pet types
  25. Storyprogress without Nraas?
  26. Is there a creator out there who can make me....
  27. Looking for Tutorial on uploading Custom Content for players to download
  28. TestingCheatsEnabled True, Shift-click -> Object/Delete does not work for street signs
  29. Hotel Kidnapper Challenge
  30. I did DO it! :)
  31. A Long Shot Question (GW2 to TS3 Conversion)
  32. WCIF Tutorial to Create New Food
  33. Custom loading screen graphics?
  34. Looking for a rideable skateboard?
  35. What should my 1st piece of CC be?
  36. New Modder
  37. clothing
  38. Creating a mod for more pets...and handheld gaming systems that can fit in a Sim's personal inventory
  39. Sims 3 Package Viewer Error: The Given Key was not Present in the Dictionary
  40. Change Charity Names?
  41. Recataloging mod
  42. Big Brother Challenge (My version)
  43. I want to make a mod to replace music in CAS, Build, Buy, etc modes with custom music
  44. Sims 3 Bathroom Glitches
  45. Angel Twin challenge
  46. Locked in School challenge
  47. Is it possible to create custom pet species?
  48. The Supernatural Legacy Challenge
  49. Love & Basketball Teaser
  50. Need help with poses please!
  51. I cannot see my CC careers
  52. Convertions Sims3pack, package files to obj?
  53. What CC did I use on this lot?
  54. The Sims 3, posing in blender, loading prop gives me error!!? D:
  55. Counter/Bar Table as Rug?
  56. Show file names in-game?
  57. Retexturing objects with a separate dds
  58. modify smustle dance
  59. Blender clip tool
  60. So I want to create a program/utility. Any advice?
  61. what's wrong I have done with S3PE
  62. Custom Plants - Tulips, grass and stuff...
  63. How to get more than 6 pets?
  64. The Sims 3 Plumbob (without text) with transparency 600x600
  65. Package missing language ?
  66. How would I make this?
  67. MakeHuman, An Open-Source Tool For Making 3D Characters
  68. Object Idea!
  69. hair
  70. Sims 4 UI > Sims 3 UI
  71. Creating custom fish for Sims 3
  72. Modding?
  73. Animations In C4D?
  74. Poses look different
  75. CAS mod(s). Newbie needs help.
  76. TS3 Cleaner
  77. Looking for noob instructions
  78. Can't retexture plants?
  79. how is named this program
  80. Problem with blender 2.63 - canīt open .obj files
  81. My custom career isn't working
  82. '.Package' to '.Obj' for Maya?
  83. Questions Using Delphy's CAS Texture Unitool....
  84. Trouble when generating .sims3pack files in game
  85. What is Melody?
  86. New here. Question about chair animations.
  87. Couple Poses Problem
  88. sims 3 creation request
  89. A new life stage (preteens)
  90. How to "cut" a 2D texture around the UV map
  91. A tutorial for resetting a single joint in Blender
  92. Meshing clothes with Blender - HELP
  93. A question about retexturing street art
  94. Creating CAS Thumbnails?
  95. Sims have to be installed to create custom content?
  96. Kingdom hearts keyblades and weapons
  97. Blender Animation too Fast in Game
  98. Barrier Rope Mod:
  99. Making a mod with existing animations
  100. .package to .obj, etc?
  101. Terrain Paint Retexture HELP!!!
  102. [Request] Sim Conversion from .sim3pack to .sim
  103. Editing moodlets and buffs
  104. Milkshape help
  105. How do you put your own sim into Blender?
  106. .animation add on problem?
  107. Sims 3 Hair
  108. Retexturing the grey portions under the roofs
  109. Bathrooms and foodstands at festival grounds
  110. Blender Theme
  111. Lifetime Rewards
  112. How to translate a name replacement mod?
  113. Extracting From Sims 3 !
  114. Help with the halfpipe
  115. DazStudio 4.5?
  116. Posing Prop Question: Are all dressers and beds the same height?
  117. Finding out what content is on a sim.
  118. How do you create animations in Blender?
  119. Something weird showed up while merging packages
  120. s3oc not picking up expansions
  121. 3ds Max Meshing Tutorials
  122. Apartment Life
  123. Older TSRW versions
  124. Help with packages
  125. Blender!
  126. How to add bones in data grid and jazz assign actor question
  127. DDS plugins for PS CS6?
  128. Help finding or creating a mod for TS3 teens?
  129. Erm, am I doing something wrong?
  130. DDS Plugins For GIMP. Need Help from people who create CC
  131. Creating a Thumbnail for Sim
  132. Wild West and Ponys
  133. How can I make new interactions for the Sims 3 radio?
  134. Collection Icons
  135. Is there any way to recategorize clothing and furniture objects?
  136. Custom Content - HELP - I need to know how to make a simple not-recolorable wall for The Sims 3
  137. Changing or making relationships between Sims
  138. I cant find my gameplay data package
  139. Does s3pe/i have Malware?
  140. Hi, new question. How do I open s3pe on Mac?
  141. Want to convert new EGC version, or get help
  142. I have a question about mods and the Pets expansion...
  143. Custom Careers TS3
  144. Pose player
  145. Can I make Sims 3 meshes and objects/careers/skills on a mac?
  146. Issue with MiniTutorial - Enabling Patterns Tutorial
  147. Apartment Shell Recolouring
  148. Savegame modding
  149. Where did the "Opps! I brokededed it" thread go?
  150. Remove sparkles from Bottomless Pet Bowl [Solved]
  151. Screenshots-What do you call this thing & how do you turn it off?[SOLVED]
  152. Base Game Objects Collection
  153. how do i....
  154. Toddler question???
  155. help with mod
  156. Lost and Brainfried.
  157. Sim conversion - How to export Medieval sim... to future.