View Full Version : Curvy mesh programs?

30th Jul 2006, 12:13 AM
Hi, i have some ides for some great new objects, but they need curvy meshes... so which programs do you recomend to make curvy meshes... they must be free to download aswell..

Thanks for reading this post :D

From Bella1234200

30th Jul 2006, 12:16 AM
Not all the curves have to be from the mesh. Many objects
(including Maxis ones) use the texture (alpha channel) to add some shape.

30th Jul 2006, 12:24 AM
Erm, ANY 3d modeling program should be able to make curvy shapes. How you want the shape done is not so much a matter of the program you use, but how you set up your 3d model... and that's up to you and your modeling skills. Whatever program you choose, you'll find it's going to be a lot easier for you to create certain shapes if you take some time (several days) to study some tutorials on how to use your program of choice. Just about every 3d modeling program has an official site with links to tutorials - I know Milkshape has tutorials built right into its help file, and of course, there's always Google, for "beginner (whatever program) tutorial" to get you started. Even if the project in the tutorials isn't what you want to ultimately make, doing the projects will help you learn a lot about 3d modeling and make it much easier for you to make whatever shapes you like.

And yes, as jaxad says, you can also, depending on the project, do a lot with your texture/alpha to create the look of curves without the high poly count that a smooth curve generally entails.