View Full Version : Has Anyone Gotten The Iphone App Yet

24th Jun 2009, 3:05 PM
I'm curious as to opinions of it. Kepping in mind that it's an iphone app and not a full pc game, I'm wondering if it's worth the 10 bucks to get it

24th Jun 2009, 4:07 PM
It's cute, but very limited. It also made my phone run hot and crash a lot. I last played it with OS 2.2.1 so maybe with the new OS 3.0 firmware it'll work better. Unfortunately, there are only 2 different sim faces: male and female. There are about half a dozen each of tops, bottoms, hairstyles, hair color, and skintones. I don't believe there are different ages, just one age: adult. If there are any other ages, I never found a way to create them. It also seems like there's only one playable sim per household, I didn't find a way to add any others. It does have the personality trait system, but they're different than the PC game. It is a real 3D world and you use both your fingers to change the angle, zoom in and out, etc. The graphics seem better or at least as good as the Sims 1 screenshots I've seen so it's probably pretty impressive for a phone.

It's probably worth the 10 bucks if it didn't crash all the time. A quick Google search finds that it crashes frequently for others so I'm not alone. Some people don't have this problem though. I do have a bunch of other apps installed as well as Cydia apps, OpenSSH, etc. so there could be a conflict or three.

24th Jun 2009, 4:45 PM
Thanks for the info. From your description(crashing aside) it sounds like it's worth the $10 for me to have something to mess around with when I'm bored at work or waiting in line for something. I think I'll get it

Mrs. Crumplebottom
24th Jun 2009, 8:10 PM
i want to but my friend stole my ipod.
You can tell by her eyes D:<