View Full Version : Recolor won't show up in Body Shop!

7th Jul 2009, 6:10 PM
Okay, so I just started to learn to recolor! Yay!
I am using Paint.Net, because i wasn't sure what GIMP mirror to download, and it never worked, so here I am!
I went to BodyShop, picked a dress, went to Paint.Net, recolored it, saved it, and went back to bodyshop! But the dress didn't change colors, so I couldn't upload anyhting.
How do you get your recolors to show up in the BodyShop?
Also, does anyone have a good link to the Gimp downloading thingy?

Jewell A Pentagram
17th Jul 2009, 2:59 AM
I can't figure it out either.... someone.... help???

17th Jul 2009, 8:01 PM
If the recolour is not showing up in Body Shop, you've either saved the image as the wrong type of file (it needs to be a *.bmp), you've saved the file in the wrong place, or you need to hit the refresh button in Body Shop (the little curly arrow).