View Full Version : Anti-UV rays windows for my vampire sim. Is this possible?

4th Jun 2011, 3:25 AM
Hey modders, I just recently picked this game up. My girlfriend was playing it for a while and I got into it. I have experience modding fallout3 and ciV and would like to add a few things for my sim3 experience. I have all the EP's except generations although thats probably soon on the way.

I have a sim whos rolling in cash being the emporer of evil and a vamp and I'm tired of living in the basement of my huge mansion. I really like the natural light of windows but I don't want vampires to be free to move about the day so the twilight whatever mod is out of the question. (I hate cheating, ruins the fun for me, I'm using his mod with more realistic sun damage though.)

Let me know if this is at all possible before I dive into the tutorials here and load up on programs to start this endeavor of mine.

Thanks in advance.

4th Jun 2011, 8:42 AM
Yes, it's possible. If you know C#. If you don't know C#, well, it's still possible, but then it will IMHO only lead to frustration.

You will need windows with a custom class that you can look for. Then if a vampire gets the HeatingUp buff, you can check if the sim is inside and whether all windows connected to the outside are your special windows and remove the buff if so.

4th Jun 2011, 11:59 PM
Very helpful, thanks I will look into it.

I did some searching/testing last night and found that "Reflective Windows" by JRW accomplishes exactly this although the reflection part does bother me. Only mostly cause when walls are set to down you see the windows(mirrors) still there.

Thanks for the information again.