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10th Feb 2012, 3:24 AM
Just curious as to how everyone plays their elders. I usually make mine stay in the same house hold and either their eldest or 'favorite' moves in with them after college so they inherit the house.

I don't usually have any elder sims without families but any divorced and still single moves into one of their children homes and dies tehre :rofl:

Do you guys do the same or do you have a retirement home they all go to?

10th Feb 2012, 3:32 AM
Lately, my game has been so messed up I can't get my Sims to elder stage. But, now that I've reinstalled and diced my CC in half, I'll probably incorporate them, and have the Elders help out the families.

10th Feb 2012, 3:33 AM
Aww what happened? Was it a hack or was the whole game just screwed?

10th Feb 2012, 3:38 AM
For my apocalypse, it seems they stay home and watch the kids.

For my legacies it's talent badges (usually making useful things) and fulfilling wants.

I completely ignored one of my heir's wants to have 20 whoohoos until she was an elder :o

10th Feb 2012, 4:04 AM
They always stay with their kids and grandkids. As I mostly play patriarchal joint families (and occasionally matriarchal).

It is quite handy.Because they look after the kids and eliminate the need of nannies completely. They have a ton of skills and badges and are always able to stuff the fridge with high-quality meals. The elder sims generally get to teach the toddler skills and do the encouraging. The elder sims are generally permaplat so I don't have to worry about their aspiration meter.

The only annoyance I have is with non playful/non-active elders and their extreemely slow walk. I solved this problem with Olive Specter by making her an evil witch and she just "magitevestums" around. But Herb Oldie still walks soo slow. As it somehow seemed odd to make him a wizard. Thankfully he lives in a small house.

I generally get attached to all the sims I play, whether they're pre-made elders or my sims who've turned elders and don't feel like letting them go. I feel kind of sad during the umbrella drink scene and make sure there are lots of reminders of the departing sim around.

Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust
10th Feb 2012, 4:18 AM
:faceslap: I can't stand playing elders. I always have to cheat so my sims don't get old otherwise I completely lose interest in playing them

10th Feb 2012, 4:37 AM
Have them watch grandchildren (like the OP I generally have them stay with one of their children), work on badges and skills. I got a hack from Simlogical, elders sleep until 6 am like everyone else, so that makes them a LOT more tolerable.

If they have a huge garden, then they take care of it. Sometimes I'll get them some pets and they can do the training and run after them and make sure they don't destroy furniture.

Elders can also make friends for promotions for the rest of the family members (though I have a no friends needed hack). And of course, encourage grandchildren in certain traits.

10th Feb 2012, 4:44 AM
Aww what happened? Was it a hack or was the whole game just screwed? Its my University disc. Its really scratched, and the sound is all muddled and I get errors. I thought it was my CC but I reinstalled, and went in with it completely clean of CC, and I still get the small error. I think I'm going to have to buy a new one.

Back on Topic: Nursing homes are great to put them in if you get fed up with them. But, really they're very useful especially for career oriented 'children' or grandchildren. They can cook, clean, and do all the housey type stuff.

10th Feb 2012, 5:05 AM
I have them move in with their oldest kid or the one with the most kids to help out, get elder jobs/retire to get more money for the family, and garden/paint for even more money. Plus I have them clean the house while everyone is out at work or school so I don't have to hire a maid. But if they don't have any grandkids or any kids I just kill them cause I can't stand playing elders :lol:

10th Feb 2012, 5:26 AM
Awww I dont think i could get ever get tired of my sims once theyre elders Im too attached to them to get bored :lol:

10th Feb 2012, 6:09 AM
Family elders usually stay with their families to help care for grandchildren, but other elders will often move into the retirement home I have set up in RH in my uberhood. Who ends up moving into the retirement home is based on several factors, mostly involving household space and children age. Mortimer Goth didn't move into the retirement home because he still had Alex to raise (and also because he lives in a mansion.. who gives up a mansion for a retirement home?). The same is true for the Monty family. Carlos Contender opted out of the retirement home gig and instead found himself a young wife (who is undoubtedly in it for the money and property, but hey—such is life). Generally though, if I can't find any particular storyline for an elder and they don't seem the type to continue living with their families, they'll move into the retirement home. I rarely get bored with elders this way.

10th Feb 2012, 7:02 AM
Family elders usually stay with their families to help care for grandchildren, but other elders will often move into the retirement home I have set up in RH in my uberhood. Who ends up moving into the retirement home is based on several factors, mostly involving household space and children age. Mortimer Goth didn't move into the retirement home because he still had Alex to raise (and also because he lives in a mansion.. who gives up a mansion for a retirement home?). The same is true for the Monty family. Carlos Contender opted out of the retirement home gig and instead found himself a young wife (who is undoubtedly in it for the money and property, but hey—such is life). Generally though, if I can't find any particular storyline for an elder and they don't seem the type to continue living with their families, they'll move into the retirement home. I rarely get bored with elders this way.

Is the retirement home just a big house you built or is an apartment type lot?

10th Feb 2012, 7:23 AM
It's a big house. I converted the Viejo home for it. I hadn't even considered doing it in an apartment, but that could definitely work too.

10th Feb 2012, 7:28 AM
I suppose their only worth while function would be to continue working or be live-in maids/butlers to a degree.

10th Feb 2012, 7:44 AM
Some of my elders get a garden, others teach their grandchildren walking, talking and training on the potty. They are a great help when the parents got a lot of kids in a short time :) All of my elders stay in the house they were living from their marriage on. Only if they are the last one on the lot, they move to family for keeping the money in the family :P .

10th Feb 2012, 8:53 AM
If mine aren't in permaplat by the time they age up, they usually continue working and building skills.

Hobbies and gardening is good too! If the house is really neat, a younger family member might move in to take it over. It's not all that often though. Occasionally a single elder will marry "a younger model" who then becomes my main concern in that household. Usually my Sims go permaplat about halfway through adulthood, even earlier if they've been to college, so when they get into their golden years, I just do what I can to keep it fun. Adoption and pets are good too!

The occasional Boolprop push for birthday has also happened, if I couldn't figure out what to do with an elder ;)

10th Feb 2012, 11:14 AM
I have my elders living with children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews and whatnot, helping out around the house and helping with babies and toddlers (and sometimes children if the adults are really career or business orientated) -- better and cheaper than a nanny or butler. Fairly often they help with businesses, especially if it's one they made and passed on to a child (as they'd have a decent amount of skills and badges to help keep it running). I use the sleep 'til 6AM and most of my custom adult clothing is elder-enabled so I don't have elders popping out of bed at 4AM and being tired by 6PM, or see the saggy bodies EAixs thinks people get as soon as they hit 50.

Sometimes if they're single (either by being made that way in CAS, by outliving their spouse, or because they're a Romance sim who's never settled down) I let them go out dating and the like, and sometimes they get to marry their new partner (which brings a bit of amusement if they're a same sex couple or a MF couple where the female is elder, because that almost always means a new baby who is a lot younger than their half sibling, and sometimes even younger than their niece/nephew).

10th Feb 2012, 11:17 AM
I very rarely let mine become their childrens house slaves. I send them on holidays, set them up in small business, let them hang out in poker bars all night and just have fun with them. The one thing I have to do though is max out their active points using Merolas painting or the turtle tread annoys me too much.

10th Feb 2012, 11:17 AM
I move back the oldest male kid (or if they only have females the oldest female) to the parents house, together with his/her spouse after graduation. I always extend the adult life stage with 15 days (thatīs what you get from a whole elixir of life barrel) so when the parents oldest kid moves back they are still adults. When they eventually become elders I try to partly play them the same way as I did when they were adults. But for me it really makes everything more interesting if the elders donīt live alone. If they are part of a bigger household thereīs always things for everyone to do so it never gets boring. Plus if I loved a sim during its adult years I donīt suddenly stop loving them just because they become elders :) . Elders are IMO adorable in their own way and itīs a perfect part of their lifes for traveling and to just enjoy life (in combination with looking after grandchildren and such of course ;) ).

10th Feb 2012, 11:38 AM
There aren't a lot of playable elders in my main game, but I play the ones that I have just like I would an adult sim. I just have to be keep a watch on their aging bladder bar so there aren't any unfortunate accidents when skilling.

I aged down elderly Olive Specter to an adult when her vacationing boyfriend (now husband) came to stay with her, since I figured that living in such close proximity to Death himself would have strange side-effects on her. I have to say I sort of miss her elder self: now she can home in on her targets at community lots faster, fight longer, and generally tear a strip through the neighborhood with far more vigor than before. The only benefit is that she sleeps through the night now.

10th Feb 2012, 11:49 AM
some of my elders just got a job, some of them are "stay-at-home's", which really helpful since their children dont need to hire a nanny for their children, some of them are working since they were adults an so on...

10th Feb 2012, 12:45 PM
confession time.........I've never played any sims as elders, I don't know I guess the elderly seem really boring to play.

10th Feb 2012, 1:20 PM
I don't always have them retire. Hey, if they don't roll the Retire want (which they virtually never do), I'm sending them out to work. More money for the grandchildren later on.

Especially if they're Fortune Sims. They want to get the Simoleons rolling in.

10th Feb 2012, 2:07 PM
I have always had one of their children and spouse move in with them so the elders can ease the burden, taking care of the children and keeping the house clean for the working adults. Plus that keeps the house in the family. But I recently have become one of these elders, and my son and his family have moved back in and I find myself with child care and cleaning duties that I really don't have the energy for anymore. So now I feel sorry for my Sim elders and maybe won't give them so much work to do from now on! ;)

10th Feb 2012, 2:10 PM
Normally, not much. But sometimes a storyline doesn't make sense until they are older. After divorcing Daniel, Mary-Sue lived alone for a while to focus on her career. When she became an elder, i had her retire. She then met a random elder townie and eventually married him. Since she no longer had to work she finally had the time to really raise children. They adopted two daughter, and it was one of my favorite families during this period of their lives.

10th Feb 2012, 3:15 PM
It's a big house. I converted the Viejo home for it. I hadn't even considered doing it in an apartment, but that could definitely work too.

Not sure what the Viejo house is but viejo means old in Spanish xD

10th Feb 2012, 3:30 PM
. In my game my Elders are not frumpy and old. They are fit, the men are handsome and the women beautiful. Some are grandparents but they are not live-in maids, butlers and baby sisters. I use the Sim Blender so my elders can have regular jobs. Some are on their second career. Just like in real life, my sims are free to travel, party, date and live their lives after raising children. I have fun with my Elders.

Peni Griffin
10th Feb 2012, 3:43 PM
I play my elders like I play my adults, according to who they are and what their circumstances are. They don't bore me a bit; any sim who does, it's on me, because there's always something interesting to do with them if you find the right way to play each particular sim.

Mary Munny continues to give concerts, cut records, encourage the careers of younger musicians (especially the hot male ones), throw parties, go on outings with "The Girls," and date young men, who (since I got Freetime and aspiration perks) literally line up on the sidewalk for the privilege. It's no unusual for her to go on a dream date in the morning, come home for a nap, and go on another in the afternoon. Her large, tacky house is crammed with date rewards and the walls are lined with photobooth shots of her with her dates. I'm not sure if they're mementos, or she needs help keeping track. She refrained from picking up any natives when her son took her along on a trip to Twikkii Island, but that was because the vacation home only has one double bed and she didn't want to bounce her son and daughter-in-law out of it. She and her grandson Mark have taught most of the neighborhood to hula. She loves her grandchildren, gives them expensive presents, invites them to parties, and jams with them, but living with her son would seriously cramp her style and it's not as if she's any shakes as a cook. If she lives long enough for the boys to graduate college one of them will move in with her to inherit the house and all that money, but if not, both will be donated to the City of Drama Acres for a community center. Any venue with a hot tub, she's likely to show up in it naked, and she often thrills her local fans by turning up at the Convenient Stores to rock the karaoke machine. I normally don't care to play single adults but Mary is such a hoot I don't mind.

Hilary Aerius was always particularly close to her son Greg, and he moved back in with her after he graduated even though she was still an adult at the time. After he and his husband adopted a toddler, she retired as sous chef because she didn't see the sense in hiring a stranger to take care of him when he had a perfectly good grammy on site. She spoiled her cat, cooked astonishing meals, gardened, fished, dated, jumped on the couch, went out with "The Gals," played with toys more than her grandson did, encouraged her grandson to lighten up, and was the life of her son's parties, during one of which, Grim came for her.

Marie and Pierre Curian have always been all-in-all to each other. They have three children, the last born within a day of their turning elder, which they did holding hands in front of his crib. Both have demanding professional lives. Pierre recently achieved his dream of being a game designer, and if they can just hold onto that last friend till their rotation comes up again (always problematic; you invite these two to a party, they'll spend the whole time pillow-fighting each other unless you're mighty slick about influencing them to interact with other people) Marie will hit the top of the Adventurer career path. Marie is writing a novel. They adopted a kitten, but she's mostly the responsibility of their youngest, who is now a teen. Their middle child may move back in with his bride after graduation. They also see a lot of their oldest, Eppie, who lives cattycorner across the street, and Marie's brother's family. Pierre has a running battle with a couple of women he sees as having Done Eppie Wrong, though he's monstrously fat, lazy, and out of shape. They have a small garden and a single fruit tree but their days are so full of other things they've never made a good harvest.

Marie's brother Red Onions and his wife Livva Ann still live very much as they always have. He's a doctor and she's the biggest clotheshorse in Drama Acres. They both love dogs and one of their favorite activities is teaching their sheepdog Sweet tricks. With a fruit tree and fishing hole out front and a substantial garden out back, plus The Girls to go out with, and her drum kit in the party room, Livva Ann never has time to get bored, though she sometimes wishes they had room on the lot for a car and a bubble blower. They see a lot of their daughter and son-in-law and their children, and their son Oliver moved back in on graduation, then married a Simdian girl, Billie, whom Livva Ann is doing her best to bring up to snuff. Everybody takes care of their granddaughter Pearl about equally. Livva Ann tries not to monopolize the cooking so Billie will have a chance to learn more recipes. Livva Ann and Oliver both like to throw parties, and the stereo is always on. When Red gets a little overworked and run down Livva Ann knows just how to perk him up, IYKWIM&ITYD.

Next door at Hawkins Prime, Goz and Kitty Hawkins are spending his retirement as they spent their adulthood, canoodling and raising young 'uns. The only two of their nine children at home are the youngest, Kestrel, and their fourth, Pigeon aka Baby Girl (never mind that she has four younger siblings), who moved back in to relieve Goz of the burden of being breadwinner and head of household after she graduated. She and her husband Ezekial both have fulltime jobs, so Goz and Kitty have plenty to do with their grandchild, keeping the house in running order, gardening, fishing, tending the apple trees, and jumping each other's bones. Kitty is also a terror to her in-laws, but somebody has to keep them up to snuff and keep an eye on how they're raising her precious grandchildren! She and Ezekial can't agree on what color the sky is, so a certain amount of energy is spent on efforts to keep things civil with him. He's teaching her chess. Goz can often be found wandering around community lots doing nothing in particular, and has been known to walk into the houses of total strangers if he hears a child crying. And if he decides to advise you on woohoo technique, I recommend you listen - you will learn something!

Nannie Ghote simmigrated from Simdia with her son and granddaughter. Her son promptly left them both to fend for themselves in an apartment. So Nannie found a job as live-in help to the Munny family while the children were small. She had her own room with a separate bath. A maid took care of most of the cleaning and she did some of the cooking, but for the most part she was there for the kids. When they got older and more independent, she was afraid she'd lose this cushy gig, but the Munnys seemed to regard her in the light of an extra relative and encouraged her to date and get out on her own. At the time of her death she was eagerly awaiting the birth of a grandchild and great-grandchild, was in the middle of sewing a bunch of potholders, and was dating that nice man from the garden club.

Madge Estic still drives herself to work in her sports car every day and is a bit of a workaholic, though she recently went on a vacation to Three Lakes with her husband to remind him exactly why he doesn't want to upset her by carrying on with that floozy. Ever since her nephew caught him cheating she's been keeping him on a short leash and making him like it. She also goes out with "The Girls" and frequently invites her daughter to bring her whole sorority home for dinner. She'll probably die before her daughter graduates, judging by her lifemeter, and her husband should age to elder within a few days of that; at which point the floozy can really come into her own, because I'm pretty sure she and the daughter between them will not allow him a serene old age.

Mary Gavigan was better at having children than her husband was at supporting them, and everybody's been much better off since Isaiah moved them into his big house with his wife. Nathan has a part-time job and he and Mary both enjoy being grandparents. Nathan also took up gardening and they have a dog and a cat. Mary does most of the cooking. She and Nathan date pretty heavily now that there's some slack in the schedule, too. Apart from that, Mary doesn't go out much; but she'll invite Kitty Hawkins and her family over all the time, especially since her boy Ezekial married Kitty's Baby Girl Pigeon. She tries to encourage Ezekial to be nicer to Kitty, but it's uphill work.

Peter and Samantha Ottomas are still working and woohooing, with only one child left at home. Peter is writing a sports romance and hopes to be able to retire soon. I've always been so busy with the kids in this household that I never have done much with the parents, but now there's no chaos that may change. Samantha should at least get more involved in the youngest girl's life, though it may be too late for that to be anything more than interference, and I may be able to carve out some time for her to make some friends outside her family. I expect her to be on hand to chaperone her daughter's parties. Peter has a couple of outside friends. They're the closest I have to boring elders, and it's not that there's nothing for them to do - it's that I haven't done things with them.

Abuela Iana simmigrated with her daughter-in-law Luz and four grandchildren (her son Lou got lost on the way and frankly? Good riddance.) At first she stayed in the little apartment downtown raising the toddler. When he started school she got a Chihuahua to look after. Keeping that apartment sanitary with all those people in it was a fulltime challenge, but by the time the youngest was in school she had time to get out more. At the time of her death she was engaged and planning a double wedding with her granddaughter. Subsequently, Luz got pregnant, married, had a baby, and aged to elder on the day the baby turned to toddler. At the moment she's still got a job as a roadie, and she doesn't want to retire, but - can she physically manage it all? Her children by her first marriage are all grown and two are in college, but her much younger - and sexually voracious - husband may render it unnecessary for any of them to move back in. A lot depends on circumstances. Will she roll a want to retire? Will her husband quit his job to stay home with the kid? Will she or any of her children catch him on a side date? I've got a lot of suspense for this household. No idea how it's going to work out.

Finally, Eneida and Miguel Casa also simmigrated as part of an extended family, living in a two-bedroom, one-bath apartment with two adults and a full range of grandchildren. Eneida and her daughter Sue were run off their feet keeping the place clean and riding herd on the kids. Miguel worked part time at Taco Hell, which enabled him to be actively involved with his grandchildren and to take his wife out on the town when she got low. Which was fairly often. He died in the Llama Flu epidemic, causing Eneida to go into aspiration failure, but generating enough insurance money for the family to buy a house. Eneida, prescribed happy pills, got a little senile and became convinced that Miguel had gone back to Guasimala on a visit and would be home any day now. She was just starting to get out and make friends of her own when the Grim Reaper came for her, too.

It's not as if they lose their storylines when they get old. They're still the same people they've always been.

10th Feb 2012, 6:22 PM
The few elders I have played I fulfill vacation memories, get badges in gardening and tinkering and were GREAT an imparting knowledge to younger ones in the house. If I feel they've been around long enough and the Grim Reaper and Hula Girls haven't visited them yet, I move them out.... Have them try a new neighborhood and meet new friends etc.

10th Feb 2012, 6:42 PM
I am at the moment playing a neighborhood through the 'years' starting at the 50s. (every ten Sim household rotations = 10 years for me) I actually have fun with the elders because once they get old, they start remembering their years from when they were young etc, and their houses/apartments can be redecorated into a style that would suit their tastes. It helps me to have a lot of variety. I like keeping my elders old because I think of my grandma :) So I give them old fashioned stuff/clothes, and they do old fashion things, and rarely have a TV in their house.

10th Feb 2012, 6:57 PM
I'm kind of like Lilsister and Peni here - except my elders sometimes go mad and do all the things they wanted to do when they were adults but couldn't because of work and raising children.

10th Feb 2012, 7:21 PM
I generally have the first kid to return home when none of their siblings are there move in with their parents. (I have no 20k handouts, and my sims always seem to amass vast fortunes while raising kids. A bit annoying really. So I have college students nip home to get a bit of extra cash before getting their own house.) Then I have the elders retire after they've achieved their ltw, and used up all their vacation days. Unless they want six grandkids, and then they retire the second their first kid graduates, so they can be on hand to be called over to visit when babies are being born. After that, they work on their hobbies, repair friendships, make friends with relatives they've never really been in touch with, and look after the house and grandkids. Unless they roll the wants though, they don't teach the grandkids their skills, especially not potty training. :p They did that for their kids, now it's their kids turn.

10th Feb 2012, 8:32 PM
Not sure what the Viejo house is but viejo means old in Spanish xD

..oh, what a great coincidence! x)
The Viejos are one of the families shipped with RH. I moved out the Martins and expanded on the house to give it more bedrooms and such. It has two large living areas, so it has a pretty good communal feel, I think.

Also, while I'm back in this thread.. I forgot to mention that the elder stage is when my Sims really start to pursue their hobbies. They usually do a little throughout their lives, but without work and such to distract them, they can dedicate their full attention to sculpting, gardening, etc. once they age up to elder.

11th Feb 2012, 1:25 AM
My elders are just extended adults, with an older appearance. They stay in their job positions until theyre a few days away from death, although occasionally they'll retire earlier. If they dont have a job or is retired, they might still open up a business. I tend to have them live with their children's family more than just having them live by themselves. They help out with the grandkids and around the house, nothing too different really.

11th Feb 2012, 2:21 AM
Kill them.

11th Feb 2012, 2:41 AM
I don't like playing elders by themselves because for one thing, when they die, all their family funds are lost.

Of course, one could work around it...say they were worth $50K at death, had two children, just use family funds to increase each family's funds by $25K....