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2nd Apr 2012, 4:08 AM
Is modthesims.info the only site with custom creations for The Sims 2 PC game? I found out about modthesims.info when my friend gave me The Sims 3 for Christmas last year, she said you can download new things for your game at modthesims.info. But I wonder if there are any more sites like this one or is this the only one? I like the creations here, but sometime I want diversity.

Liv Lukas
2nd Apr 2012, 5:36 AM
This may get moved to WCIF, but here are some places to look:





http://www.blackpearlsims.com/forumdisplay.php?6-Sims-2-Updates (requires registration)


2nd Apr 2012, 5:37 AM
Yes there are other Sims Site for Sims 2 & 3 for custom content. Some are free and some you have to pay to get their creations. I am not a fan of pay sites. You can always do a Google search for more Sims site, that not hard to find at all.

2nd Apr 2012, 6:24 AM
Thank you! I think I remember hearing of Garden of Shadows come to think of it, I forgot about that one. Black Pearl Sims also has a lot of good things.

2nd Apr 2012, 9:42 AM
Is modthesims.info the only site with custom creations for The Sims 2 PC game?
Are you kidding? There are thousands of sites. Still - even 2 (or is it three?) years after the game was completed. Try Google. GoS and Black Pearl Sims are great but Live Journal is stuffed with people making stuff for TS2. Then there's places like Around the Sims 2, Parsimmonious, InSim, AAS ...

2nd Apr 2012, 11:38 AM
Thank you Maxon, I found some sites from going to blackpearlsims and looking at their Updates area they have more sites in there not just blackpearlsims.com.

2nd Apr 2012, 12:56 PM
Here are just some of the many Sim-dedicated livejournals and dreamwidths I came across over time:

Nabila (http://nabila-ici.livejournal.com/)
Yuxi (http://esperesa.dreamwidth.org/)
Trapping (http://trappingit.livejournal.com/)
CuriousB (http://blackpearlsims.com/)
Azaya (http://sixtylilies.livejournal.com/)
Jessi (http://jesstheex.livejournal.com/)
Pyxis (http://sanus-ex.livejournal.com/)
Pinketamine (http://pinketamine.dreamwidth.org/)
Lillany (http://lillany.livejournal.com/)
Ja (http://ja-viera.livejournal.com/)
Io (http://iosiren.dreamwidth.org/)
Stakeit-Uk (http://stakeit-uk.livejournal.com/)
Skell (http://skellington7d.livejournal.com/)
Psychosim (http://psychosim.livejournal.com/)
Jessi-dot (http://jessi-dot.dreamwidth.org/)
aweehie (http://aweeshie.dreamwidth.org/)

As for other big forums, the Spanish sites MYB Sims (http://www.mybsims.net/) and Tarih Sims (http://www.tarihsims.net/) are pretty popular. Then there are sites for sharing rare,off-limit and pay stuff such as The SimsCave (http://simscave.mustbedestroyed.org/index.php) and Paysites must be destroyed (http://paysites.mustbedestroyed.org/booty/ts2/). The Aspiration sets at WickedNoukFamily (http://www.wickednoukfamily.com/forums/index.php?PHPSESSID=k1un53cn9crehppro7vk2ci9a1&board=78.0) are also worth taking a look into, although the site hasn't been active for quite some time. You should also check out asian simming blogs like Heinz (http://blog.daum.net/heinz10/18327419) , Mintclover (http://hi.baidu.com/mintclover/blog/index/1), Helena (http://helenalarc.blog.163.com/blog/#m=0), Gameski (http://blog.naver.com/gameski), acqu (http://blog.naver.com/yulez), kobayashi (http://blog.naver.com/kobayashi/50114948440), The Easter egg forums (http://niaolong.net/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=a6rpb3iol8r64e5ii44amdqsk7&#3), Louk tarn (http://blog.naver.com/tarnchan), Daislia (http://daislia.blog.163.com/) and many more.Asian creators are insanely creative when it comes to creating sim stuff!

2nd Apr 2012, 1:05 PM
Thanks everyone for all of the links to sims sites. Some of these I couldn't have found on google.

2nd Apr 2012, 1:23 PM
There are like a million! I have an entire Favorites folder full of them, though MTS is still my favorite due to its inclusion of search bar, lack of having to pay for things, and having of just about anything a sim could ask for. I wish I could give you all of them, but unfortunately since I use two accounts on this computer (not for sims since that will cause problems, just for general things) then this is the wrong account for it.

2nd Apr 2012, 1:53 PM
It also depends on what you're looking for ... for instance ... do you want a more "historical" or "antique" look to your dwellings or clothes?

All About Style, which maxon mentioned, is fantastic for historical outfits, though it has contemporary outfits as well. The historical dresses, some of which could also be used for fantasy clothing, is detailed, accurate to the period, and well-made.

Tarox is great for non-contemporary furniture, though again, it has contemporary as well. if you're setting up a house and want "different" pieces ... antique chairs, for instance, or wall hangings ... it's still one of the best out there, IMO. Sometimes, I like a break from contemporary furniture, so I've visited there many times. Aussie Topenders has a wide variety of antique-looking rugs if you want a nice Persian rug in your living room, but again, there is much more to the site. I used to visit there constantly in the early days, and still go back sometimes. I don't think it's updating much now, and hasn't for a few years, but it's still a fun place to visit.

And that is one small example from one "genre". There are ethnic sites, historical sites, "quirky" sites, sites with interesting modded items (such as Paladin's Place), gothic sites, fantasy sites ... even with Sims 2 falling out of EA's favor, there is still a lot of fascinating content out there.

There is a section on this forum that has site updates from Sims 2 sites. I have found a LOT of stuff there. Browse through those and check some of them out. WCIF sections are a treasure trove on many sites, as well. If one great piece is on a site, you can find other great downloads as well! Some sites have "Links" sections ... again, another good place to check out, though please be aware that these often aren't updated, so you might get many 404's.

I found many sites through posters here. Some mention their sites in their signatures or their profiles. Others refer to them in posts. And by the way, if you read of an item of interest on a defunct site, the Sims 2 Graveyard has dozens of sites that unfortunately have met their demise ... but fortunately, their content is still "alive" there.

I have at least 10 or so sites I try to visit regularly, including this one , and at least another 25 I visit from time to time (Parsimonious is one, by the way ... I use certain items there so many times in my game, such as the non-withering flowers that you can layer easily and put just about anywhere on the bare ground, inside or out). And I think that "25" figure might be conservative! There is one huge, very popular site featuring many pay items, though, that you will probably find Googling, since it constantly pops to the top, that many of us here refuse to visit. There are several reasons for that ... most are personal for me. I do not believe this is the place for me to expound upon why. The sites you find here are a good place to start, and should provide more than enough for now ... let me just put it that way.

A wee bit of caution about pay items ... just because an item is "pay" doesn't mean it's better. In the early days, before I knew much about free sites, I would "ooh" and "aah" over pay items. Now I wonder why. I find that free sites give you much better content overall ... and you don't find yourself feeling ripped off when you buy something that turns out to be OK at best, or wonky, at worst, like I did in the early days. And rarely will the pay site give you a refund if things don't work out well. I would advise you stick with the free sites. :)

3rd Apr 2012, 12:51 AM
http://www.sims2artists.com/ is one of my favorites. There's a ton of interesting stuff there.

17th Dec 2012, 5:35 PM
Here are 3 great sites for the Sims 2.




Even if EA shuts down Sims 2 site Sims 2 will never die.

17th Dec 2012, 5:48 PM
Have a look at the Free Content Updates forum under the Social menu, too - lots of creators with their own sites advertise their stuff there.

17th Dec 2012, 6:02 PM
Remember everyone I posted this near the time I first joined, lol I'm not that dumb anymore :lol: this thread only just got revived because I linked to it when someone else was asking.

17th Dec 2012, 6:12 PM
Bugger, I'd better go get manga to tell me off for threadcromancing.

17th Dec 2012, 7:03 PM
Remember everyone I posted this near the time I first joined, lol I'm not that dumb anymore :lol: this thread only just got revived because I linked to it when someone else was asking.

Yes this is true but there are new players to Sims 2 and alot of returning players that will find these links helpfull.

Here is another one.

Wirh EA Sims 2 going down alot of players will be looking for other sites to go to.


18th Dec 2012, 3:35 AM
There's also the list of sites at the Wiki that needs to get attention on the top of the website, near those other Quick Links in the menu above.

You can check out the list HERE (http://simswiki.info/wiki.php?title=Sims_2_Fansites) and take visit each other them.

18th Dec 2012, 4:16 AM
Wow! I had no idea that there were still sites out there creating new CC other than MTS. I knew there were people on livejournal, dreamwidth, and tumblr, but I didn't know there were still websites with CC.

18th Dec 2012, 4:25 AM
Oh, yes there are many sites that are creating new CC every single week and day-right now, there's the many, many advents going on in a few sites that are just so fun-GOS for one.

After all these years, the CC for Sims 2 only gets better. It's finally living up to its' potential, and unleashing some fantastic stuff.

For historical CC, there's the Plumbob Keep, where the downloads are all about medieval and other time frames. Awesome stuff!