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8th Apr 2012, 6:19 PM
Sometimes when I download certain custom content it makes my game crash, is there any program that can help me find possible conflicting cc? I hate seperating my 5,000 pieces of custom content into groups and testing them ONE BY ONE. :|

8th Apr 2012, 6:19 PM
Discussion - Sims 2 Custom Content
Remember, as the message said that displayed before you posted your thread...

If you're having any problem, issue, error, or glitch with your game, that's a job for MTS's Help section. There's both articles with common issues as well as Q&A support forums where you can ask questions and get specific help.

Game Help:Downloading for Fracking Idiots
Game Help:Getting Custom Content to Show Up
Game Help:Finding Problem Custom Content

Pretty much everything you could want to know about downloading, installing, using, or removing custom content can be found in the above-linked FAQs!

If you still have trouble, you can post a new thread in the Help Q&A forums. There's a link to the Help Q&A forums at the top of every FAQ in the Help section. If you do post there, make sure to read and follow the directions that will display before you post there!

Good luck, and happy simming! :)