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22nd Apr 2012, 9:10 AM
As you can see in the title, I have huge problems with my Best of Business Collection. Yes, I have looked in help, but since that only covers individual EPs and not compilations, I have no choice but to post here (so PLEASE don't delete this!). EAxis support has done precisely NOTHING for me. The final insult was sending me the link that fixes the PIE MENUS for the K&B objects! Hello! Can't fix something if it disappears from my game!

I have no clue why this happens. I'll install BoB and have a grand old time decorating my Sims bathrooms and kitchens. I'll play the game, then exit for one reason or another. When I go back into my game, the Kitchen and Bath Stuff content is GONE. As in, was never there in the first place! Oh the collection folders are still there, but there isn't anything in them! I've had to resort to downloading CC kitchen and bathroom sets just to make up for it.

Usually this problem only occured when I installed a new game on my computer, but search me why this would delete just one minor aspect of my Sims 2 game. Now it just does it at random, and not even uninstalling and re-installing BoB has fixed this! EA support refuses to even give me a hint as to what might be the problem, but from what I keep reading; they don't even care to figure it out! So PLEASE, some omnipotent simmer our there, tell me you've had this happen and know how to fix it! :cry:

22nd Apr 2012, 11:50 AM
Discussion - Sims 3 Game Problem
Remember, as the message said that displayed before you posted your thread...

If you're having any problem, issue, error, or glitch with your game, that's a job for MTS's Help section. There's both articles with common issues as well as Q&A support forums where you can ask questions and get specific help.

Game Help:Sims 3 Game Problem

Try that first - every step, in order, and don't skip anything! Even if it doesn't say your specific problem, try it anyway, as it's a good starting point to rule out the most common causes of game issues.

If you still have trouble, you can post a new thread in the Help Q&A forums. There's a link to the Help Q&A forums at the top of every FAQ in the Help section. If you do post there, make sure to read and follow the directions that will display before you post there!

Good luck, and happy simming! :)

The Help forum is for all games, including the compilation EPs. Please re-post this in the Help forum.