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Official Site Archive

EA announced the decommissioning of the official TS2 site at the end of 2012, and it is due to go offline on January 14th 2013. As such, we have decided to host much of the official - not Exchange! - content here, for those who still want or need it.


All game patches are now archived at Game Help:TS2 Patches.


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Maxoid Items


All official TS2 wallpapers. Resolutions range from 800x600 to 1680x1050, but not all wallpapers are available in all resolutions. The download link beneath each image will provide you with that wallpaper in all available resolutions. Amazingly enough, EA seem to have reduced the resolutions and the image quality over time, as screens got bigger and Comic Sans more dated. Who knew Benjamin Button was a Maxoid?



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