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Using S3RC and Decrapify


Use of Decrapify and S3RC have been reported as a potential fix/work around for Sim3Pack files which are "corrupt" and will not install via the Launcher. Sims3packs that are listed in the launcher and go through the install process, launcher says they are installed, but they actually aren't. These programs may help you get legitimate files to install with launcher that otherwise refuse to install.

Notes from the MATY website

  1. Permanently and irreversibly alters the target package/s3pack. Due to the type of damage involved, the game will see the decrapified object
    as a seperate object from a non-decrapified object. Any saved game that used these objects or skins will be broken as a result, but...
  2. If you decrapify objects, you must decrapify all of your SAVED GAMES (.nhd & .packages in your .sims3), PRESETS (userPresets.package), and LIBRARY.
  3. DECRAPIFIED saved or exported items containing CRAPIFIED content will malfunction in a non-decrapified install.
  5. decrapify exe requires s3rc exe to be accessible on path.

A Note about Decrapifying from JFade

The use of the decrapify option shouldn't need to be used frequently, and in fact should rarely need to be used at all.
It can be helpful with content that doesn't install (such as old legacy Sims3Packs made with early versions of custom content tools) or doesn't show up in the
game anymore. In my own experience, after I patched, all of my CC, including EA made content such as Riverview, disappeared from my game, and my
saved games that were dependent upon Riverview disappeared as well. Decrapifying fixed things for me.

You should be aware that if you decrapify any content that is ALREADY installed (IE the .dbc files), you will then need to decrapify all of your saved game files.