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  1. Sims 3 - Low System Spec Test
  2. Fortune teller career outfit not showing up
  3. Owning the gypsy wagon
  4. Adding or simulating clubs and community events ?
  5. Summer Time Overheating Advice
  6. Lack of Direction of what to do in a Progressive City Evolution Playstyle
  7. Ghost Hunter and Witch Issues
  8. The Sims 3 running on NVMe Gen 4?
  9. Cure all NPCS
  10. What Things Have You Never Done in the Game?
  11. What's the best town for a scientist?
  12. Saved Game Issue
  13. One of my male sims is a real short adult and I have no height sliders...
  14. Looking for these melanie hairs
  15. Should I have more than 8GB of RAM?
  16. How do I install sims that were created with CC and are in .Sim3Pack (not .sim) format?
  17. Can I download EllaCharmed's fixed Riverview without owning Riverview?
  18. Custom slider won't go below 0
  19. Origin vs. Steam
  20. The Sims 3 crashes in view map
  21. Max letters for first & last name
  22. Age-up outfit picker or default outfit designer avalible?
  23. NRaas Relativity
  24. Cheat Codes
  25. Help with pool building over water
  26. Can't return from Egypt (long loading screen)
  27. Sims 3 Store questions
  28. Returning to Simming after a long absense and curious about certain EPs
  29. Are there any downsides to making Rabbit Holes expand beyond lot boundaries or making a world a city before using NRAAS traveler?
  30. The Sims 3 real price of all the store content.
  31. What's your ideal lifespan?
  32. When a Sim moves, does the old world stay intact, so I could play as a family in the old town?
  33. Can you move a family from one save to another via the move function?
  34. Things You've said while playing The Sims 3
  35. Steam/ discs and patch 1.69
  36. The Sims 3: DARK MODE!
  37. What are some storylines you use to make your game more interesting?
  38. Anyone know what's happened with Gelina?
  39. Asking for some basics...
  40. Anyone Play Sims 3 through Lutris?
  41. Discord Server for Console Games
  42. Bald heads in CAS after deleting custom content
  43. How can I enjoy this game as much as I enjoy the sims 2?
  44. Cinderellimouse's Cooking and Ingredient Overhaul help
  45. Extract the hex codes of the default hair colors
  46. My sims motives are not decaying or being fulfilled
  47. Is a Big Show Venue necessary?
  48. Question about mods/missing expansions
  49. Mini Fridge Stops Working
  50. Colored squares when I hover over a sim?
  51. Why do you play Sims 3 over other Installments?
  52. Retrieving Sim names from save file?
  53. Inside of the Community School for Gifted.
  54. Sim file too big
  55. Resource cfg opened with winrar = corrupted
  56. WCIF Sims 3 exclusive rare limited items
  57. Question about lots in sims3pack form
  58. Recommendations on downloading houses/lots
  59. Can Ghost Sims have accidents like the living ones do?
  60. Changing Default NPC Clothing
  61. Problems with Into the Future expansion...
  62. Custom Traits for sims 3
  63. Important Info About Tree of Prosperity
  64. Datamining Traits and Life States?
  65. RAM disk error
  66. Incorperating RH features without one
  67. Way to batch extract/inject townies?
  68. Unpopulated worlds for download?
  69. Lets Talk Hardware and Sims 3
  70. Decide my Sim's future
  71. Organise Cc once it's in the game
  72. How do I change the stage's color?
  73. How big is too big for CC?
  74. Getting started with Pose Player (Help needed)
  75. The Sims 3/Couple of MCCC questions!
  76. Neighboorhood suggestions ?
  77. Heads up: Grande Lama's TS1 Recreations
  78. The Sims 3 affliated Discord Servers?
  79. Travel Ban and Escape to Sims 3?
  80. Unconventional ways of playing, unconventional playstyle
  81. New TS3 worlds to try out
  82. "Merging" Saves into One?
  83. Transmogrify the world!
  84. Creation of my first world
  85. A World life state exclusive?
  86. Problem with downloaded hair
  87. The fourth generation curse
  88. Exchanging/Sending A Save
  89. Capabilities and Uses of Lakes
  90. What will you do in your next play session?
  91. Bug collecting; finding specific insect (royal purple butterfly)
  92. Using Steam account
  93. How to clean up family trees
  94. RESOLVED - build a sim similar to a sim or skin that makes a sim look like a robot
  95. Collectables: how do play with it them? Or shall sell them for better profit?
  96. Help me name my sims' marina
  97. Keeping the present and future job?
  98. Lithium Ion Laptop Batteries
  99. Alien/Vampire Hybrid
  100. Fun Level 10 Computer/Laptop
  101. Stuff you like to do in the game?
  102. WCIF a working link for the zombie world "Rosewood" {found}
  103. Randomized naming was a mistake
  104. Fine arts major - any way to include violin skill?
  105. Engineering a baby could have been so much better
  106. Organizing CC efficiently
  107. One way door [solved,thankyou]
  108. Is it possible that I need the most powerful laptop for Sims 3: Ultimate Collection?
  109. Resurrecting premade ghosts in Sunset Valley
  110. Sims 3 menu music in a nature documentary on tv?? (copyright question)
  111. Is there no way for teen sims to sleep in the same bed?
  112. Anyone wanna add me as a friend on thesims3.com?
  113. Apartment
  114. Rate My Sim!
  115. Roommate vs Move in
  116. Shut off ALL supernatural species?
  117. What to do with .nhd files of previously visited worlds inside the save file?
  118. Disabling stalker mode?
  119. Advanced Tomb Tricks
  120. Show me yours and I'll show you mine
  121. Something is up... (No engagement option)
  122. Telling Sim to do things cancels current autonomous interactions. Is there a way to add to the end of the queue instead?
  123. NRAAS Mobster & Assassination
  124. Alert! Khany Sims closing down in February
  125. [inquiry, not request] Bands and Singers - Concept feasibility
  126. TSR new levels of hell
  127. Managing Townies/NPC/Service SIms in Sims 3
  128. Sims 3 Mod Question - Recording a List of Interactions?
  129. Does the custom content on the forum disappear over time?
  130. So I want to post my sims creations...
  131. Which Metals/Gems/Insects are Useful?
  132. Few questions regarding optimization with Process Monitor
  133. CC question.
  134. Help Me Please!! Censor Mosaic Disappeared And I Don't Know What Caused It!
  135. Curious Question for Modders
  136. Can I run Sims 3 on a Windows 10 laptop
  137. Sims 3 on sale at Steam
  138. What are the best ways to improve how TS3 looks?
  139. Merry Christmas!
  140. Triggers of Wish List
  141. Mods Causing Crashing Fix
  142. Jynx Bistro Rabbithole Rug
  143. Steam Sale! Most Sims 3 packs are $5 each.
  144. Sim Cruelty(?
  145. Tips, tricks, advice, lessons, recommendation, lifehacks
  146. Alvi Family
  147. What do you want to talk about?
  148. How to trigger SimBot construction opportunity?
  149. What kind of let's play would you be interested in watching?
  150. Transfiguration of SMALL Gems
  151. Recording Software
  152. Interactive Loading Screen
  153. Anyone know this site mini-outfitters.com?
  154. How Do Your Sims Live Compared to How You Live?
  155. Alto Family
  156. How much did you altered WA worlds?
  157. What makes you attached to your Sims?
  158. New gameplay ideas?
  159. Do you hoard CC or switch it out/get rid of it regularly?
  160. CC Vacations destinations
  161. Can my sim go on a vacation? REPLY ASAP
  162. Need help setting up Nraas story progression
  163. What savęs do you have at the moment?
  164. Moving TS3 files to SSD
  165. Deleting World Objects In Game
  166. sims 3 nraas master control found
  167. Is TS3 viewed more favorably today or is it still seen as the downfall of The Sims?
  168. Going about setting functional school lot?
  169. Realistic lifespan?
  170. What's OP in TS3?
  171. Rotational Play
  172. How do you get the textures for EA default skins / eyes?
  173. Can't increase season length.
  174. Suggestions to World Building
  175. Will Error 12 always be a thing?
  176. Zerbu Option not showing up on particular lot
  177. What's your favorite game mechanic in TS3?
  178. People who have bought new PC's lately, how much do they actually improve TS3?
  179. Restoring Backup: Importance of files/folders
  180. Fun Things To Do With Base Game?
  181. Sunset Valley – your influence/intervention on it?
  182. Spouse on inactive household
  183. Put Buildings in new worlds
  184. Collections folder, distinguish collections from the name?
  185. University life info
  186. Disabling same-sex marriages for inactives
  187. problem with elevators
  188. Recommended custom world?
  189. Sims in other town don't age properly
  190. Sub Folders
  191. Questions about NRAAS Story Progression
  192. Storytellers: Do you usually have a single "protagonist" or many main sims?
  193. EA Announces 64-bit Version For Mac
  194. [weirdo Sim-kind games] Kenshi: being mutilated and happy in the apocalypse simulator (kind off)
  195. Split Level Home Walls/Distorted Walls Fix
  196. Populating empty town with horses
  197. Certain home movies taken with camcorder no longer work
  198. Sims 3 Store support confusion
  199. I feel like University Life is underrated.
  200. How many expansions is better to put on?
  201. Who's your favorite pre-made townie and why? Did you expect them to be a fav?
  202. Going Back to TS3 with a Disc and no Origin set up / Downloadiing DLCs?
  203. Population Control
  204. Steelport Construction Report.
  205. My save files grow enormously. How do I shrink them?
  206. Is it normal for NPC's to get married autonomously without SP?
  207. RESOLVED - Apartments without Late night, do they work?
  208. Deleting descendants in Oasis Landing
  209. Tinypic Closing
  210. EIG crashes on save
  211. A big question for those who have modified Sunset Valley…
  212. Intel Optane Memory can reduce loading time significantly in Sims 3. Also include high end NVME SSD result.
  213. Tutorial: How to create SPORE creatures in your game
  214. Is there someplace outside of MTS to request things?
  215. Second-Hand Game Restrictions?
  216. TS3-friendly capture tools?
  217. Friends for Sims 3 Online
  218. New to Sims 3 - Where do/would you start when you have never played the game (not just mods)?
  219. Placing lots in CAW Vs placing lots in "Edit World" in game.
  220. Uploading uninteresting faces
  221. Where can I find a Quebecois world modeled after Montreal or Quebec City?
  222. Unique Game-Generated Sims
  223. If TS3 released today, would it be the same?
  224. Difficult but fun player challenges?
  225. What can you miss out on when not using default worlds?
  226. Returning to TS3, have some questionsuestions
  227. Several expansions -75% on Steam
  228. What are some really nice Custom Worlds?
  229. Why didn't EA ever release more WA worlds?
  230. Reshade users, what tools do you use for screenshots?
  231. Well done EA... well done.
  232. Q?Save files and DCCache
  233. CAW is not lauching
  234. Pregnant with another man yet no jealousy?
  235. How many sim days are months/years in real life?
  236. Cannot Place New Lot In CAW -- *SOLVED*
  237. Lag problems in play mode and building mode need help
  238. PSA: Fresh Prince is still making cars
  239. Fix gap w gender unlocked clothing?
  240. Saved Sims not showing up in CAS Bin
  241. Tsr is blocking ad block now
  242. How to get twins and not triplets
  243. Buyable quick meals mod and Ani's Savvier Seller
  244. Sims3planet.net is no longer safe
  245. Steam Summer Sale until July 9th
  246. I uninstalled sims 3 and played sims 4 for a couple months...
  247. ......um, guys?
  248. Extractions
  249. Nraas Immigration Question
  250. Create a world Elevated train