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  1. Has the horror genre been removed from writing or is there a way to unlock it still?
  2. Looking for a SFS invite code please!
  3. Want to download many packs at once but can't. Solved
  4. I suddenly feel unsafe and simultaneously want a "warn child about stranger danger" option due to my recent experience in sims 4.
  5. A question about body types
  6. Sim's Death
  7. Nifty Knitting pack and Baby onesies!
  8. Sims 4 Open World Moddd!!! REEEEEEEEEEE!
  9. Hq Mod
  10. Knee-bouncing
  11. So, is TS4 coming to Steam?
  12. computer problems...
  13. A new couple has been annonced :)
  14. Are anyone else's sims randomly starving?
  15. is anyone else haveing this problem
  16. Things that make me want to "shout forbidden words!"
  17. Mods I use to make Sims 4 more challenging
  18. Sims 4 new update June 3
  19. Ways to make money from children?
  20. What are the must-have mods for Sims 4 to enjoy a good story-telling?
  21. Doctor Career Question
  22. Any tips on improving the retail experience?
  23. A humble rant because I cannot change sims eyes
  24. spellcaster ears...
  25. A question about the Library
  26. So, I finally bought TS4...
  27. A few years late to the party, trying to simulate rotational gameplay
  28. oh crap....
  29. New Sims 4 game
  30. Please Heeeeelp..Problem about contents !!
  31. Daily CC Updates
  32. Finally got Sims 4
  33. Could someone tell me what the name of this challenge is?
  34. Changing Clothing Gender
  35. Ghost powers for all sims
  36. downloading CC for ps4
  37. Sims on laptop
  38. Update 04/07/2020 – PC: / Mac:
  39. Sims 4 on a Surface Laptop 3?
  40. Is there a way to organize the order CC is displayed in build/buy mode?
  41. Inheriting Sulani Mana after being born?
  42. I want my sim to be a vet but how? Solved
  43. Autonomy related to sims actively pursuing whims
  44. Aspiration Points Bug
  45. Looking for Translators
  46. Inctive Played Sims Aging in Rotational Gameplay
  47. Rod Humble Leading Deepest Project at Paradox (Possible Life Sim)
  48. unable to go to festival...
  49. Is there an Updated Not so Berry?
  50. Question about Expansion packs and Basic build uploads to EA gallery
  51. Websites with Design Challenges?
  52. Sims age
  53. Why is TS4 so hated by everyone?
  54. Can you disable specific pieces of CC?
  55. Best Packs for historical playstyle
  56. I haven't played a Sims game since 2008, what's up?
  57. Someone inspire me please!
  58. Make sims 4 youtube video more attractive?
  59. The Sims 5 is looking like it will be multiplayer, I hope it won't be because how The Sims 4 turned out to be. What about you?
  60. Things I would like to see/read/hear in the sims 5 (comedy)
  61. Do you think the game has improved as it progressed?
  62. Update 02/4/2020 - PC: / Mac:
  63. Where are we going to have the 20th anniversary nostalgia thread?
  64. Heihu old cc
  65. Police co-workers
  66. Is there a way to add a custom world to an existing game?
  67. Problems with WickedWhims mod
  68. Nike Air Forces
  69. Some Things the Sims 4 Should Add
  70. The Mother Plant....
  71. ok, any suggestions?
  72. Update 01/16/2020 – PC: / Mac:
  73. Noob again questions
  74. Is there a "debrand" mod yet?
  75. The Sims 5 Wishlist and Rumor?
  76. Evidence...
  77. Want another place to put your mods?
  78. my young adult died from embarrassment!
  79. that damned butler....
  80. Mod idea: University Degree Career Requirement?
  81. so...discs anyone?
  82. Oh crap...
  83. Tutorials for Absolute Beginners
  84. Who Are You Sending to University?
  85. What is the Legacy Edition?
  86. How much is the game in total (all EP, SP, GP) as of 2019?
  87. Persistable Data & DLC
  88. Realm of Magic: Crystals
  89. Update: 12/12/2019 - PC: Mac:
  90. Program for "previewing" sims?
  91. Am I the only one disturbed by TS4 Servos' lack of a soul?
  92. why do I have so much trouble with rar files?
  93. Sims Asylum Registration?
  94. Quick question: What folders to move back after reinstall? (Game un installed)
  95. what am I doing wrong?
  96. How is Baby Ariel hanging?
  97. When Sims4 becomes our therapist
  98. 180-bone rigging isn't going to change, please provision object slots accordingly
  99. So happy I waited to get into TS4
  100. Update 11/25/2019
  101. Editing/Changing Career Titles
  102. Man this game is broken.
  103. why so few lots?
  104. no room to summon a familiar?
  105. new player needs help
  106. Sims 4 Pop-ups Bug.
  107. Missing Harvestables
  108. Can I use Nraas recommended lifespan in Sims 4?
  109. The Sims 4 Discover University Key Code Download
  110. Should I switch from Sims 3 to Sims 4?
  111. UPDATE: 11/12/2019 – PC / Mac
  112. Ways how Discover University could be(en) done better? (Title change by latest pack)
  113. What Happened To Sims Asylum
  114. What are PSD files and do I need to place them in my mods folder?
  115. Sim children not taking care of their needs
  116. Sims 4 Younger Generations Ideas
  117. (ROM) Is anyone else getting beaten left and right by random townie spellcasters?
  118. Where Can I Find The Voices From the Game?
  119. Non-alien skintones and eyes for alien sims?
  120. GTW photo studio with pose player mod?
  121. Plants that won't grow unless you are on the Lot
  122. i need some help with Child....
  123. Can you modify UI sounds?
  124. I can not find this download?
  125. The Sims 3 vs The Sims 4 AI: How Traits Influence Autonomy in Each Game (Video Comparison)
  126. RoM related, How do i Rite of Dissolution other sims?
  127. Are Zerbu's mods still working after the September patch?
  128. Is there a default Sim you're IN LOVE WITH?
  129. General Discussion: Jensen Ackles Sim: Simplicaity
  130. Cats have the same fur pattern?
  131. patreon
  132. recommend me some MM finds sites?
  133. Hello. :) I have a question about a permanent hired nanny mod.
  134. Moonlighting as a Bartender - Tips
  135. What your favorite sims 4 skintone cc?
  136. Your Thoughts about the Muslim Items being added to the game?
  137. Stairs Update
  138. suddenly my stair railing disappeared help me..
  139. From Sims 4 stuff pack cc to base game
  140. Imposters!
  141. Is it possible...
  142. More asks for hangout dates etc
  143. Sims 4 Lifespan?
  144. Woohoo club not working properly
  145. THIS is where TS should be
  146. Sims gallery problems
  147. Favorite lifestate mods
  148. instrument sound off
  149. The Sims 4 to The Sims 5
  150. buying new pack
  151. CAS edit Sim brings up Wrong Sim and Will Not Edit
  152. The Sims 4's Not-So-Subtle Insertion of Their Doomsday Wish With Each New Expansion, Stuff, and Game Pack
  153. Island Living Mermaids...what am I doing wrong?
  154. How do you extract death stings from The Sims 4?
  155. Matrix54 Explores The Sims 4
  156. I've found some random guys toy box!
  157. Is it possible to find a dead sims traits?
  158. Death of Goldilockssims
  159. Mccc Mod Error
  160. Sorry Im a little lost, why can't I download the mod?
  161. Simulating Menopause/Infertility for ALL femaie Sims
  162. Sims 4 New Style Discussion
  163. The Sims 4 Makes another political statement
  164. UI Mod Change Coming in Next Few Days
  165. Saving custom holidays?
  166. What inspiring world object did you find in the new debug menu?
  167. Update?
  168. Thanks, I Hate It
  169. Do you think it's possible to make a mod or something that changes back the packs, plumbob, loading screens and main page of TS4 after the update?
  170. Mobile makes 4 look pretty good.
  171. Sims4 Island Living Spawn points
  172. where tf is the sims no slider limit mods
  173. What do you hope to NOT see in Sims 5?
  174. Requesting Off the Grid (Base Game Only) Items
  175. Should The Sims 5 have mental illnesses?
  176. After EA's "Surprise Mechanics" debacle, will you continue to buy Sims DLCs?
  177. Jealousy trait or cc question.
  178. Could we finally have a competitor to The Sims? (Paralives)
  179. Items in NPCs' inventory
  180. Sim "Dies From Pufferfish" Repeatedly
  181. Parties and Weddings
  182. bugfix?
  183. Sims 4 Aspiration, Trait & Careers Requests for me to make!
  184. Question For Builders: How Do You Do It?
  185. Lot trait - Off the Grid, not all it should be
  186. How long does the tan/tanlines stay? TS4 IL
  187. Would Vampire to Burglar AI technically be possible?
  188. Island Living First Impression
  189. More Pride Items available on xordevoreaux.com
  190. My second impressions about The Sims 4
  191. What can I do if I find a mod that has an expansion requirement, but doesn't list it.
  192. Changing Sim interaction buffs
  193. Is there a mod for skill dislikes?
  194. A Question about Stuff Packs
  195. Fullscreen mode vs windowed fullscreen mode
  196. cas song
  197. TS4 updating
  198. What are the can't-live-without mods for Sims 4?
  199. Placing custom Sims as townies
  200. Most "Unique" Sims?
  201. General questions and also some WCIF stuff as well.
  202. The Gallery?
  203. For 7 days, The Sims 4 is free on origin.
  204. custom content updating
  205. the sims 4 ps4
  206. when will be the game be complete?
  207. Weird glitch with Strangerville
  208. Newsea Gone?
  209. Question!
  210. uhhh i dont think any of this is worth money (sims 4 paysite)
  211. How To Control Aging in Different Worlds?
  212. Mute trait TS4
  213. Im looking for eny one that can mod
  214. What do all the mccc mods really do?
  215. Is Strangerville decent as another hood?
  216. Wanna try out my new mod?
  217. Drama in the Sims 4
  218. sims file code
  219. fix is out
  220. Littlemssam
  221. Families don't do what they are supposed to do.
  222. Ways to make the sims 4 more fun
  223. Playing 4 Again
  224. Is there any way to change location of the front door of apartment home? etc.
  225. here
  226. What is your favorite custom trait?
  227. Anyone use newsea??
  228. Motive Whining/Motive Specific Mods...Sims/Pets
  229. Has anyone found a way to own retail in Granite Falls?
  230. New Spa and Resturant
  231. where can i find?
  232. Back to Sims 4 What Do I need to Know?
  233. Haven't played Sims 4 on Origin since October 2015
  234. Help with Custom Careers
  235. Do you like Let's Plays?
  236. [Need help] Editing Photo Shoot Studio to be Invisible
  237. NPC in Your Household
  238. trait mod
  239. halp pls
  240. Is Sims File Share down, or is it just me?
  241. Need more mods
  242. Is it possible to make sims 4 Build/Buy UI reach half of the screen
  243. Aside from the obvious, what are your favorite mods that give " some personality"?
  244. Make All Sims Custom
  245. What expansion packs make Sims 4 Fun?
  246. I'm late: Did simblrs get in trouble for base game conversions
  247. [Question] Native American Sims
  248. The year is 2022, EA has asked you to be the lead designer on TS5. What does your game look like?
  249. Coming back - advice needed
  250. Are these EA guys intentionally stupid or what?