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11th Jul 2009, 6:46 AM
thank you so much for all the information about patterns and textures. I am still having problems with the RGB and alpha part of it but i got the 1 texture thingy going strong.

i had been wanting to do latex in the game and with you all's help with these awesome instructions i got it to work. (big cheesy smile)

now to just figure out why when i put my rgb together my patterns duplicate themselves and i will be good to go.

anyhow here is a picture of the latex in action.

12th Jul 2009, 7:03 AM
I like this pattern a lot, but it doesn't look like latex to me :) More like satin. Latex doesn't really drape, so you wouldn't get all those swirly reflections (except where the contours are of the mesh it's on).

... how are your patterns duplicating themselves? :O

12th Jul 2009, 9:11 PM
i saved it as a texture instead of a pattern. I made it using ktp plugin so getting the black/grays/whites separate each other was a pain in my rear and decided not to use it as a 3 layer pattern.

not sure what you mean by how are the patterns duplicating question?

if you mean seamless, they are fine. go to this link and i have a larger image of the back and part side of the dress she is wearing.


it tiled nicely although i have to say i never want to tile one like it again. Took me forever to get it to match correctly. If you would like the texture, would be glad to share it. just gotta let me know how to do that exactly? (still new with this stuff)

12th Jul 2009, 9:31 PM
If you would like the texture, would be glad to share it. I would. :up:

12th Jul 2009, 10:32 PM
umm would love to, just not sure where on here or how to on here share the texture. I would add it to my site but since no one is available in tech support will have to wait till tomorrow to find out how to do that.

anyone know how i can add it to this site?

16th Jul 2009, 8:15 AM
Go to Upload Items from the Create menu at the top of the page. There is a wizard that will take you through the steps of submitting your pattern. Make sure to read the guidelines and instructions very carefully -- if your pattern doesn't follow the guidelines, it won't be accepted. You might want to look carefully at some of the downloads already on the site to get a sense of how people format their submissions.

If there are issues with your submission, you'll get detailed, specific feedback, so don't give up if your pattern isn't accepted right away.

Good luck :) Look forward to seeing this and more of your work.