View Full Version : CAP sims3pack to package conversion problem?

25th Jun 2010, 2:05 PM
I've so far made four patterns with CAP. I used sims 3 multipack installer to convert my sims3packs to packages, and placed them in my mods/packages folder.

I've had only one pattern, the first one I converted, work properly - for one run of the game. This morning I've tried with the other three and can not get them to work - the only way I can get the camo pattern to show in my game is to install the sims 3 pack via the launcher.

Now for the interesting part: when I place OTHER converted CAP product into package form my installed via-launcher pattern disappears, and non of the patterns which have been converted work consistently either. I'm getting strange things like one pattern showing perfectly and the other showing in a way which makes me think it is corrupted - all the while the installed via launcher pattern has disappeared.

Ideas? I know I'm not the only person that would rather not have to use the launcher for these, while still taking advantage of the tool.