View Full Version : Having trouble creating custom wallpaper and patterns.

13th Oct 2013, 6:33 PM
So recently I've been trying to make dragon themed items for one of my sim child's room. I noticed in sims 3 generations they have wallpapers that are three separate designs put together to make one big picture. Also i have downloaded wallpapers that have multiple parts in order to create a themes room for a nursery or playroom. Anyways, so i attempted to make one of these multi-part wallpapers with images of dragons i got from a WoW wiki. I measured the dimensions correctly and made sure that all the parts that needed to be transparent were transparent and it looked really good in The Sims Workshop (TSW) and everything was to my liking so i saved it as a package (because the Sims3Pack files are annoying) and put it in my mods folder. However, when I loaded up the game the wall paper looked like a regular wall paper and the patterns would not show up at all, even when I used it in a room.

Also, I have recently downloaded Delphy's pattern maker. The patterns show up fine in game except for the fact that sometimes the pattern will be on top of a different pattern. Is this because I made it a decal?

Anyways, If anyone has TSW (which I use to make most of my custom stuff) and/or Delphy's Pattern Maker and has experience with this kind of stuff I would really appreciate your help!
Thanks in advance!