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19th Jul 2015, 1:59 AM
Extracting TS4 XML Using TS4 Combined XML Extractor
(a quick n' dirty step-by-step)

There are links to the programs you will need on the List of TS4 Tools (http://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=532317) sticky thread here on MTS. You need to get the "Combined XML Extractor" by Scumbumbo and S4PE.
For the XML Extractor you will need the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851) or higher if you do not already have it.
Create a work folder for the XML you are extracting. I have an XML folder on my desktop and inside that I create subfolders for each new game version, named appropriately, e.g. "XML\Extracts-070915" or "XML\Extracts-GP01-070915".
Extract the binary combined tuning from one of the game's SimulationDeltaBuild0 packages into your work folder:
Use S4PE to open the appropriate SimulationDeltaBuild0.package file
The base game's simulation delta build is in the program's The Sims 4\Data\Simulation\ folder
The delta builds for add-on packs are in the subfolders of The Sims 4\Delta\ folder
Type 0x62E94D38 into the Resource Type box at the bottom of S4PE, place a checkmark beside it and then click the Set button. Finally check "Filter active". This will filter the resources to show only the binary tuning file.
Right-click the binary tuning resource and choose "Export to file". Save the file using the suggested default filename (e.g. S4_62E94D38_00000000_F1352E740C4710BA%%+UNKN.bnry) into your work folder.

Launch the Combined XML Extractor and for the Input File choose the binary tuning file you just extracted.
The game pack should be determined automatically, but can be set manually if it is incorrect.
Select your work folder for the Output Folder.
Click the extract button. The process will take some time to complete for anything other than the smallest binary tuning files.
When finished, you should end up with a new file in your work folder with the original file name and a .xml file extension. This is the combined XML tuning file.
Now choose that combined XML tuning file as the Input File, and click Extract again. Once again, this will take some time for the larger files.
The Combined XML Extractor will create subfolders containing individual XML files for each of the games tuning files.
I typically keep the combined XML file in the work folder for future use if I accidentally delete or overwrite one of the extracted XML files, but you can remove the binary tuning and combined XML files if you like.
Rinse and repeat for each of the game packs you want to extract the XML for.