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29th Dec 2015, 3:23 AM
This mini tutorial will show you how to use my "Movable Floor/Ceiling Patch" to build mod ceiling and how to use Sims 4 camera to see these ceilings.

What you will need
Sims 4 (base game)
Movable Floor/Ceiling Patch (http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=569280) by me

1. Build a house as usual. Let household move into this house . Then, switch to build mode again.

2. I plan to let the room on floor 1 has wood ceiling. Thus, the patches will be placed on the roof-floor. Let's enable floor 2 view with selection "hide walls" to see that floor.

3. Find my "Movable Floor/Ceiling Patch" under Build mode/Pool/Pool accessories. Count the grids to plan, how you will cover that whole roof-floor with 2x2 and 1x1 patches.

4. If it need be, enable MOO cheat: use hot key "CTRL+Shift+C" to open the cheat box. Tap bb.moveobjects and hit enter. (In this example, without MOO cheat, the patch can not be placed on the edge of the roof-floor.)

5. Place the patches from behind to front, from right to left and put all of them in the same direktion.

6. In this place order, their light effect (both the floor part and the ceiling part) looked unit.

7. Optional: Place some lights on those patches to let that ceiling part looks a bit brighter.

8. be sure that your camera option is set as default.

9. Now, switch to life mode. Move camera into the room on floor 1.

10. Hit "tab" key to use the cameraman mode.

11. Turn the camera upwoards by moving mouse. Use arrow-keys to adjust the camera position. So that your camera is in the floor 1 room and you can see the sky above.

12. 1xtime hit "page up" key to let the next floor visible. Now, you can see both the ceiling light and wood ceiling.

This tutorial is made because of a request from FashionSims3.

30th Dec 2015, 2:07 PM
I have made a new variant - just ceiling mod.
Since this ceiling-patch is hidden under the floor, here is my tip of building:

1. Find "Artrui Movable Ceiling 2x2" under Build mode/Pool/Pool accessories.

2. The patches will be placed one floor above the room. Let the grid-marks in build mode visible and place the ceiling-patches in grid from behind to front, from right to left and put all of them in the same direktion. During this placement, while you are holding a ceiling-patch, you can see it's green footprint.

3. Once you've placed this ceiling patch, it goes disappear. But you can still edit the placed patch. Point there with your mouse, the cursor will become a little hand. Click right there. You will see: the ceiling-patch is seleted again.

4. After all the ceiling-patches are placed. You could remove the whole ceiling of the room to prove whether all the patches are placed in right position or not. Click the wall of the room to select this room.
(I've tried to build it in an other order: remove the room ceiling at first; enable MMO cheat; place the patches; close the ceiling. Some patches are slightly higher than the others. Thus, I advise you place the patches on the closed floor/ceiling at first.)

5. Move cursor onto the yellow highlighted line. It pops up a small frame with text "remove ceiling". Move the cursor onto that text and click. The whole ceiling is removed.

6. Now, you can see the placed ceiling-patches. In this example, the at last placed patch is not in the right position. Ignore some transparent issues of these patches. They will have fine looks if the ceiling of room is covered again.

7. Just fix the position of that patch. Click the wall again to select the room. Move cursor onto the yellow line, then, move onto the text "build ceiling", click.

8. Move camera into that room in play mode (#1, step8-12) to see the effect of this mod ceiling. Enjoy!