Where to find Trista Clarion's house from Swappernetters Season 1?
Date Posted: 7th Sep 2019 at 6:09 AM Views: 346
Since I uploaded the season 2 version of her house renovated, everyone wants the trashed version. However, there are some problems with that. First, if you want the approximate version that's compatible with the game, you'll need the following CC:

To see the garage door, you'll want Adonis Pluto's Garages. You're also gonna want Liberated Street Deco by PlasticBox.

If you still want a not-quite accurate version of the trashed house, you can download it from the Gallery. This image shows you how.

Q: But...but...why is it impossible to do a full-blown season 1 render of the Clarion house?
A: Simple: Because most of the custom content required had to be converted from The Sims 3, that's why!

Now, here's the thing: I'm only the author of the cool stuff's sometimes conversion from Sims 3. The items aren't native to the game, and look unnatural upon translation attempts.

Now, some of these items that I converted for Sims 4 are unfortunately translations of files taken from other parties - namely, Jezibomb.

To distribute that material needed for a proper Clarion house in season 1, I'd have to get the rights to copy the original Sims 3 files and distribute them online. So far, I've had zero success with most of this. Add to the fact that I can't trust my own tray files anymore, and you can see why houses - like Sims themselves - are now a Gallery-only item!

In addition to Jezibomb's wonderful propane tank and water heater, Cyclonsue produced a telephone pole system. I've since upgraded to the mod by PlasticBox, but it served a good purpose at the time. His iron bars and wooden planks set has been poorly imitated, but never properly duplicated. And I can't be certain if he accepts conversions of his stuff. So I can't release a lot of his old Sims 3 objects, even though I'd love to have them.
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