The De La Rosa Legacy House Part 1: A Special time for the family (short story)

Date Posted: 4th Apr 2009 at 6:59 PM

Over the years of playing this game I've rarely played one family for long but this one that stated as a challenge family I have!
The most unexpected things happen to them and their home is really starting to look beautiful:

The De La Rosa family settled in Veronaville with the intention of raising a family and doing up a home.
This family has grown considerably from it's humble beginnings.
The story focuses on those who remain in the family legacy house and the crazy lives they lead.

Click HERE to go to the story

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At Wits End - a Gameplay Challenge - part 1

Date Posted: 25th Jan 2009 at 2:12 PM

I've been playing a gameplay challenge lately which has proved very interesting:

Gabe Gardner's life was thrown into chaos when his wife, mother to their toddler daughter Gina, died giving birth to their triplet sons.
Now he must cope alone to bring up his young family without getting under the social service radar.
The challenge had to be completed without cheats or moving anyone else in to help.
Credit for the idea goes to VaDixieGal @ Thyme2sim

Click HERE to find out how they got on in my game.

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Upcoming projects...

Date Posted: 22nd Jan 2009 at 11:47 PM

I've done another de-pinking of some wonderful Simply Styling Living Room Meshes which will hopefully by up very shortly moderation allowing!

I'm also working on the 3rd lot in my Contempo Road series that has a Spanish flavour.

See pics below for a sneaky peek:

I love it when I feel all creative!

hope you're all keeping well?

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The Joy of Storytelling

Date Posted: 7th Jan 2009 at 9:51 AM

I've taken some time out to actually play lately and it's been really fun.
I moved a pretty arty lady by the name of Delphine Edmond into my 1 Sunshine Lane and I moved Bon Voyage's Traveller family into 1 Contempo Way.

I've made two short stories about their adventures so far:

The Trials of Tina Traveller Part 1

An Artists Dream: The story of Delphine Edmond Part 1

If you have a little time to spare have a read and let me know what you think!

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An Exercise in Decorating

Date Posted: 2nd Jan 2009 at 8:55 AM

I made 1 Contempo Road yesterday and, although the uploaded version is empty, I decided to indulge my inner clutterbug and decorate my in game version with a ton of pretty cc.
Take the slidshow tour by clicking below:

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New year - new style - contemporary build

Date Posted: 31st Dec 2008 at 6:05 PM

Well as the new year draws nearer I'm sipping champagne and making a unique contemporary lot:

Click to see larger:

Inspired by the recent work of LilyMayRose at Simcastic Designs and made using Numenor's wonderfully updated Any Game Starter. It should be available pretty soon and will only require Uni, NL, OFB & Seasons.

Have a great new year eveyone!
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I miss the Sun! So I'm building tropical and making party dresses!

Date Posted: 30th Dec 2008 at 8:33 AM

It's so cold here in Britain that I decided my latest lot would be the antithesis of winter. So 1 Sunshine Lane - inspired by a foundation shape challenge at Simcastic Designs is a tropical beach view home that could easily make a great rental too. That is currently available for download!

I've also submitted some retextures of maxis clothing which I hope will get passed the moderation process! If not they are available elsewhere for anyone who is interested.

Have a great new year everyone I'm off to actually play the game!

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Christmas Project now complete

Date Posted: 22nd Dec 2008 at 8:22 PM

Thanks to everyone for your support - the Fir Tree Square Christmas project is now complete and all my lots for it are here!

If you want to see more christmas lots, sims & Clothing please go to the A Micro Christmas project page @ Neighborly Sims where the project began to see some fabulous work from myself and other creators who I respect and admire!

Merry Christmas & Happy New years to you all!
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The end of Fir Tree Square - Christmas project

Date Posted: 16th Dec 2008 at 10:08 PM

I think I've almost exhausted my Christmas creativity.

I've just submitted 2 more residential lots, both log cabins one more modern, and a parish church for my Fir Tree Square community project.

I've also made plenty of clothing and pic recolours on a christmas theme that are gradually being revealed at The Sims 2 Studio UK in the 12 days of christmas project.

And I've decorated my RL tree - so pretty - and bought nearly all my presents - just some cards to do now.

I really do love Christmas though - so there is one more lot I'm working on -
8 Fir Tree square that looks like a little toy house itself and it's come totally from my mind. I wanted to do a modern but I've ended up with a modern / mini colonial - sounds weird but looks right somehow!

Watch this space for more!

Should be up before Christmas.

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