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Default Rules of the Help Forum
Please, Make Your Own Thread!
  • Read the Announcements!
  • Read the Posting Guidelines for MTS.
  • Please do not post in other people's Help threads unless you are actually trying to help them.
  • Those wishing to help should read - Game Help:Helpingwiki
  • NO "Me Too" posts, as they make no sense in the Help forums, since everyone's game, custom content, and hardware is different. Just because you're seeing the same symptoms that doesn't mean you have the same problem. This rule does not apply on threads marked as "Common".
  • If you think your issue may be the same as somebody else's, please just try the advice given and if it doesn't help, make your own thread about it, Unless directed by Staff otherwise.
  • Search the Help Forum and Archive, and read the FAQs before you post, it's very likely that your issue is already covered there.

Please do not post in threads
... and make it a free-for-all, it makes it hard to help the OP. Post in threads if you have suggestions for the OP to try, or what you've experienced that works in your game, mentioning your gameversion(s) and other pertinent information. Do NOT post in others' threads if you just want to sympathize with a "me too" post.

If you want to participate in Discussions, there are topics on
Do start your own thread
... with the requested info only after trying out all the suggestions in the wiki FAQs or this sticky. And state that you have done so, else you would be directed to do these steps first.

I need help!
If you have to start a new thread, state what happens when you try ALL of the applicable links below, that applies to your problem.
And please provide the following information in your post:
  • what were you trying out
  • what went wrong
  • which of the steps above you have tried and what happens when you do them
  • what games you have
  • what patch versions
  • CC-free or not
  • if you have moved your mods packages to the Document's path,
    • what did you move and
    • where to (give exact folder path),
    • what does your resource.cfg look like
  • if you want to post spec to check hardware drivers, etc, post System Specs using that guide
  • any other info you all think might help.

Not providing enough info or mentioning which FAQ guide you've tried, would result in asking you to try the suggestions in the links below, again!